General Hospital Thursday April 22nd Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 4/22/99 by Suzanne Lanoue

Alexis jumps up into Ned's arms, says "you're late!" and screams for joy. Jerry hugs Jax, V. trailing. They joke around and drink water. Jerry and Jax are back on track as brothers and friends because of the ordeal. On the plane home, Ned yells at the Jacks brothers for joking around after Alexis almost died. Alexis tells Ned it wasn't so bad, but she's "seriously considering" walking away from her hunt for the truth. Jax and Jerry intend to keep at it.

Carly lies to cover her snooping, tells AJ she wants to find the custody order. Jason hears and comes in, playing along, pretending to be annoyed. He tells Carly to "calm down". AJ shows Jason the order that says if they can prove Jason's "dangerous", he'll lose custody. Jason starts to head out to see Michael at the duck pond, but Monica, who heard them arguing, comes in and yells at them for being so selfish when Lucky just died. Monica tells Carly that Bobbie's "very upset--in case you're interested". Edward and Alan come in, wonder about Emily. Jason says he told her about Lucky. AJ tells them all that it's Jason's fault Lucky's dead. They all argue, as usual. Edward goes to tell Lila about it. AJ calls his lawyer and then tells Edward that if arson is proven, they can get custody from Jason. Edward reminisces about Lucky and how much he liked him, but blames Luke and Laura for him not being at home. AJ oddly says, "That fire should never have happened; I doubt that anyone meant for Lucky to get hurt", then he leaves. Later, Carly sits with Jason and Michael and praises Jason's patience. She talks to Michael about the future.

Luke asks Sonny who might have set the fire besides Moreno. Sonny says it might have been AJ, who burned down their warehouse. So then Luke agrees it probably was him. Then Luke turns around and blames Sonny for not telling him that, too, so he could protect Lucky adequately. "You let my kid sleep in a building that Jason owns!" he rails. Sonny apologizes, tears in his eyes. Luke keeps blasting him. Luke plans to shoot both Moreno and AJ now, so Sonny suggests he think of Lulu. Luke looks confused. Sonny keeps talking to him about why he shouldn't go shoot them. "Revenge won't bring Lucky back", he says. Luke tells him he doesn't want his help and walks out.

Luke smokes and stares at the ashes of the building. Mike comes up and talks to him, trying to be consoling. Luke says he knows this is "pay back". When Mike says it could have been an accident, Luke asks him how he would feel if this happened to Sonny and someone had kept the information from him. Mike has to agree he'd hate the guy, too.

Sonny makes an announcement at the club about Lucky; he says the club will be closed for now. Their wages will be doubled while they're not working. Sonny sits with a bottle in the darkened club. Hannah comes in and asks what's going on, so he tells her. She questions him a little about Lucky and so he answers her tersely. He tells her to go home. She offers her help and then leaves.

Nikolas closes the windows so Liz wakes up suddenly, calling Lucky's name. Emily comes in just then and both she and Nikolas sit on Liz's bed. Liz thinks Lucky was at the window. Liz and Emily talk about how they feel. Emily offers to go get food and asks Liz if she wants to be part of the memorial service for Lucky. Liz says she needs to go see Laura, so they all leave.

Lesley returns and walks in to Laura's house. They huge and Laura cries in her arms. Later, Laura hugs Nikolas and greets the girls. Her face is red from crying. Laura tells Liz how much Lucky loved her and tells Emily what a great friend she was. Laura tells them Lesley is there but went to the store. They offer to help out. Laura wants to have the service at Mt. Hebron Baptist Church but Emily objects because that's where Liz and Lucky went for Valentine's Day. Laura hugs Liz and says they can have it somewhere else, but Liz talks about what Lucky told her and how they felt there, and says that would be a great place to have it. They talk about what music to play and who will speak. Liz wants to speak but Nikolas says he can't, out of respect for Luke. They admire him. They go back to Liz's. Emily gives Liz milk and cookies while they sit on her bed. Emily talks about her mother's death and how she felt afterwards. She assures Liz that the pain will one day be less and she'll still feel Lucky with her.

Lesley talks to Laura about the service. Laura tells her about how it was a shame Lucky and Nikolas were just starting to be brothers. Lesley tells her to sleep, but Laura remembers she was Lucky's age when she fell for Luke, and she gets very angry. She gets very upset about how he might have suffered and says he "should have been home". Lesley comforts her but tells her that Lulu needs her now. Laura keeps saying, "I can't do it".