General Hospital Monday April 12th Update


General Hospital Update Monday 4/12/99 by Suzanne Lanoue

Alexis awakens fitfully in the crashed helicopter, coughing. There are sparks everywhere. She is okay but Jax is missing. She starts calling for him and looking around, then she sits on the ground, shivering, in shock. She tries to use the radio but has difficulty concentrating (plus it doesn't seem to be working). She breaks down crying and gets angry. Jax appears then so she jumps up and hugs him, glad he's not dead. They agree Helena sabotaged the helicopter. Alexis wonders if Helena will check on them to make sure they're dead, but Jax thinks it's unlikely. She's cold so he gives her a blanket. He tells her that they must have been getting close because Helena went to the trouble to do this. Alexis starts to panic about their situation, being stuck in the desert in Libya. Jax is more pragmatic and plans how to get them out. He tells her to sit down and rest while he looks around some more. He warns her to watch out for scorpions. She jumps up, worried about the scorpions, now, too. When he returns, she says she found the first aid kit. He says that he found an overhang that might be a cave (to protect them from the sun). She asks what he put in his flight plan. "To Greece", he says, but he's got faith that Ned and Jerry will find them. He plans to fix the radio so they can contact people to let them know where they are. She asks him to tell her the truth about whether they'll survive. He says he'll fix the radio and they'll be fine. But if nothing else, Jerry will find Helena and get the truth out of her. Later, Alexis happily screams that she found four bottles of water in the helicopter. They pack their gear and head to the cave. Meanwhile, Helena dresses in black in preparation of Alexis and Jax's death. She tells her servant that she's not upset about Alexis, she only regrets that Jax died (but not too much).

AJ and Carly go to Luke's club. Carly says she couldn't come there before because Luke was the first to know her secret about being Bobbie's daughter. AJ teases her about all her secrets. Luke comes over with a bottle and they all exchange pleasantries. Luke says if AJ's planning on having Jason come in there and see them together and beat him up, then have the witnesses testify at his custody trial, it won't work. AJ says Luke would testify but then Luke says he doesn't need him. "Everyone knows if you give little Caroline here a little money and she'll say or do anything you want". Carly has a comeback but it's not as funny...Luke sees her game, that Carly is using AJ. AJ sticks up for Carly. Luke says she's "proud" of his niece for being so "good". He finally leaves and Carly thanks AJ for standing up for her. She says Luke scares her. AJ tells her not to be so scared by "two-bit thugs", that people like the Quartermaines have the real power. She asks him if he can ever forgive her for not coming to him about the baby right away. AJ says he's getting there.

Laura and Stefan make out on the stone bench at Wyndemere. They exchange sweet words. He says he can see love in her eyes. Laura looks unsure so Stefan says it's okay, she'll say it when she's ready. He's just content to be with her. She tells him how much she looks forward to seeing him and that she didn't know what she was missing before. They kiss again.

Lucky and Liz continue to kiss on the bed. He asks her if she's okay and she asks if he has protection. He says he does, but they don't have to do this. She thought she was ready, but she's not. He's totally okay with it. She just wants their "first time" to be "something special", in a more meaningful place. He agrees and says he's "not disappointed". They hold each other and then talk some more. She says he made the rape go away for her and thanks him. He says she can thank him best by staying with him "forever". She agrees. They decide to go out for a night on the town. They play hopscotch, eat pretzels, get their pictures taken, etc. to a musical background. Liz brings her pretzel back to their room and they make more plans for the future. They tell each other again "I love you" and kiss. Then Lucky sleeps on the floor and they say good night. But then she joins him on the floor and they sleep like spoons (fully clothed).

Hannah gets annoyed when Sonny asks her upstairs and implies she's a hooker. It's not really a come on, he tries to make her see that she really doesn't want to do this. She says it "wasn't that kind of date", but it was for pay. He tells her if she doesn't get someone's help then she'll end up sleeping with strangers. He asks her why she needs money so bad. She says that without a phone or local references, it's hard to get a job. He suspects she's running away from something bad. She says she lived in San Diego last; it was "pretty" but the weather was too bland (hey, don't diss my home town!). Things didn't go well for her there so she just drove until her car broke down (in PC). She asks him about his past, but before he says anything, Jason walks up just then and tells them that he took care of the other guy. Sonny asks him to sit down and tells him he's trying to convince her not to be an "escort". He asks Jason's opinion. Jason says he can get her a job somewhere if she's serious about working.

Jason takes her to Luke's, where he sees Carly and AJ but ignores them. Luke and Felicia think Hannah looks like Brenda, AJ and Carly wonder who she is, too. Sonny comes in after them. Felicia asks if she saw the woman, but Sonny says "she's with me". Sonny asks Luke how much they're paying waitresses, so Luke says $10 per hour. Sonny tells him to double it and he'll pay the rest. Luke gets a knowing look on his face. Meanwhile, Hannah tells Jason how she met Sonny. He says Sonny got him a job, too. She asks what Jason does, so he says they're "coffee importers" and Sonny owns half the club. She admires the club.

AJ asks Carly about her class but she asks him to dance instead. They do, and she tries to make Jason jealous, since she's jealous that he's talking to Hannah. AJ says he did have the plan that Luke accused him of, and he knows Carly's dancing with him to make Jason jealous. She denies it but he says it's not working. Still, he is having a good time with her. They leave after awhile.

Luke won't let Felicia pay for her one drink so she gives the money to Sonny and asks him to let Carly go home thinking that Hannah is with Jason. LOL! Sonny tells Hannah that Luke will be back to greet her. Hannah says she likes the place but makes it clear that this is just a job and he better not be expecting anything in return. He says he doesn't "lean on" his waitresses. She asks what about earlier, would he have slept with her if she took the money? He flashes his dimples and says, "I guess we'll never know, will we?" Luke meets Hannah; he gives her a short interview and then offers her the job. She thanks him and smiles at Sonny, who smiles back.