General Hospital Friday March 10th Update


General Hospital Update Friday 3/10/00

Alexis moves out of Jax's apartment. Jax jokes about all of Alexis' "clutter". John and Jane Jacks arrive for a surprise visit. They are shocked to hear that Jax and Alexis' marriage was "a fraud". Jax explains everything. John and Jane are not offended; in fact they think it's funny and are flattered. They wish they had been to the wedding. They tell Alexis that she will always be a member of the family. Jax tells them about Chloe. They are not thrilled to hear that but Jax tells them they have to be extra nice to her because of her condition. John takes him aside and says that they'll help him and Chloe no matter what. Jane assures Alexis that she was really good for Jax and hopes she stays supportive of him. They hug.

Ned and Chloe share a meal at Kelly's. She's grateful to be out of GH. Ned asks when her biopsy results will be in. She says in the next couple of days...she is not anxious to hear them. Ned advises her to focus on the "good things" in her life. She agrees completely. They "go for a drive" and she wants to look at the sunset over the lake. 

Chloe and Ned arrive later at Jax's penthouse. Ned and Alexis take off. Jax tells her about her parents' arrival and how things turned out well. They kiss.

Monica chats with AJ about ELQ. He is bitter about his ex-job. He says he never really ran the company; Edward did. Monica wants him to fight to get Michael back, but he says his lawyer says he will never be able to. She is as disappointed as he is. They argue. She tells him she wants him to "take responsibility" for his actions. She thinks Bobbie might persuade Carly to let him see Michael if he can turn over a new leaf. He stubbornly refuses. 

Carly brings new furniture into Sonny's apartment. He tells her to get rid of it. Bobbie arrives just as Sonny is leaving. Bobbie asks her how much Sonny shares about his work and snoops around. Carly wonders why she wants to know. Bobbie confides that Roy does more for Sonny besides work at the coffee warehouse. Carly doesn't want to risk what little trust she has with Sonny by rummaging through his papers. Bobbie is understanding but Carly changes her mind and gives Bobbie a key to Sonny's desk drawer. Bobbie writes down something she found before she leaves. 

Before he leaves, Luke asks Roy to keep Sonny's business out of his club. Roy promises that the club will still be there when he gets back. Elizabeth arrives so Roy excuses himself. She asks if he really saw Lucky alive. He tells her it is true. She wonders if there was a mistake; he explains exactly what he saw. He assures her that he and Laura will bring him home. He promises to tell Lucky first thing that she loves him and will be waiting for him.

Felicia runs into Luke on the docks. Things are kind of awkward between them. He is concerned for her. She wishes she could join him, despite her problems. They chat about his impending trip. "I loved every moment we spent together", he says earnestly, and she agrees. He goes to kiss her but she hugs him instead. Luke goes to Laura's to pick her up. Laura wishes they could tell Lesley Lu the good news. They mention Elizabeth. Luke wonders if Laura has doubts, but she has none. She has complete faith in Luke. He picks up her bag and they leave.

One of Sorrel's men tells him that they can't get to Sonny now that his new family has moved it, due to heavy security. Sorrel plans to find a new "bargaining chip" to get rid of Sonny.

Mike goes to Kelly's looking for Tammy, but she's not there, only Bobbie. They chat about being "grandparents". Mike finds out that Carly is living with Sonny. Roy shows up so Bobbie goes over to say hi. They make up from their argument. She asks him to dinner but he asks if they can do it tomorrow (he has his big meeting with Sorrel tonight). She is frustrated. She threatens to ask Sonny to fire him, but he asks her not to.

Sonny comes in and fills Mike in, too late. Mike wants to know why Carly is living there. They bicker, then Sonny leaves. He passes by Hannah on the way out. She asks if he is really living with Carly. She says she should feel sorry for him but he says living with her would be worse. She says he doesn't deserve love if he doesn't take it when it's offered to him. Roy watches them out the window and then goes out to talk to Hannah. Bobbie leaves, too. Hannah tells Roy she was happy to tell off Sonny, finally. They hug. She still loves Sonny but he tells her Sonny is a "lose cause" because he's going to jail. Hannah asks Roy if he needs "back up" in his meeting. He jokes about that. 

Later, Carly sends back the furniture. AJ arrives and starts giving her a hard time. He asks for her diamond rings back. She says she's wearing Jason's rings, not his. She fills him about how his rings are in a "police evidence room" and how she got mugged. He is shocked. She talks about Jason, making him sick and angry. He taunts her, saying that she has lost Jason forever. She lets slip that it is Jason who found the proof that he is an arsonist. That really pisses him off and she keeps taunting him about what a loser he is. Finally he grabs her and shakes her, yelling, "stop it!" Sonny comes in just then and tells AJ to let go of her. AJ chews Sonny out and tells them they deserve each other. Sonny tells AJ he'd better stay away from Carly and the children. He threatens that he will "not only make sure you go to prison, you'll get very special treatment, know what I'm saying?" AJ just leaves quietly. Sonny rebukes her for letting AJ in. She was hoping they could work out a compromise and admits he "provoked" AJ into violence. The furniture guys arrive; Carly says she didn't mean to annoy him with her ottoman. Sonny sighs and pays off the guy, saying they'll keep the ottoman. Carly smiles brightly.

Bobbie goes into a warehouse somewhere and sits, waiting, concealed. Sorrel catches her and tells her she's trespassing. His thugs stop her from leaving. He knows exactly who she is and introduces himself. He wonders what Sonny would do to rescue her.

AJ goes home to an empty house. He looks at the liquor bottles, grabs the vodka bottle, smells it, and looks at a glass, considering...