General Hospital Monday April 19th Update


General Hospital Update Monday 4/19/99 by Suzanne Lanoue

Carly breaks from kissing Jason to ask him if he's going back to Hannah. She tries to kiss him again but he leaves, worried someone might see them. Just after he leaves, AJ walks out. Carly and he go back inside. She says she was taking a walk. He quizzes her about who was with, but she claims she was just singing. He says his trip to Washington was rescheduled. She asks him when he'll be CEO. He says he should be CEO by now but the custody battle has been his "priority". She admires how "confident" he is. Jason walks in, looking stern as usual. Jason tries to give Carly some info about Michael but AJ starts talking about Jason's childhood. He says that Jason used to suck his thumb and hold "Willie the Bunny". This doesn't make sense so AJ explains that Jason is "just a phase" that Michael is going through and that he doesn't wake up at night any more, asking for Jason. He is very antagonistic and Jason is calm. Leticia comes in and says Michael's awake and asking for Jason. AJ sighs. Carly tries to cheer AJ up, but he just seems to bring her down with him. Jason walks back in with Michael. Jason sits with him and talks to him. Carly sits and plays, too, telling AJ that if they sit and have fun together, Michael will know they all get along. AJ refuses and leaves the room. Carly follows in a minute. Jason gets a phone call from one of Sonny's people telling him about Lucky. He holds Michael close.

Hannah and Sonny chat in his limo. They argue about the safety of her neighborhood. She doesn't want to give him her address. She teases him about not giving up enough info about himself, either. She asks him again about what he does. He is evasive but tells her he's not married. She keeps at him so he tells her he's "a widower". She asks for details so he tells her what happened to Lily. She wonders if she's safe but he assures her that was long ago. She keeps asking him questions, which is kind of annoying but he handles it well. He tells her he lives alone and is a "master chef". He invites her for a "home cooked meal" and they talk about cooking, sort of, while they flirt. She finally gives them her address. Sonny jokes about what a rat trap it is. She tells him that Luke mentioned he owns a diner with rooms to rent above, so she might do that. Sonny gets a call on his cell phone. It's not good news. "Are you sure it was Lucky?" he asks. She leaves and goes inside her place. Sonny tells the person to "find Jason".

Laura is surprised that Stefan wants to go to Paris "for the weekend", but says she'd love to go. They discuss the trip. When Laura mentions "Lulu" Stefan repeats the name. Laura asks if that's okay so he says no problem. She can tell he's being polite so she jokes that they have to take Foster, too. They laugh and she says she will take Lulu when she's older, but right now she'd love to go to Paris alone with him. Laura says Amy can take care of Lulu while she's gone. Stefan suggests that Amy and Lulu stay at his place and use the facilities, but Laura says she thinks this time they'll stay at her place, so it won't be so hard on Lucky and Luke (who won't like this trip). They kiss.

Luke has Lesley Lu on his lap and tells her how Lucky suggested he spend more time with her. Nikolas comes downstairs with the book she wanted and gives it to Luke; then he goes back up.
Luke reads her the fairy tale.

The real sirens awaken Elizabeth and she looks troubled. Liz phones Lucky and gets a "temporarily out of service" message. She gets up and looks out the window.

The fire rages at Jason's garage, and Lucky's room over it. There looks to be a big charred lump in his bed. Outside, Taggert calls for more reinforcements. Mac worries that Lucky might have been caught in there. Later, the fireman informs Mac that Lucky is dead. Elizabeth comes up and starts calling Lucky's name in horror. Taggert grabs her and stops her from running into the wreckage. She hits him and yells, trying to get away while he tries to calm her down. She sees them bringing out a body covered in a blanket and putting it into the ambulance. Taggert holds her close; she is clearly in shock. Later, she watches quietly, sitting on a stoop, as they keep putting out the fire. Taggert brings her something to drink and asks how she knew. She says, "It's not Lucky!" He tries to get her to see reality; he tells her that the body they found was in Lucky's room.

The phone rings and Luke ignores it, but Nikolas gets it. Nikolas's face falls. He goes downstairs and tells Luke that it's late so Lulu has to get to bed. He's barely in control as he asks Lesley Lu to go upstairs and put on her own pajamas. Luke encourages her to do that, too. Luke can tell something's wrong and asks, "What?" Nikolas tells him haltingly that the police called, there was a fire at the garage, and Lucky's body was found. Luke keeps saying, "Not Lucky!" They wonder if it was someone else's body. Luke gets ready to leave and tells Nikolas to stay with Lulu. He tells him, if Laura phones, not to say anything. Luke says, "I will tell her--if it's true". Nikolas nods and Luke asks him if he can handle it. He nods again and Luke rushes out. Lulu comes back down, wondering where her daddy is. Nikolas explains that he had to go. He reads to her and holds her close, but it's difficult for him to concentrate.

Bobbie comes by the fire and asks Mac what's going on. He tells her about Lucky. She freaks out, screaming, asking where Luke and Laura are. Mac takes her to Liz and they hug. Liz keeps saying that Lucky is "fine", she would know it if anything happened to him. She ask Bobbie if he told her they are moving to New York. Bobbie is speechless. Taggert wonders if Liz is right, but Mac thinks there's no hope. Taggert is very upset, because the two younger lovers were so dear to him. Sonny comes up so Taggert blasts him, saying it's just like the fire at his warehouse. Luke walks up and asks if it was Lucky. Sonny replies, "It seems to be". Luke lashes out and blames Sonny for what happened. Sonny says he's "sorry" but Luke isn't having any of it in his grief. Mac tries to console him and can't give Luke the news he wants to hear, that it wasn't Lucky. He offers him a ride but Luke says he "has a stop". He staggers away and finds Bobbie and Liz. Bobbie and he hug. He tells her he has to find Laura and asks Bobbie to stay with Liz. Jason walks by so Luke gives him a hard time, too, before he walks away. Sonny asks Jason who it might be; Jason vows that "whoever it is, he's going to pay". Liz begs Jason to tell her where Lucky is. Before he can say anything, Taggert asks her to examine something they found. It's Lucky's necklace. Taggert tells her that "they found it on the body" so she sobs uncontrollably, falling into Sonny's arms. Sonny also cries.

Luke finds Laura and she can tell something awful has happened. First she thinks it's Lulu. He tells her the bad news. "He's gone, Laura" he says. She can't grasp it. She falls apart and cries, pounding the ground while Luke holds her.