General Hospital Monday March 13th Update


General Hospital Update Monday 3/13/00

Emily and Juan have sodas at Kelly's. She is trying to forget the problems at home. He congratulates her for getting an essay published in the school paper. They chat about his dad. He won't tell him about his music career yet. She is confident that he will have a big music career soon. He takes her home and they cuddle and kiss outside.

AJ puts the vodka glass and bottle down, but then picks up the glass and takes a swig. It tastes good so he takes another. He sits down, but then when his family comes in, he pops up again. They can tell right away that he's drunk. They argue, as usual. Emily and Juan come in; she is very disappointed to see AJ's condition. Monica tries to get Emily to go upstairs but she balks. They all go back to arguing. Emily yells at AJ for getting drunk, saying she hates him. She runs upstairs and Juan leaves, since Alan and Monica ask him to. Lila tells AJ she is confident he can turn his life around again. She asks Edward not to do "any more damage" and leaves. Edward keeps at AJ, despite her warnings. Alan and Monica come back in just when it looks like AJ might hit his grandfather. Monica goes up to see Emily and Alan asks Edward to leave. Edward tells AJ the one thing he's missing to succeed is "guts". Alan tells AJ that he can do whatever he wants, but he's not leaving him. Alan gives him a speech about how he can relate to what AJ's going through. AJ says he has nothing left to stay sober for. Alan tries to make him feel more confident. AJ says he used to think that he would never drink again if only Alan would approve of him, but he realizes he was wrong.

Monica and Emily have a heart-to-heart about AJ and their feelings toward him. Juan visits via her window and Emily shares her feelings some more. She tells him about her old drug habit. He is surprised as she gives him the details. She relates that AJ is letting her down since he is the one who got her off drugs. He assures her that he doesn't think any less of her because of her past. They pledge to support each other.

Mike arrives at Kelly's dressed in a suit and with a rose, for Tammy. She tells him that she can't leave yet, until she is relieved by the next shift. He takes a seat at the counter and asks her for advice on getting a housewarming present for Sonny, Carly, & the kids. Tammy goes to change. Later, Tammy is talking about Hannah just as Hannah comes in. Hannah insists that they listen to her, but they refuse. After they leave, Tagert sees Hannah inside and goes in to spend time with her. She tells him she has been standing up for herself, like he suggested, and it "feels great". She is confused about her feelings for Sonny, she confides. He asks her to dance, so they do.

Sonny is still annoyed about AJ's visit. Carly is unconcerned. Carly offers to take the new ottoman upstairs to her room. They bicker and she explains that it is hormones causing her to be so flaky. She wants to make dinner but he says no way will she get in his kitchen. They joke around in a flirty way. They talk about her diet while they eat. She confides that she purposely ate junk food while at the Q's to get back at them. Sonny vows to protect her and the kids. She is leaving to read Michael a story when she thanks him for the great dinner. Then she asks him if they can make a deal to tell the baby the best about each other. Carly looks uncertain about her growing feelings. Later, she offers to do dishes but he's done them. He leaves but won't tell her where he's going. She is annoyed. Sonny comes back and tells Johnny that he is going out of town tomorrow. He finds Carly asleep on the couch so he wakes her up to go to bed. He tells her that they are going to the Domincan Republic tomorrow to get a divorce. She gripes at his ordering her around, so he asks her nicely to go, and she agrees. 

Sorrel is thrilled to see Bobbie there. She threatens that Luke or Mac will hear about this, but they don't care. His thugs won't let her go. He says that if his arrangements with Sonny work out, then she can go. They hide her while they expect Sonny, but they get Roy instead. Sorrel isn't happy to see him. Roy tells him that Sonny is not happy, either. A thug holds his hand over Bobbie's mouth while she struggles. Sorrel says he won't do business with Roy, only Sonny. Roy is leaving when Bobbie kicks over a box. Roy asks what's going on but Sorrel tells him to mind his own business. Roy wonders whether there was an ambush planned for Sonny. He insists that Sorrel's men show themselves, but Sorrel talks him out of it and Roy leaves. Bobbie tries to leave but it's locked. She tries to threaten him. Sorrel says if things don't work with Sonny then he will have to "make an example" of her. He is fairly sure Sonny will want to rescue her, however.

Roy goes to Kelly's looking for Bobbie. When he doesn't find her, he calls her house and gets her machine. He thinks she might be in bed already and tells her the meeting is over and he's looking forward to their dinner tomorrow.