General Hospital Monday April 26th Update


General Hospital Update Monday 4/26/99 by Suzanne Lanoue

Liz asks Lucky for "a sign" that he's dead because it's hard for her to grasp still. Nikolas finds her there, saying Audrey is a bit worried. They chat a little, mostly about Lucky and the funeral. They just sit and stare at his picture. Later she phones Audrey to make sure she knows she's alright. Then she tells Nikolas about the dream she had the night of the fire, how she woke up and tried to call him but it said the number was out of order, and that's when she went over to see him. With Nikolas' help, she vows to thing of the good times she and Lucky had.

Lucky, tired of trying to escape, worries while he sits in his cell. He throws something across the room and then sits on the bed, probably wondering what his fate will be and thinking about Elizabeth.

Sonny tells Hannah to buzz off again but she says she doesn't "take orders". He tries to get her to see it's dangerous there but she doesn't believe it. He asks her if she's with someone, and an old boyfriend goes shooting at her but hits the guy, whose fault is it? Without hesitating she says that it's her ex-boyfriend's fault. He tells her she won't feel that way if the person shot is her "best friend or your best friend's kid". She can tell he's haunted by Lucky's death. He tells her about Luke's trust. Finally she asks, "Are you a criminal?" He tells her that he's not but he "has a history". He tells her a little about Lily, Brenda, and Stone. He feels guilt for all their deaths, even though he wasn't directly responsible, because he promised to protect them and he failed. She sympathizes and asks if he and Lily were "happy". She asks if he knew who was trying to kill him. He replies, "If I wanted to say more, I would have". He gets kinda sarcastic with her. She asks if she was "insensitive" but he says she was "fine". She advises him that Luke is only blaming him because he's "grieving". She says good night and leaves.

Luke and Tammy kiss. Unfortunately, Laura is there watching. She backs out, shocked, and stands outside. Then she breaks down crying. Inside, Luke and Tammy really go at it. Later we see them getting dressed. Luke kisses her and tells her she's "beautiful". She offers him a ride home, but he says he's staying there "for now". She offers to make him some food and he assures her he's okay and hints that he'd rather be alone. She takes the hint and leaves. "Sometimes life surprises you", she says as she's leaving. Felicia arrives and things look awkward. She tells him she just got back; Mac flew down to tell her and she's sorry she missed the service. Luke bitterly makes bad jokes. Felicia asks about how Laura and Bobbie are. She feels like she made a mistake coming there so she starts to leave, but Luke asks her not to go. He tells her about why he's mad at Sonny but says it was his own fault for not taking care of Lucky. Felicia offers comfort and assures him that Mac won't rest until he finds out what happened. Luke says that even if it didn't happen that way, "it could have", and his trusting Sonny and Jason cost Lucky his life. He tells her that Lulu thinks her brother is "coming back". Felicia says that's only natural, given her age. Luke wonders if she'll remember him when she gets older. Felicia suggests that he work hard to make her remember him and then she will. Luke recites a touching but sad fairy-tale about Lucky which makes him break down again.

Jason visits Carly late at night. She worries that they'll be caught by AJ but he wants to make sure she's okay. She tearfully tells him that she had to help Bobbie tell Lucas that Lucky is dead. She is amazed that he didn't cry and he was so composed. Carly reazlies she has to feel less self-pity, including that her childhood wasn't great. She asks Jason to remind her of that when she needs it. He hugs her and then asks her about the funeral. "It was pretty awful" she says. She felt really bad for Luke and Laura, even though they're not her favorite people. Jason asks her if Luke mentioned him, because Luke blames him and Sonny for Lucky's death. She tries to tell him it's not so, but he knows it is. He wonders if putting Michael first has distracted him from other things he should have done. She tells him not to dwell on what-if's in the past. She says she'd "die" if that ever happened to Michael and he agrees that he would have trouble going on, too. She asks why he came to see her, but he won't say, then he leaves.

Laura returns to her empty house. She looks at the picture of her family and cries some more. She shuffles upstairs but goes into Lucky's room. She lies on his bed and cries into his pillow and some little cowboy boots. She goes into his closet and takes out one of his shirts and puts it on, then cries some more, louder. She gets his old, ratty, teddy bear from the closet shelf, and kneels in front of his bed crying loudly. Then she looks at the picture of him and her from when he was younger, that's stuck on the mirror. She takes it down and then screams at the mirror, "I hate you!" over and over while she smashes it. Next we see Laura has completely torn apart everything in Lucky's room in a fit of anger and despair. She stops when she sees she has smashed a framed thing (maybe a valentine for her). Just then Stefan comes in, goes down to where she is on the floor and tries to help her. She is sobbing incoherently and he holds her close. (About time, where has he been for a week??? What happened to all his spies? Even if it was only a few days in soap time, he would have known about it the day after the fire, from the news or GH) Stefan wraps her bleeding hands while she dully says, "It's all gone...everything is gone". He reminds her of all the people she has, who love her, including him. They stand up and he says, "Come." "Where?" she asks. "Home", he replies. "Where's that?" she says.