General Hospital Thursday April 15th Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 4/15/99 by Suzanne Lanoue

Jax watches out the cave. He and Alexis know that Ned and Jerry are looking for them. Jax tries to go back to fixing the radio but he's very tired and cold. Alexis tells him he needs to
sleep so she holds up their only blanket, indicating he should snuggle with her. "Your virtue's safe with me" she says, so he takes her up on the offer. Later, she awakens to find Jax working on the radio again. Despite the blanket, Alexis is cold. She offers him some of the little water they have left, but he insists she have it since she's the one who can ruin Helena. They hear harsh wind outside. Alexis is depressed about their situation, thinking they'll never be found. She apologizes to Jax for getting him in this situation. She rants about everything she gave up in order to take on Helena. Jax tries to talk her out of her mood, but then they get the radio working a little so they get excited.

V. and Ned talk about their mission while in Cairo. They're waiting for their pilot to refuel so he can go back out to look for Alexis and Jax. V. volunteers to go up and help look. Jerry comes in and says bluntly that she will just waste their time. Ned sticks up for her but Jerry says that if Jax was forced to land in water, then they're "running out of time". This shuts up Ned. Jerry phones Bobbie, who asks how things are. He just wanted to hear her voice before he goes back up with the search plane. He sends his love to Lucas. Ned and V. check the weather on the computer laptop. He is upset to learn that there is a big two-day sand storm coming. Jerry comes back from the search, forced to return because of the storm. He tells Ned that Jax will have no problem lasting another two days.

Tammy thanks Bobbie for something before she leaves to pick up Lucas. Sonny meets Mike at Kelly's for coffee. Mike jokes that Sonny should have had enough of coffee, since that's all he sees nowadays. They joke around about dinner. Mike asks him if can have dinner tonight but Sonny says he's busy. "Doing what?" Mike asks, so Sonny glares at him. Mike wonders why Sonny is being so secretive and gets kind of insulted. Sonny doesn't see a problem but Mike stalks off.

Carly greets Jason with Michael in her arms. Leticia comes in and takes Michael out to look at the ducks. Jason blasts Carly for being alone with him when she supposedly hates and is afraid of him (in case someone walks in). Carly apologizes but warns him that Hannah is just using him. He listens to some of her bull but tells her not to worry, he'll still have plenty of money left over for her. Carly is insulted, tearful, and very jealous. He walks out and she throws something across the room. It barely misses AJ as he walks in. AJ says he's going to Maryland on business. Carly is surprised and says it sounds like Edward has "confidence" in him. They hug.

Hannah tells Luke that she hasn't had any trouble with customers except that night when Carly was there. Luke is very understanding and puts down Carly. Felicia comes in so he greets her warmly. She's going to Texas to visit her grandmother. Luke gives her a tape he made for her of 40's music. She thanks him. He kisses her on the cheek in a friendly way and she leaves, smiling. Hannah gives Luke a clipboard for a delivery but Luke is distracted still. He mentions Sonny and keeping the books so she is surprised. She tries to find out more about Sonny's past but Luke won't tell her anything without knowing why she wants to know. She tells him about what happened at Jake's and at the Port Charles Hotel, and people's reactions to Sonny. She wonders if she'll regret getting to know Sonny. Luke says he can't tell her any more, she'll have to talk to Sonny.

Bobbie and Carly meet at Kelly's. Luke and Carly exchange barbs. Bobbie tries to be nice but things are a bit strained because of Carly's attitude. Hannah waits on Sonny at his table; he flirts and asks about the drink she made the other day. She leaves him to think about his order and welcomes Jason as he walks in. Carly looks ticked off. Jason sits with Sonny and they order drinks from Hannah. Jason tells Sonny about business, but Sonny is a bit distracted by Hannah. Carly talks to Bobbie about her relationship with Jason. They get off on other tangents and argue, as often happens. Hannah trips and Jason helps her up; Carly gets very upset, saying, "That is it!" Bobbie finally figures out that Carly is jealous of the waitress, whom Carly calls "The devil incarnate". Bobbie is insulted that Carly only called her there so she could "spy on Jason" and storms out. Carly asks Hannah to go outside to speak to her. Luke notices and alerts Jason and Sonny to the situation. Carly gets in her face and tells her to stay away from Jason, threatening her if she doesn't. Hannah isn't impressed and calls her a "paranoid whacko". Carly hauls off and hits her, so Hannah hits her back.

Felicia packs for her trip. Mac says he'll miss her and her girls. He jokes that he's gotten used to the married life now so he won't be able to live by himself easily. Mac says goodbye to the girls, wishing he could go with them (but he has work).

Laura comes downstairs and sees her three children playing together. She smiles in appreciation. They joke around about a costume from the attic that they have found (Lucky's old Halloween costume). Lucky asks Nikolas to take Lulu out skating so he can be alone with Laura. Lucky gives her a painting that Elizabeth did of the bouquet she gave them for Valentine's Day. Laura thinks it's "sweet" and thanks him. Lucky sits down with her and says she's been a great mom, and he's sorry if he made her think otherwise. He knows she's always loved him, even when he rejected her, and how much she's taught him about love. Laura is very touched and cries. Lucky has tears in his eyes, too. She thanks him and says, "You picked a helluva year to grow up, mister!" He also thanks her for giving him a brother and wishes he could have known him earlier. Nikolas sticks his head back in and asks if he's coming skating with them. Laura and Lucky hug; she says she's proud of him and glad to have him back. He tells her that Liz is making dinner for them at Kelly's. Laura shakes her head in astonishment after he leaves.

Lucky and the rest set up for their big dinner at Kelly's. They all brought back up food in case Liz's sucks. Liz brings in a salad and Lucky asks what else there is. Liz can smell the ribs. She knows they brought food, but she doesn't mind. They have a good laugh. Liz brings in giant pretzels like the ones they bought in New York. They chat about the future, New York, etc. Liz later brings out a dessert and they share it. Liz shows them a ritual where they have to feed each other the first bite and say "friends forever".