General Hospital Tuesday April 20th Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/20/99 by Suzanne Lanoue

Sonny tells Bobbie he'll have his driver take her and Liz home. Everyone is still in shock. Mike comes by and asks Jason's what's going on. Jason doesn't say much, as usual. Taggert asks Sonny to move so he can talk to Liz. He asks her for Lucky's necklace back (for forensics), but she refuses. Taggert questions her about the subway token on the necklace so she explains, calmer. He promises he'll just borrow it and bring it back safely. She keeps saying, "It's Lucky's". Bobbie helps out so finally Liz gives it to him. He also asks her the last time she saw lucky. She tells him about having dinner with Lucky and talking to him on the phone. He asks her to call him if she thinks of anything. Taggert then tells Sonny he wants to question him and Jason at the police station. He says quietly, "You disappear, and I will never stop looking for you".

Bobbie talks to Liz, trying to console her. She talks about losing BJ. "He knew you loved him", she assures Liz. Audrey comes in and hugs Liz, who looks drained. Liz suddenly seems to be holding back everything she's feeling; she goes to put on tea. Bobbie fills Audrey in but she breaks down crying herself so Audrey comforts her. Audrey asks about Luke, Laura, and Jerry. She suggests Bobbie call him and take care of herself now. Audrey talks about how wonderful Lucky was. Bobbie suggests Audrey call Liz's family for her. After some more tears, Bobbie leaves. Liz comes out with a tray for tea, wondering where she went. Liz tries to keep it together but her hands shake when she pours tea. Later, Audrey finds Liz sitting out on the porch, just staring, so she asks her to come inside.

Luke tells Laura about how Lucky died. They are both red-faced and crying; she keeps screaming and he holds her. She asks if he's sure, if Luke saw him. Luke says he didn't see him and he makes her sit down. She makes gross, awful sounds while she cries. She keeps asking him questions and finally realizes it was in Jason's garage so it might have been something to do with Moreno. She asks him a bunch of questions he can't answer but he promises to find out. He says he wants to take her home and then go to the morgue (to make sure if it's him or not). She insists on going with him.

There's a newsbreak for Littleton and then we see Luke and Laura talking to Taggert. He doesn't want them to see the charred remains but Luke says they "need to look". Luke asks Laura to let him do it for them so she stays in the outer room. Taggert takes Luke in and the morgue guy opens the box and lifts the sheet. Luke can't look long; he covers it back up quickly. Laura comes in and wants to see, but Luke says "No!". She begs pitifully so he lets her. She half-faints and Luke catches her. They walk out; Laura seems to be throwing up. Sonny and Jason are just walking in then. Laura looks up and sees Sonny. She growls at him, "You-murderer!" with a terrible look of hatred and disgust on her face. She tears into him, and into Jason, for breaking their promise to keep her family safe. Luke tries to get her to stop but then she turns on him. "You started all of taught him to trust people like this!" and she accuses him of being responsible for the fact that Lucky never came home. Luke coldly says that he never came home because there was no home to return to. She slaps him and Taggert takes her out. Luke just nods and walks out, leaving Jason and Sonny standing there.

Laura goes home and sees Nikolas; she whispers, "It's true" and puts her hand gently on his face. He tells her that he kept the news from Lulu so far and explains about Luke being there. He makes her sit down and she begs him to stay with her. She assures him that Lucky "will stay with" him always. Nikolas breaks down, saying how they just had dinner together. She cries some more, prays to God, and Nikolas holds her, crying, too.
According to the flashbacks the next day, Laura also told Lesley Lu that Lucky went to heaven.

Meanwhile, Luke wanders to Kelly's and remembers when he last saw Lucky and Liz together. He can barely bring himself to go in the place. He sits down and really starts to cry. A very sad song plays in the background. Luke remembers some pleasant times they had together. Bobbie finds him there, sitting in the dark, so she goes over to hug him while he cries a whole lot more.