General Hospital Friday April 9th Update


General Hospital Update Friday 4/9/99 by Suzanne Lanoue

Laura and Stefan prepare to have dinner. He tells her that the GH board was impressed with her presentation and want him to offer her the job as Director of the GH Outreach program. She looks stunned and then asks him if he did anything to get her the job. He promises that he didn't even vote for her (he abstained). She hugs him happily. At dinner, she tells him how important this job is to her. He admires her "tenacity and passion", etc. She shares that she was "a runaway". He's surprised but says he wishes he could have, too, sometimes. They laugh at the idea. She relates some of the past about why she ran away. He knows she will do a great job and she is grateful for his support. They walk outside and sit on a bench. They talk about the outdoors and cuddle. He kisses her hand.

Felicia visits Luke. He notices her 1940's haircut and jewelry and tells her that it's "cool" that she's getting into Lila's head that way. She compliments his dancing from the other day and wants to ask him a favor. She asks him about his old record collection and wants to borrow some. He says no way and explains that his records never go anywhere without him. But he does offer to play her some of them.

Ned and V. go toLuke's. She sees Felicia and wonders where Mac is. She says she's never been there before. He says it was the best played "Eddie Main" ever played. She asks if he's heard from Alexis but he says, not since Jax hijacked her. She sticks up for Jax but Eddie is very worried about her hanging around with Jax. V. tries to reassure him by saying that Jax is like an old-west gunslinger protecting Alexis, but that doesn't make him feel any better.

V. goes over to talk to Luke and Felicia to tell them that she loves the place. She asks "how far in advance" he books acts. She tries to book Ned, who interrupts and tells her "no", then pulls her away.

Luke tells Felicia that he's glad he didn't have to turn them down because Ned doesn't sing the blues. Felicia talks about her life and how her priorities have changed since she got older. She thinks "life is about compromise" but Luke doesn't want to hear that.

V. is perplexed and asks Ned why he doesn't want to sing there. Ned apologizes. He's very worried that Alexis hasn't called.

Jax and Alexis prepare to follow Helena's helicopter in one of their own. She has to take a pill to calm her nerves because she hates small aircraft of any kind. She babbles on about it. Jax asks her if she called Ned, but she says no. He says Helena might have tapped Ned's phone. Jax is thrilled about their adventure, much to Alexis' dismay. Later, Jax tells her that they're having to fly low because they're entering Libyan airspace. She freaks but doesn't want him to turn around. He makes a comment about her wanting the Cassadine fortune but she says that's not why she's doing this, it's "the principle". He scoffs at that idea but she says it's no worse than his wanting to do it for the thrill of it all. He grins. She talks about how underneath the strong attorney lies a frightened little girl, so she desperately needs to have her Cassadine identity. Jax talks about his own philosophy. Jax notices that Helena's helicopter "dropped altitude" and then their helicopter starts to shake violently. Both look worried. Jax tells her how to "call in a mayday". She repeats their coordinates inro the radio but he realizes it's not working. Jax says their helicopter isn't getting any fuel, then it shakes again and he yells that they're falling.

Sonny tries to soothe a nervous Jason, who's in a suit. They talk about Sonny's future in the mob. He says if the coffee business isn't successful and Jason loses Michael, they should both go back into the business. Jason agrees. Sonny asks if Jason found out anything about Hannah, but Jason replies, "nothin'". Jason and Sonny meet with someone at the Port Charles Grill about a legitimate business deal. Then Sonny sees Hannah being seated at a nearby table with a guy. She's all dressed up. Jason notices Sonny is distracted and takes over the job of selling the guy their business. The man tells them he "has a deal". The guy Hannah's with takes her hand and kisses it, and she smiles. Jason asks Sonny where he went. Sonny points behind him to Hannah's table. Jason says that the guy is "one of Moreno's lieutenants". Sonny says that it looks like she's on "an escort date" and she doesn't want to be there (he can tell from her body language). Jason warns Sonny that last time he rescued her, she didn't appreciate it. Sonny doesn't listen and instead goes over to their table. He tells the guy to leave. She asks him what he thinks he's doing, and the guy tells Sonny, "You're not in charge any more". Sonny repeats his command, then Jason comes over. The man is outnumbered so he leaves with Jason as escort. Hannah tells him to "go away". Sonny tells her that he'll pay her double whatever that guy was paying her, if she goes upstairs with him "right now".

Lucky and Liz arrive in New York very late because they missed their bus. She is upset about having to phone Audrey and tell her the news. Fortunately, Audrey isn't home. They have just one room in a hotel, so he gallantly tells her that he'll take the floor. She is happy to be there and tells him how she feels. They chat about their day; they sat in on some art classes. They look out the window, admiring their new surroundings. He kisses her. They get food delivered but it's not very good. She tells him that she can't forget what happened the other night in his room. He tells her that he doesn't want to do anything that makes her "uncomfortable". She trusts him, etc. He tells her that her boss Tammy was once a prostitute and that he once went to see her in her old profession. Liz looks shocked. He tries to explain why he went, and assures her that he didn't do anything but talk about her. He realized then that he was in love with her. She thinks it's a little weird so he keeps talking about how he felt about her, etc. He tells her he just "paid her for her time" and then he left. She forgives him and they hold each other close. Lucky prepares his bed on the floor and offers to get her some more food or go on a carraige ride. She says she's rather stay. He says goodnight but she pulls him up from the floor and tells him she loves him. She kisses him and they get into it. They start undressing each other and get onto the bed.