General Hospital Tuesday March 14th Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday March 14, 2000

Helena and Lucky have gourmet lunch on her yacht. She apologizes for not being able to tell him where exactly they are. She talks more about Luke and Laura's past with the ship--her version. Lucky puts his two cents in about it and asks why she cares about him at all. She compliments him and says he's great despite his upbringing by "peasants". Helena is called away by a phone call, but when she returns, Lucky is missing. They find him above deck getting some fresh air. Helena says it's okay but he should get permission in the future. He says he knows where they are--on the Indian Ocean. He can tell by the constellations. She is impressed. She tells him she has "a surprise" for him. Lucky goes swimming and thanks her for letting him do it. Helena jokes about "keeping" him.

Juan sings to Emily, then they joke around on the couch, until Elizabeth comes in. They stop so she tells them to knock it off, live their lives and not treat her so gingerly. She says she's fine, just waiting to hear about Lucky. Nikolas arrives and asks if she's heard any news. He's as anxious as she is. They hold hands and discuss their hope. Nikolas can't find Helena so he thinks she must be with Lucky. He's confident she won't have him for long. Elizabeth leaves. Emily asks Nikolas to hear Juan sing but Juan hears it and gets annoyed. They take off. Next we see Emily and Elizabeth. They chat about Lucky. Elizabeth is getting her hopes up now about him.

Stefan visits Alexis and asks her to cover for him while he leaves town, despite Mac's orders to stay. He has to find Lucky, he insists, so he doesn't lose Laura. Alexis suggests that he not leave, and asks what difference does it make anyway, whether he or Luke finds Lucky. Stefan explains how important Laura is to him but Alexis points out how Laura has not been very good for him. Alexis agrees to help him despite her better judgement. Alexis asks him to keep in touch and he agrees. He tells her he's on his way to tell Laura. She thinks that's a bad idea but he's through lying to Laura.

Stefan drops by L&B to tell Nikolas where he's off to and mentions that Laura wasn't home. Nikolas tells him that Laura left with Luke. Stefan looks very angry. Later, Stefan says that once Lucky is found, he and Laura will know that he didn't kidnap Lucky and how they've treated him unfairly. 

Luke and Laura arrive at a New York hotel suite, amazed at how opulent it is. They discuss Helena's trail that they're following. They hope to find a clue on her abandoned yacht. It's like old times for them as he orders food and she unpacks. She looks at their fake ID's and notices that they are the ones that he and Felicia used. Things get awkward and Luke suggests they go out for food. Laura is no longer hungry but they go out to start their search for Lucky. Luke and Laura finagle their way onto Helena's yacht but don't notice the model of her other first. Then they see it and realize it's another yacht. Luke looks at it and thinks it's familiar. He says this model wasn't there last time he was on that yacht, so he knows Helena left it for them. Laura realizes that the ship was their "Haunted Star". He hides the ship in his coat and they leave quickly. Later, Stefan shows up on the yacht, too. Luke and Laura look at the ship model in their hotel room. They wonder about the ship....if Helena still has it and why. He thinks Lucky might be on it.

Felicia sits Maxie down and has a talk with her. She says even though Mac is angry with her, they don't want her or Georgie to do the same. Maxie says she knows that Felicia left town to be with Luke. Felicia tries to explain but Maxie heard Laura and Mac talking. Felicia says she must have misunderstood somehow. Felicia tells her about Lucky being alive. Maxie doesn't believe it and doesn't much care; she's got a chip on her shoulder. Felicia keeps trying to explain. Maxie asks why she doesn't love Mac any more and won't let Felicia hug her. Then she bolts upstairs, upset. Felicia cries, then phones Mac. He comes by so she asks him to help her with Maxie. She is very upset and he agrees. She leaves to pick up Georgie so Mac calls for Maxie to come down. They hug and kiss. He is sorry for leaving but she's only mad at Felicia, not him. She says they'll always love him even if he stops coming by. He assures her that won't happen and he'll always love them. But Felicia loves them even more than he does. He tells her that they're not perfect but the girls "always come first". Maxie doesn't buy it. Mac points out how much she's like Felicia and says Felicia was just "helping a friend", and she didn't mean to hurt them. He also points out that it's a credit to them that Felicia left because she knew that they could do okay without her for a while. Mac realizes that they should both forgive Felicia because of her "generousity of spirit". Georgie and Felicia come back. Mac suggests they go to the store as a family to get ingredients to make his special spaghetti. The girls get ready, leaving Mac and Felicia alone. Later, Felicia thanks Mac for being there for dinner. Mac tells her haltedly that he made a mistake walking away and he'd like to try again. She is shocked and grateful. He tells her that his only condition is that she can't have any more contact with Luke. She agrees and they hug.

Ned visits Alexis, complaining about Edward. She asks about exactly what happened with AJ. Ned tells her about the warehouse fire and Sonny's blackmail. Ned recognized the legal document that Sonny had AJ signed, as one Alexis made up. She admits it but it doesn't bother him. He blames AJ for everything. He says he's tempted to help out at ELQ. She can understand because she's back helping Stefan. She explains about Lucky, which shocks Ned. He is annoyed that she is representing Stefan. She says she has to because he's her brother, etc. They sit together on her couch. He notices that she no longer wears Jax's wedding ring, and he's pleased. He asks her if she might move the other ring over to that hand (meaning make his ring an engagement ring). They have a funny conversation about it and then he formally takes off her ring and puts it on the left hand for her. "Now we're engaged", he says. They kiss comically.