General Hospital Friday April 23rd Update


General Hospital Update Friday 4/23/99 by Suzanne Lanoue

Bobbie offers Luke a ride to the church. He doesn't want to go and talks about what a waste of time funerals are. Bobbie says she's invited people to the brownstone afterwards. She couldn't tell Lucas yet, she confides. Luke remembers that Lucky liked churches and believed in God. He lists all the things Lucky believe in, in amazement. That makes him decide to go to the memorial service.

Nikolas goes to Laura's house. He hugs Amy and Lesley. Laura and Lulu come downstairs. Lulu's babysitter Suzanne (good name!) takes her out of the room. Laura says Lulu doesn't understand Lucky's death...they agree they don't understand it, either. Laura and Nikolas hug for a long while.

Jason finds Sonny on the docks and tells him he shouldn't be out there alone. Sonny talks about his friendship with Luke. He says he was "jealous" that Luke could lead their life and still have a family. Jason reminds Sonny that they didn't kill Lucky. He lists all the things Sonny did to protect Luke's family. Sonny says he can't think of anything but Elizabeth's face "the night of the fire". Later, Hannah finds him there and also tells him it's not safe there. He says nothing will happen to him because it's his fate to be left behind while the "innocent" people around him die. She doesn't understand. He tells her, "If you want to live long and prosper in Port Charles, stay the Hell away from Sonny Corinthos", but she just sits on the bench behind him.

Liz, at the church alone, remembers her night there with Lucky. She touches his picture and plays with the ring he gave her. Laura walks in and they hug. Outside, the Quartermaines greet Lesley. Monica asks Lesley if she's staying for good. Lesley says no, she'll just be here as long as Laura needs her. Edward says Lila's taking it hard. Luke and Bobbie arrive and there are more hugs, and a sorrowful, touching look between Luke and Laura. Laura tells Bobbie she knows how she felt when BJ died. Bobbie assures her she'll one day feel a little better. Nikolas tries to ask Luke if he wants him to leave, but Luke tells him he's "as welcome here as anybody" and that the day is about Lucky. He puts his hand on Nikolas' shoulder in an almost fatherly way as he passes him. Nikolas watches sadly as Luke and Laura hug, cry some more, and kinda hold on to each other briefly for support. Luke goes inside and offers his help and support to Liz. She tells Luke, "I need to be sure that you know that you were his hero". She explains what Lucky told her about how much he always loved Luke. Luke smiles and thanks her. Tony asks Bobbie if it's okay if he stays; she says of course. He asks about Luke and says, "I just pray to God that he is better at this than I was". Laura asks Luz to sit "with the family" so she does. Laura, Lesley, Lulu, Nikolas, and Liz sit on one side, Luke, Bobbie, and Jerry sit on the other. Strange that Luke and Laura don't sit together.

The service begins, although it's hard to call it a service since there doesn't seem to be a minister or anyone like that. Laura makes a speech and talks about children, then encourages everyone "not to waste a moment of time with" people they love. Then Liz speaks, talks about how Lucky "saved" her life. Then Luke speaks next, about Lucky becoming a man, how he told Luke he hated him, how Luke wished he had more time time with him, and how Lucky "taught" him about "honor, truth and love". Laura cries a lot during Luke's speech. Then we see clips of Lucky over the years. Later, Liz sits in the church alone and recites the vows she and Lucky shared on Valentine's Day.

After the service, and the funeral and thing at Bobbie's house (we don't see the last two), Bobbie finds Carly has finished cleaning up. Carly wants to leave but Bobbie asks her to stay for when she tells Lucas the news. Bobbie talks a little about Lucky. Carly whines that her family keeps dying off before she gets to know him, so Bobbie pointedly says she might want to examine that. Carly says she knows she "wasted" her chances to get to know Lucky and Ruby, but she tells Bobbie sincerely that she never feels they've wasted their time together, even if they're arguing. Bobbie is touched.

Laura and Lesley talk about Luke. Laura explains why Luke wasn't at Bobbie's and how close he was to Lucky. Lesley urges Laura to go to Luke. Laura says, "He has no use for me any more", but Lesley says, "He has no use for anybody else" and tells her to listen to her heart. Laura puts on her coat, hugs her mom fiercely, and leaves.

Luke smokes and drinks alone in his bar. Tammy comes in and he smiles at her. She asks him if he's okay. She tells him she knew Lucky slightly and offers to help Luke with whatever he needs. He cries into her arms. Naturally, Laura walks in just then.

Emily and Nikolas go to Laura's house but no one is home. She tells Nikolas she's concerned about him, since he's not showing his grief. He explodes at her, saying he's not allowed to grieve for Lucky because he spent most of his life hating him. He was jealous of everything Lucky had and now--he's the one who has everything. Nikolas is obviously upset about his loss.

Lucky tries to break out of a metal room that he's being kept in, to no avail. He bangs on the door and yells, "Why are you keeping me here?"