General Hospital Monday March 6th Update


General Hospital Update by Suzanne Lanoue
Monday 3/6/00

Alexis helps Chloe with her makeup. Chloe notices Alexis' ring; they discuss what it means. Jax and Ned arrive bearing grapes and her release papers. She's ecstatic. Jax says she needs a few tests before she can go. Ned invites them all to dinner but Jax and Chloe would rather be alone. After Ned and Alexis leave, Chloe observes that the couple is "afraid of commitment". Tony takes Chloe for tests. When she returns, Jax brings her a gift: the dress she imagined herself wearing when they were dancing in the park. He tells her he's having the park heated so they can dance there tonight. She is touched; they kiss. Later, Tony finds them dancing in her room. He tells them there are "serious complications".

Laura calls Stefan a liar. Stefan tries to get her to calm down so he can explain. They argue, they he tells her how it all happened. Laura is upset that he didn't tell her when he found out in early February, and that he didn't bring Lucky right home. Stefan says the same thing Luke did--he didn't want to get her hopes up. She doesn't believe him. She blasts him for all the lies, not knowing what to believe. She accuses him of all sorts of things, including the loss of her entire family. Stefan says he has no clude of where to look for Lucky and Helena next (he's as frustrated as Luke). He reminds her of everything he's done to please her and how long he's had to wait. Everything he says makes her more angry. "You're a Cassadine, Stefan", she spits, "just like the rest of them" and then orders him out. She breaks down crying after he leaves.
Later, Stefan exlains to Alexis that the truth will come out when Lucky is rescued and lets Laura know Stefan didn't kidnap him. Then Nikolas comes in and starts accusing him of it.

In her limo, Helena phones Luke and gives Lucky the phone, but Lucky doesn't say anything, just hangs up after hearing Luke's voice. Luke tries to *69 but it doesn't work. Roy greets Luke, who is at his computer trying to find the Cassadines' Swiss bank accounts. He tells Roy about Lucky and about telling Laura. Luke worries that they'll kill Lucky but Roy reminds him that they've kept him alive for a year so they must want him alive. Luke is frustrated. Laura visits and tells Luke about Stefan's visit. They hug as Laura cries.

Carly is reeling from Sonny's news. Edward rants and raves. Carly yells up to Leticia to bring Michael down, "We're going home". Monica yells at Carly and asks Sonny to let Michael stay, for Jason's sake. Sonny agrees, which is why he's doing what's best for Michael. Lila comes in so Carly and Michael say goodbye. Lila advises her to "be a good mother". AJ kisses Michael goodbye and then they leave. Edward demands an explanation from AJ, but he won't tell them at first. Finally he spills about the warehouse fire. They are aghast. AJ is defensive and tries to justify his actions. Edward and Monica yell at him. AJ apologies to Lila, who is clearly disappointed. Alan asks him if he's really sorry. AJ doens't regret what he did, only the results. Alan says he loves him but he needs to take responsibility for his actions. AJ cries about being a screwup. Later, Edward fires AJ as CEO of ELQ.

Carly babbles on happily in Sonny's limo. She thanks Sonny and talks about how much she will miss Lila. Sonny tells her they're going to live with him, not Bobbie. Carly argues but he tells her they can't fight in front of Michael. When they get to Sonny's, he starts laying down the rules. Carly bristles at all his orders. After Michael goes to bed, Carly thanks him for getting her out of the Q's but says they can't stay there. Sonny tells her about his phone call from Jason, how he tracked down the guy who torched the warehouse and Sonny promised he'd take care of Carly and the kids. She wonders when Jason is coming home, but Sonny says he's not, since Carly is carrying Sonny's baby. She wishes Sonny had waited until Jason returned so she could tell him herself. He pokes holes in her fantasy, reminding her that Jason is through with her. He tells her in no uncertain terms that they're staying so the kids can have a stable home. She is very resentful; they spar.

A surprisingly docile Lucky notices their car is headed out of town. She tells him they have big plans and he can come back one day, if he wants. "Will I get the choice?" he asks. Helena tells him that they will see "a great deal together".