General Hospital Tuesday March 7th Update


General Hospital Update 3/7/00

(I missed some due to weather news break-ins)

Tony tells Chloe and Jax that they found a "small mass" in her brain, which could be a tumor. Tony wants to do a biopsy. He tries to be upbeat before he gets paged away. Jax holds Chloe, who looks frightened. She gets determined to look on the bright side and asks if they can still go out as planned. But Jax says they have to stick with Tony's instructions for her to rest. However, he sets up a special night there, in bed.

Alan and AJ discuss the warehouse fire and AJ's job at ELQ. Edward decides to fire AJ completely. Alan is livid and blames the whole mess on Edward, for putting pressure on AJ. AJ yells at Edward, too, and even pushes him out of the way as he leaves. Ned comes in, summoned by Edward. Alan leaves in disgust. Edward tells Ned he was wrong and AJ is out of ELQ. He explains about the fire and Sonny's blackmail. Edward asks Ned to come back, but he refuses. Ned also blames Edward for the situation, before leaving.

Felicia's girls return home with Bobbie, so she has to give them the bad news about Mac. Maxie angrily blames Felicia for his leaving and won't be consoled. Bobbie tries to help. Maxie and Georgie go to bed, leaving Felicia to talk to Bobbie. Felicia tells Bobbie about Lucky. Bobbie thinks that the news should help Felicia's marital problems, but Felicia doesn't think so. Bobbie gently points out Mac's side of things. Felicia asks her to babysit so she can visit Mac.

Dara brings the Ramsey forensic report to Mac and asks about Kevin's condition. Mac tells her he's "left Felicia". Dara offers sympathy while he unburdens himself a bit.

Laura cries and apologizes to Luke for believing Stefan all this time. Luke tries again on the computer to find the Cassadine money so he can track Lucky. While they are discussing whether to call the police, Mac comes in. He demands proof about Lucky. They explain what happened but it leads to a big argument between Luke and Mac. Mac promises to put an APB out on Helena and Lucky, for Laura. Mac goes back to his office to find Felicia there. Felicia begs him to come home, but he refuses.

Luke can't find anything on the computer. Laura offers to help him in Switzerland. He says first they have to look closer to home for Lucky. They have a tender moment and hug again before she leaves.

Nikolas yells at Stefan. Stefan denies it all, but Nikolas doesn't believe him. Stefan explains how everything happened and that he expects more from Nikolas than from Laura. Nikolas feels betrayed that Stefan kept the truth from him. He vows to stay away from the Cassadines and says he's "ashamed" of them. He blasts Stefan and Alexis for all the damage that's been done to Lucky, Lesley, and Laura, and says he plans to give all the money he will inherit to charity. After he storms off, Alexis reminds Stefan that he needs to concentrate on finding Lucky. He thanks her for her help. Nikolas visits Elizabeth to tell her the news. She doesn't believe him--she is in angry denial.