General Hospital Tuesday April 13th Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/13/99 by Suzanne Lanoue

Jerry talks to his parents about Jax's disappearance while he packs a bag. Ned comes in and demands to know what happened to Alexis; he insists on going with Jerry to wherever he's going. Jerry says Ned will slow him down, so Ned says fine, he'll go alone. They argue about Jax's endangering Alexis. Jerry fills him in that Jax and Alexis have disappeared since they left Cairo and tells Ned they're leaving in two hours.

In the cave, Alexis paces nervously while Jax tries to repair the radio. She is very pessimistic about their situation and freaks out a bit. Jax tells her to "focus on the positive" as he was taught. Alexis looks for Jax's cookies but can't find them because it's dark. She wonders why she didn't listen to Ned when he warned her about going with Jax. Jax says that Helena is to be admired for how her plan was carried out, which gets on Alexis's nerves. Jax takes the radio apart and says they just have to put it back together now and call for help. Alexis thinks maybe they should start walking but Jax tells her to have faith in them.

Helena is giving some instructions to one of her underlings, telling him to take care of something. She warns him that Stefan might get in the way. Ned comes up and insists on talking to her. She's surprised at his rudeness. He asks where Jax and Alexis are. She feigns ignorance. Ned threatens to ruin her financially if she doesn't give him a good answer, but she's unfazed. He leaves, vowing to make his threat good. He runs into V., who has traced Jax toCairo. She wants to go with him and Jerry but he says no way.

Tony tells Audrey that a woman is recovering; she praises his diagnostic skills and says they're lucky to have him back.

Liz and Lucky return from New York. At GH, she prepares to tell Audrey about their trip. Liz and Lucky discuss how to best handle it. Audrey spies them and asks how their trip was. They explain to Audrey why they were so late. She is forgiving and just questions them about the art school. Liz promises to give her the details later when she gets home. Audrey says she wasn't worried because Liz was with Lucky. Audrey reminds Liz that she's in time for her "session with Gail". Liz says it's her last one. Lucky promises to wait.

Tony says hi to Lucky, amazed that he's so grown. Lucas' name is brought up; Tony hopes he can spend more time with him in the future. Lucky is sympathetic. Tony talks about fatherhood and how it's easy for a kid to get mixed up. Lucky talks about his own feelings for Luke and how even though he once hated him, he's realized that his father is "just human". Tony admires Liz for helping Lucky to realize this. Lucky offers to "put in a good word with Bobbie" so Tony thanks him.

Nikolas comes by and says hi. Lucky tells him about their trip, including that they had to spend the night, but he relates that they didn't sleep together. Lucky asks him about the new job. Nikolas is not used to all the choices in his life now that he's living on his own. Nikolas invites him to go skating with him and Lulu on Thursday; Lucky agrees and reminds him of Liz's dinner Thursday night.

Later, Liz brings ribs home for dinner. Liz insists on candlelight and makes plans for the dinner on Thursday. They kiss, then they share the ribs. They clean up and Liz tells Lucky about her session with Gail. She knows that she'll be okay even if she doesn't get in art school. They kiss and hug.

Bobbie phones Jerry because he'd left a message about Jax. Later, Bobbie meets with him and asks what's going on. Jerry tells her that he's going to find him and says that Alexis is with Jax. Bobbie realizes Alexis is behind it and asks him to "be careful". They hug. Jerry asks Lucas to watch over his mom while he's gone. Ned and V. meet Jerry as he's leaving. He's not happy to see V., but she says she was trained as a cop so she'd be useful. Jerry bids Bobbie and Lucas goodbye.

Jason plays ball with Michael on the floor of the Q mansion. Carly comes in and wants to take Michael outside to see the ducks at the lake. Jason is surprised because he just got there and hasn't had time yet to play with him, but he gives in. Leticia takes Michael out so Carly can ask Jason who that girl was that he was with the previous night. Carly babbles on about how horrible the night was, since she had to put up with Luke's insults and AJ's dancing, then she sees him with this "tramp" (meaning Hannah). Jason teases her about her "plan" to spend time with AJ. She accuses him of being jealous but he just laughs at her. She doesn't take it well, gets upset. Jason, taken aback, tells Carly that he got Hannah a job at Luke's. She naturally thinks the worst. He calls Carly "paranoid" but she says he's too trusting. He points out that Hannah hasn't asked him for anything and besides, he doesn't need the "complication" in his life. Carly apologizes. Leticia brings Michael back so they dote on him. Carly talks about how Michael can tell the difference between him and AJ. Then she quizzes Jason about whether he's going back to Luke's to see Hannah's; he plays along because she's being so nosy. When Jason leaves the room with Michael, Carly phones AJ to say hi. She says she had a "great time" and maybe they could go back out tonight to Luke's. He apparently agrees and she hangs up.

Hannah shows up for work at Luke's; Sonny is there and tells her she's "early" but welcomes her. He explains that he wants to make sure she get started out on the right foot. He asks her to call him Sonny and "keep your fingers out of the cash register". She is a bit annoyed and tells him again that she's there to work, not to pay him back with sexual favors. Luke comes in and is surprised to see Sonny there. Hannah is trained while Sonny watches. Luke tells him he's glad to see him around and teases him about his new girl. Luke asks her if she knows how to tend bar, so she says she can. He times her while she makes a "pincushion" and she impresses him, since he made up the name of the drink but she makes it anyway. Sonny tells Luke about Moreno's situation, how he's getting "desperate". Luke asks Hannah how she and Sonny met, so she tells him that Sonny chased away a mugger.

Later, Luke and Sonny are not happy to see Carly and AJ return. After exchanging some insults, Luke has Hannah wait on them. Carly tries to be rude as AJ orders for them. Jason comes in and sits at a table. AJ tells her about a meeting he has with a lawyer tomorrow about the custody hearing. He says if he doesn't have any new ideas, he'll get a new lawyer. Hannah returns and tells them she's going on break so someone else will be their server. Hannah sits with Jason because she knows him; she says she doesn't want to buddy up to Luke and Sonny because she doesn't want the others that work there to think she's "asking for special treatment". Jason tells her that if she's doing her job then she shouldn't worry. Carly pouts and watches Jason; AJ thinks she's upset about seeing Jason. Hannah questions Jason about his work history so he is evasive. She sees him pull a pacifier out of his pocket when he pays so he mentions that he has a son. She is surprised. Sonny comes over and says hi. Carly doesn't eat much or enjoy herself, so she has to lie to AJ about why, saying it's Jason. Hannah goes back to work. Sonny sits with Jason, who smirks and says, "I don't think she likes you".