General Hospital Wednesday March 8th Update


General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/8/00

by Suzanne Lanoue

Monica is about to leave when Bobbie visits. They discuss the nurses' situation (about to strike). Bobbie is clueless about Carly's leaving, so Monica fills her in. Monica is worred about Michael. Bobbie plans to go talk Carly into living with her.

Alan and Audrey discuss the nurse problem; apparently it's the result of some problem that Monica may have caused when she was chief of staff. Alan says something about Monica's incompetence just as she's walking up. She lays into him and says he's just taking it out on her because she's mad at AJ. They argue some more, Alan trying to get her to be more sympathetic to AJ. She is tired of forgiving him. Tony asks Alan later if everything is okay, so Alan explains what happened with AJ. Tony thinks Carly and Sonny deserve each other.

AJ finds Lila holding one of Michael's toys. He talks to her and apologizes again for what he did. She finds it hard not to criticize him and says, "Just once I wish you hadn't made this about you and Jason". He tries to explain his rationale and says it was because of his feelings for Michael, but she doesn't believe him. Edward comes in while she's leaving, and they argue again. AJ blames Edward for screwing up his life. Edward says, "You are such a disappointment". Later, Edward chats with Lila about Michael; he wants to get him back, but Lila tells him to forget it.

Carly comes downstairs late, having overslept. Sonny offers to make her breakfast but they bicker. Carly loves his food but she gets on his nerves by making obnoxious comments. She keeps trying to get him to let her move in with Bobbie. He says forget it and leaves. Later, Sonny comes home to find toys all over the place and the bodyguard carrying swatches that Carly had ordered. Sonny's annoyed that she used Johnny to run errands for her. Carly says she wants to redecorate Michael's room. Sonny wants his desk back and complains about the toys. Carly also wants to redecorate his living room. He's on to her ploy--he knows she's trying to annoy him so he'll toss her out. Bobbie visits and Sonny tells her that Carly accepted his offer to move in. Carly is clearly unhappy so Bobbie asks him why he wants her there. He explains. Bobbie assures him that if Carly and her kids move in with her, he can always visit. But he says that he can't trust Carly and they have to learn to get along, for the children's sake. He won't be budged. He gets called away by the phone. Carly is frustrated. Bobbie tries to get her to look on the bright side and suggests she give it a try. Carly doesn't want to hear that. Sonny tells Bobbie she's always welcome. As he leaves, he tells Carly to clean up the place.

Elizabeth is sitting quietly in L&B when Emily comes in, babbling about Carly's departure. She notices Elizabeth's mood, so Elizabeth tells her about Lucky. Emily doesn't believe it at first. She is excited but Elizabeth is afraid to believe it. Elizabeth tries to phone Laura but gets her machine. Nikolas arrives and Em leaves. Nikolas knows Elizabeth told Em but he doesn't seem to mind. They discuss the possibility of Lucky being alive. He offers to talk to Helena but she doesn't think that will help. Later, she goes to the boxcar and talks to ducky as if he were dead.

Lucky sits in Helena's jet, next to her on the couch. She hints that they're going to the Cassadine island. She asks him where he would like to go. "Port Charles", he replies.

Tammy continues to give Hannah the cold shoulder. Dara, jealous because of Taggert, gives her a hard time about Sonny and Taggert. Just when Hannah realizes about Dara's jealousy, Taggert walks in. Dara excuses herself. Hannah tells Taggert about their conversation. She wonders if he and Dara are "really over".

Juan looks to avoid Taggert at Kelly's. Emily catches him looking in the window. They hide while Taggert leaves. Emily tells him the good news about Lucky. He's jealous so she reassures him.