General Hospital Wednesday April 14th Update


General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/14/99 by Suzanne Lanoue

Alan talks to AJ about Michael and Jason. AJ is upset because Jason and Michael were having fun playing ball in the garden, but when AJ showed up, Michael got very quiet and ran to Jason.
AJ rants and raves, blaming Jason for everything. He tells Alan that he's asked Edward to pressure the judge to move the hearing date up. Alan asks him not to call Tony to testify. AJ balks at the idea so Alan explains how this could cost Tony his own son, and how Tony helped Alan become sober. AJ promises to look into "other options and keep Tony out of it". Alan thanks him.

Mac has lunch with Felicia, who's still trying to think like Lila. He tells her he's having a meeting with Justus and then listening to the report from the organized crime task force. Felicia thinks they didn't have these problems back in the 1940's. He jokes that she's becoming Lila but she says she kinda has to in order to do her biography. They flirt and make goo-goo eyes at each other. Mac has to leave for his meeting. Lucy drops by and says hi. Lucy apologizes for not being around much because she's been helping "a friend" and preparing to go to NY. Felicia is outraged by what DV has been doing to Lucy. Lucy is very upset by the child labor accusations. Felicia offers her help but Lucy says she wants to sit and listen to what Felicia's been up to. She asks Felicia for pages from her mystery novel. Felicia says she's not done with that one yet, but Lucy is confident she will get it done and published. Then Lucy worries that it will turn out like Kevin's book (inspiring a serial kiler). Felicia tells her not to worry because now she's writing Lila's memoirs. Lucy babbles on about how great Lila is. She thinks maybe Felicia wants to interview her for the book, but Felicia hastily assures her that she's doing the early life of Lila, before she met Edward. Felicia talks enthusiastically about how she's getting into Lila's head back then. She mentions that Luke is letting her go through his records. It occurs to Lucy that she hasn't called him recently and she worries about him since Laura left him. Lucy suggests the two of them go to Luke's and have a girls' night out. Lucy gets the big idea to design a 40's dress for Felicia's book. Felicia looks unconvinced.

Edward phones the judge for AJ's request. Felicia and Lila enter the room and he gets off the phone. He compliments Lila and asks about the book. They remember Lila's marriage to Crane Tolliver. Edward rants that Lila's father, Harold Morgan, forced her to marry Crane (by his domineering ways) and tried to run her life. Felicia compares him to Edward. Edward says, "You knew how to handle your father didn't you?" and Lila says, "And I still do", meaning she knows how to handle Edward. She looks weary of Edward and tells him they're busy. Edward wants to know when they get to the part about him but Lila tells him to leave. Lila makes a cryptic comment about marrying someone like her father. Lila dictates her past into Felicia's tape recorder and they end it with her meeting Edward. Felicia thanks her and Lila goes out to see her roses. Felicia has a fantasy about Lila when she was young. Felicia plays the young Lila and another older man plays her father. They argue about Crane, and about Harold controlling her. We learn that Crane took the money Harold offered him to leave her.

Edward gives AJ a hard time about something at work. AJ tells him he's visiting his lawyer's office to ask him not to subpeona Tony until the last minute so it is a "complete surprise". He explains to Edward why but says he doesn't care about Tony's problems, only getting Michael back. AJ leaves so Edward phones the judge again about "postponing" the custody hearing (the opposite of what AJ wants). Edward chuckles to himself that everything will work out fine.

Katherine introduces a new model, Dania, to Nikolas. He has great ideas about the summer Deception campaign for them. He wants Dania to tour around the country and they can have a contest to have dinner with her. Nikolas says he'll tour with her, too, as the representative of Deception. Dania is modest about his praise. Katherine interjects that Nikolas is probably "too valuable" to go on tour but there will be somebody there with her, then she ushers Dania out the door. As she's leaving, Dania says there are some things they have to work out still. Katherine praises Nikolas for his great work. He talks about how the idea came to him. She is about to do something sexual when the phone rings so he has to go back to work. V. phones him to ask if he's heard from Alexis. The connection is not very good because she's calling from Cairo. He worries because he hasn't seen her in a couple of days. She tells him that Alexis and Jax are missing and might have crashed in the desert. She explains that she, Jerry, and Ned are looking for them. He says, "Helena" so she asks if she has any "connections" in that part of the world. He promises to check it out. Later, Katherine goes into Nikolas' office and looks at the photos of Dania on his desk.

Stefan thanks Tony for suggesting Laura apply for a job at GH, then walks away to other business. Audrey chats with Tony about Laura's job at the Outreach clinic, then Lucas comes running up and says hello. He tells Tony he has to go to the doctor. He is reluctant to go but Bobbie tells him to hurry up. Tony quizzes her worriedly but she says it's "just a checkup". He worries also that he talked to Lucas despite the protection order but Bobbie says not to sweat it. Later, Alan tells Tony the good news about what AJ said.

Nikolas fills Stefan in and asks him about Helena's business dealings in Cairo. Stefan demands to know who told him. So Nikolas tells him about the search and the medical release he signed. Stefan is livid because he wants Helena to be in control of the estate for now. Nikolas doesn't care, he just wants to help Alexis. Stefan says he's "dangerously naive" and lectures him about being on his own. He tells Nikolas he hopes he can "repair the damage" he's done. Nikolas reminds him that Stefan has no say over whether he lives on his own or not, and he intends to help Alexis. Stefan points out that if Alexis is dead, then Helena will target Nikolas next. Stefan grabs Nikolas by the shoulders, frantically worried, and asks him what he can do to force him to protect himself. Nikolas just thinks Stefan only cares about the family fortune.

Lucky visits Jason at the garage and they chat. Jason tells him he hired someone to run the shop for him so he can concentrate on the coffee business and the custody battle. But Jason assures him that he can keep his room and job anyway. Lucky says thanks but he might be leaving. He explains about art school in NYC but says they probably won't leave until Fall. Jason wishes them luck. Jason reminisces sadly about when Robin asked him to leave with her. Jason suggests that if Lucky doesn't like the new guy he could always work at their warehouse. He also asks him to help set up a computer system to help them track their distributors. Lucky says sure but says Jason would be good at computers, too, since he's good at numbers, if only he'd kick his "phobia". Jason has to leave but Lucky thanks him sincerely for giving him a job and place to stay. Bobbie visits just then and asks if Mike is around. Jason syas he's not. Bobbie wanted to ask him about a "produce supplier" that he uses but says she'll ask how Michael is instead. Jason says he's fine and she should stop by the Q's and see him. Jason leaves. Lucky asks Bobbie to think about letting Lucas see Tony. Bobbie thinks it was Tony's idea but Lucky says no. He compares Luke to Tony, at least as far as how they love their sons. Lucky shares how he feels about Luke, even when he hated him. Bobbie argues that Tony might endanger Lucas. Lucky throws her own words back at her from when she was trying to convince him to give Luke a break. Bobbie says she wishes she could give Tony a break but he's made a lot of mistakes. Lucky hopes he doesn't have that problem when he's older but Bobbie says he's "not that kind of a man". They hug.