General Hospital Wednesday March 15th Update


General Hospital Update Wednesday March 15, 2000

(I missed the first half)

AJ introduces himself to Hannah at Kelly's and suggests a toast to Sonny and Carly, informing her that they are in the Dominican Republic getting her divorce. AJ spikes his coffee but Hannah refuses his offer of booze. He tries to get her to commiserate but she's not interested. She doesn't want to hear his plans for revenge, either. He suggests they should sleep together. She is a bit shocked at his audacity, and offended. Taggert comes over and tells AJ to take off, so AJ leaves. Hannah says she pities AJ. Outside, AJ laughs and saunters away, drunk as usual.

Carly and Sonny wait in line for her divorce. She talks about Jason with fond memories, remembering that when she married AJ she had hoped to divorce him, but for Jason. She shares a story about Jason with him. Sonny watches intently and then confides that Jason told him the same story in the same fond way. Carly asks Sonny what he thinks about telling the truth to children, such as should they tell their baby that he was an accident. Sonny believes that they shouldn't tell him that because they won't get over it. They discuss their own absentee fathers, then she's called up to sign the divorce papers. Carly is ecstatic to be free. They go back to the hotel. Carly is exhausted so he leaves her in her room, but she says that otherwise she would make him take her out to celebrate. He says he will tomorrow.

Emily asks Ned to take Juan seriously as a singer. Ned is doubtful but calls him out to chat with him about it. He asks Juan what he wants to do with his life, so Juan tells him he wants to be a singer. He says it with such confidence that Ned says he'll listen. Juan sings for Ned, but he only has eyes for Emily. Emily jumps for Joy. Ned tells them that Juan is great, but L&B doesn't have any money for a new artist. Emily is disappointed but Juan now has more confidence.

Roy goes to his FBI guy and says that he thinks Bobbie has been kidnapped by Sorel. He demands help with getting her back, but he is turned down. The FBI hopes that Sonny will try to rescue Bobbie and use illegal means to do so, and then they can arrest Sonny. Roy is disgusted. He storms out.

Bobbie asks Sorel to let her go so that Sonny will be in his debt. He says it's too late for that. We see that Sorel has made her very comfortable in the warehouse with nice furniture.