General Hospital Friday April 16th Update


General Hospital Update Friday 4/16/99 by Suzanne Lanoue

Sonny and Jason break up Carly and Hannah's fight. Sonny takes Hannah inside and Jason asks Carly why she called him her "man". Carly defends what she said and did. Jason reminds her that she's supposed to be making AJ marry her, so how can do that if she goes around "smacking" every waitress who hits on him. They argue; Jason tries to keep his temper at her irrational ranting. She tries to use Michael to threaten him. Jason says, "Do I really have to make a list of all the crap I've taken from you since I met you?" He yells at her for all the things she's done to him. She cries but in a beligerent way. Later, Carly is a bit repentant. Jason tells he that of course he likes her, otherwise he wouldn't put up with her. He reminds her of the times she helped him when he needed someone. But he tells her he still doesn't think her plan will work because not only is it stupid but she would ruin it like she does most plans by "flipping out". He begs her to "calm down". She hugs him and agrees. Jason and Carly go home to the Q mansion. Carly tells Jason says that the reason she freaks out is that she fears her plan will work, and Jason won't be there when she and Michael come back. Jason assures her that he will be. They hug again, then she grabs him and kisses him. He kisses her back.

Sonny makes Hannah sit down and calm down. Hannah is upset. Sonny tells her that there are better ways of getting his attention than taking on Carly. She laughs and makes fun of his rescues of her, calling him "obsessive-compulsive". She admits that he has helped her and tells him that she was quizzing Luke about him. She asks him where he comes from, so he tells her where he came from, and his old club, but no details. She is bored by his story. She relates her story. She had a married professor come on to her; she broke up with him when she found out he was married, so he flunked her. She hints that she told his wife about them. Sonny offers to take her home. Hannah agrees to go home..."on the bus". Sonny insists that he and his driver take her so she won't get mugged again. They leave. Sonny notices the bruise Carly left and touches her face.

Laura tells Stefan about how nice it was to see her children all together. He smiles, glad to see her happy. She calls it "a miracle". They are eating dinner when Stefan suggests they go to dinner in Paris "next weekend".

Liz and Lucky clean up after her dinner. They talk about her bad cooking some more. They joke around together. Luke walks by and sees them having fun; he smiles and watches them, then he says hi. They invite him in and he politely declines, but Lucky insists so Luke says ok. Liz leaves them alone. Luke admires Lucky's necklace, which has an "old New York subway token". He explains about their moving to New York. Luke says it's "expensive" but knows Lucky can take care of himself. Luke congratulates him for finding love the first time around. When Luke jokes about how he didn't really raise Lucky, Lucky tells him that he is the one responsible for how he turned out. Lucky tells him that Lulu needs the parents he had and he blames himself for Luke staying out of her life. Lucky lays it on thick and makes Luke smile. Luke tells him how great he is and how proud he is of him. They hug and Luke blinks back tears. Luke calls Liz out and says nice things before he leaves. Lucky tells Liz that he loves Luke and "isn't mad at him anymore". He can't believe how he treated his parents. He says "an angel named Elizabeth" changed him. He doesn't see how his parents could have what they have an lose it. He thanks her and puts on music so they can dance. He takes her home and they make plans for tomorrow. She is amazed at how her life has changed, too, and credits him. They make plans to meet for breakfast at Kelly's. They tell each other "I love you" and kiss. Then he takes off through the window. Lucky calls her when he gets home. He tells her he's lighting a candle she gave him, and she asks him to light another one. She drifts off to sleep. He was going to read but instead falls asleep watching the candle. Liz dreams of the time Lucky danced with her and sang to her, and of other times they danced, but her dream is interrupted by a siren. She wakes up but doesn't hear anything, so she goes back to sleep.

Luke visits Lulu at Laura's house. Nikolas is baby-sitting. He goes upstairs to get a book for Lesley Lu while Luke hugs her.

Lucky's room is ablaze and we hear sirens outside.