General Hospital Thursday March 9th Update


General Hospital Update 3/9/00

Elizabeth goes into Kelly's and sees candles all over and hears sweet music playing, then turns around to see horrible flames. She calls out Lucky's name. Then she wakes up from her nightmare.

Laura comes home with groceries and asks Leslie breathlessly if Luke or Mac called. lesley seems confused. Laura takes out their old traveling gear and says she and Luke are going to look for Lucky. They discuss Luke and Stefan, and whether Stefan's being honest. Lesley admires Laura's survival skills. She's hopeful that Luke and Laura can not only get Lucky back but reunite. Laura is trying not to think about that yet. Elizabeth arrives. She knows Laura is going to search for Lucky. Liz still can't believe it and asks Laura how she can risk the hurt of losing him again. Liz talks about how she kidded herself for a long time that he was still alive. "I can't lose Lucky again" she says. Laura hugs her and tells her she loves her. They discuss Elizabeth's options. Laura asks her to spend time with Lulu and Nikolas, and keep busy. They give each other support. Later, Nikolas runs into Elizabeth at the boxcar. He says he couldn't find Helena. She tells him she had the nightmare again. They hug. Liz says Lucky would look for her if she were out there. She can't understand why it's so hard for her to believe he's alive.

Luke prepares for his trip. Roy gets a call from one of Sonny's men, which irks Luke. Luke comments that Roy needs a cellphone. Roys says he has one but it's not secure. Luke doesn't want mobsters calling Laura's house or his club. Luke asks if Roy was straight with Bobbie about his involvement with Sonny. Roy doesn't know Bobbie is standing behind him. Roy hedges. Bobbie walks in and and she and Luke hug joyously and talk about Lucky. Roy excuses himself, embarrassed. Mac phones and demands Luke show up at headquarters. Bobbie fills him in on Mac and Felicia's marital troubles. They hug again before Luke leaves.
Bobbie chews Roy out later for getting involved with the mob and risking Luke's club. He tries to tell her that this is his "way out" but he can't be specific. Benny arrives and Bobbie gets annoyed and leaves. But she stands by the door and listens. Benny gives Roy his "new assignment" from Sonny. Benny says that when Roy meets Sorrell, they want him to be heavily guarded, but Roy refuses. Bobbie shakes her head.

Felicia visits Mac. He is terse. She reminds him of parent-teacher night at the girls' girl. he is very prepared, in fact, but snidely fills Felicia in on the details about the kids. Felicia asks him why Maxie doesn't want her to go. He informs her it's because she's been taking care of Georgie full-time so she's falling asleep in class and messing up in her schoolwork. Mac says he tried to explain at school but Maxie was uncooperative because she's so embarrassed by her mother's absence. Stefan interrupts so Felicia leaves. Mac asks him why he shouldn't arrest him for Lucky's kidnapping. Stefan replies that he should find Helena. Mac tells him rudely to "wait outside". Later, Stefan fills Mac in on his near-rescue of Lucky. Mac is berating him when Luke arrives. Mac asks who is telling the truth--does Stefan have Lucky, or does Helena? They discuss it. Mac tells Luke that Helena's yacht turned up, empty. Luke leaves and Mac advises Stefan not to leave town.

Bobbie talks on the phone at Luke's, to Audrey, about the nurse problems. Felicia arrives at Bobbie's request. Bobbie tells her that Luke's on his way to Mac's and knows about her marital problems. Felicia gripes about her problems and Bobbie tries to help her. She urges Felicia to fight for her family. Roy comes in, looking for Luke. Felicia leaves.

Helena asks Lucky what he thinks of her new yacht. He notices an ornamental box. She says she got the yacht from Mikkos--long before Luke and Laura owned it. He looks thoughtful. Helena fills him in on the history of the yacht with Luke and Laura (her version). He demands to know why she brought him here. "You know the rules" she says, so they move to the chess board. Lucky wins, so he asks his question again. She says she brought him there to give him the truth about his life, to show him places that "shaped" his life (to brainwash him, in other words).

Felicia goes to Mac's office again. He's not happy to see her. She apologizes for everything and insists on making him listen. She admits to everything but says they lov eeach other and the girls. She lays her cards on the table and begs him for another chance. He tells her that he can't because she doesn't love him as much as he loves her. She denies that she wants that old adventurous life again. She keeps begging him in a pathetic way. She vows not to give up even as he escrots her out the door.

Luke tells Laura that they're about to leave. She's all packed so he rushes out to finish his packing.