General Hospital Tuesday April 27th Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/27/99 by Suzanne Lanoue
(missed a little at the beginning because of news breaks)

Tammy pours Sonny some coffee and asks him why he wasn't at the memorial service if Luke is his friend "for life". He says Luke could "use a friend", but Sonny says Luke doesn't want to see him. He explains why.

At Kelly's, Mac is aghast at what the newspaper has dredged up about Luke and Laura's past just to capitalize on Lucky's death. He hopes the facts of the "arson report" will help Lucky's parents a little. Felicia thinks it will; she remembers when Mac was shot. They talk about how awful Lucky's death is. Mac blames Sonny, too. They leave together; Felicia says she's going to talk to Lila.

Luke goes to his and Laura's house; he finds Bobbie there and wonders where Lulu is. Bobbie says she's with Lesley and asks Luke to go upstairs with her. She takes his hand and says, "There's something you have to see". She shows him Lucky's room, which has been torn apart by Laura. Luke is stupefied and can't believe Laura did it. He sits on the bed, shocked. "I guess she beat me to it" he says. Bobbie is a bit worried about her. Luke says, "We both know where my wife is". Bobbie and Luke pick up a little. Luke suggests throwing it all out but Bobbie brings him the backpack Lucky kept in case of emergency. Luke says, "Lucky might need this, huh" and he sits down with it. He looks at the stuff in there. Bobbie says she felt the same way about BJ and Ruby but it's important to keep things to remember them by. He tells him he'll regret it later if he does, and Laura will also want them.

Stefan greets Laura as she comes downstairs; she is carrying Lucky's shirt. He inquires about her sleep and her hand. She is numb and says she slept a bit. Laura is very distracted and wonders what would have happened if Stefan hadn't come by. Stefan tries to console her. She says, "I'm not allright. It's never gonna be allright again". Her voice sounds terrible, hoarse and empty. She starts hitting her hands together in a manic way. Stefan watches her, concerned. He tries to get her to eat but she refuses. Laura tells him in a frighteningly calm way about how she buried Lucky yesterday, and how she felt. She talks about Lucky's room and how it was his private space. She is disgusted with herself for destroying his room and blames herself for his leaving home. "He walked away from me", she says. Then she thinks of Lesley and how she might react if she sees the room, so she phones home. Luke answers it. Stefan leaves the room to give her privacy. Luke and Laura speak in short, painful words. He says he came to see Lulu and she tells him she's with Lesley at Amy's. She asks if he went upstairs, and he replies, "Yeah...nice work". She apologizes but says it's okay, he would have done the same thing. She tells him she'll be home soon and asks him to leave a note for Lesley so Lulu won't see Lucky's room. He says "sure", she says "bye" and he says "bye", it's all very casual but painful. She tries to say something else but he's already put down the phone. Stefan returns. She tells him she needs to get home "before Lulu does" and he tells her "the launch is waiting". He helps her with her coat and tells her that he's there for her.

Bobbie tells Luke that she's finished fixing up the room and asks if he needs anything else. They hug and she leaves. Later, Laura comes home and finds Luke there. She's surprised to find him there. He says Mac phoned and is bringing over the arson report. He is about to leave but Laura asks him to stay. Luke doesn't know why he should stay, when he knows it's arson and Laura will end up blaming him again. She promises not to, saying they're Lucky's parents, and "out of respect" for Lucky they should look at the report together. She talks about how their house was "supposed to be a safe place". But she blames herself, not Luke. He only blames the arsonist. Mac comes in and tells them there was no arson; "it was an accident". They can't believe it. Mac tells them the fire came from Lucky's room; he lit some candles and then went to sleep. Luke disputes it but Mac says there's no evidence of any foul play at all.

Jerry greets Bobbie at Kelly's; she's working hard because of Liz not being there. Tammy is gone for a minute. He wants to talk to her but she puts him off, trying not to think about Lucky. He asks her to sit and eat but she doesn't want to stop. He makes her sit, though, while he pours her some coffee. She asks him if ever thought when he was searching for Jax that he might be dead. Jerry says he never considered it. She tells him how Lucky came to Kelly's first when he came to town, and how Lucky had a great childhood. "I don't understand why he's gone", she says sadly. They end up chatting and laughing, so she thanks Jerry for taking her mind off things. She is still talking about Lucky, but happy memories.

While Carly listens, AJ tells Edward that he is the one who told the papers that the fire might have been arson (anonymously). Edward chuckles. AJ is confident that this will get him custody of Michael. He is a little suspicious of why Edward is "stalling" and tells him he wants Jason out of Michael's life and oh yeah, he wants to be head of ELQ like Edward "promised".

Felicia visits Lila; they briefly discuss Lucky, and Felicia asks how Emily is. Felicia asks her about meeting Edward. Lila says it was love at first sight but she was already engaged to someone else. Felicia looks surprised. Lila says she was engaged to "Elliot Thompson"; her father had arranged it. Felicia asks if she stood up to her father, but Lila says she didn't have to because Elliot died in the war. Lila describes how she wrote many detailed letters to not only Edward, but to hear cousin Eleanor, about how it felt to be in love. Later, she chats with Edward and gets his version of how he met Lila, but she doesn't take notes because she wants to write the book from Lila's POV. The phone rings so Felicia rushes off home.

On the docks, Hannah asks Jason worriedly if he's seen Sonny. He assures her he's okay. She asks if he knows why Sonny blames himself for Lucky's death, and so many others. "He just does", says Jason. She still can't understand so she blabbers on. He says he'll talk to Sonny, but "it won't help", that's just the way he is. Hannah wishes there was something she could do to help Sonny. Carly walks up and sees them together. She is about to charge up there, when Sonny comes up behind her and grabs her arm, saying "Don't even think about it". Sonny insists that she apologize to Hannah, but she refuses. She goes up to Jason and says they need to talk. But then Carly changes her mind and tells Hannah she's sorry about what happened at Luke's. Hannah says, "misunderstandings to happen" and nods. She thanks Sonny, knowing he was the one who made that happens. Carly takes Jason aside and tells him what she overheard AJ saying. She still wants to go to the police. He has to calm her down, as usual. He asks if she's found any more evidence against AJ, but she hasn't. He says maybe it was Moreno so there may not be any. Carly says she intends to look through AJ's briefcase, and if she finds anything, she and Michael will leave. He warns her to be careful because AJ may be "desperate" if he did start the fire. Later, Jason talks to Sonny about business. Sonny asks what Hannah wanted, so Jason tells him. Sonny, fearful for her safety, says to tell her to stay away from him.

Carly and AJ walk in just as Edward gets off the phone. He tells them that the fire was an accident, so they can't blame Jason.

Lucky types on a computer but it's futile because there is no connecton to the Internet. Someone watches him on a complex security system.