General Hospital Wednesday April 8th Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 4/8/99 by Suzanne Lanoue

Mac meets Felicia for lunch at Kelly's. Mac notices her new hairstyle and puts his foot in his mouth. She says she is trying to look like someone out of the 40's because of Lila's memoirs. He inadvertently insults her when he's just trying to compliment her enthusiasm.

Alexis tells Jax that she found a doctor she can use to look at Nickolas's files; she's confident Helena won't be able to track this doctor. Jax tells her they should visit North Africa because Jerry has tracked Helena there twice. Alexis thinks it might be a "decoy" but agrees. She leaves so she can say goodbye to Ned. Later, they meet up again. Jax has a box of his favorite cookies so she jokes about his sweet tooth.

Lucky meets Nickolas for lunch to tell him that he and Liz are going to NYC to take her paintings and application, scope the place out. He asks Nickolas to loan him his car. Nickolas says his is in the shop, but he offers to borrow the "sedan" from Stefan. Lucky says that's okay, they'll take the bus. They briefly discuss Lucky and Liz's future in NYC. Nickolas says he'll miss them. Lucky asks him about his new job at Deception. Nickolas shares his feeling that he only got the job because he's sleeping with Katherine. Lucky wonders if Katherine might be using him to get back at Stefan. Nickolas says he's considered it but she's denied it when asked. He thinks Lucky and Liz' relationship is "simpler". Lucky says it's not so simple because of the physical things. Nickolas gives Lucky a condom to use and a little lecture. Lucky takes it and thanks him.

Liz goes to GH with Emily to talk to Audrey but she's busy. She wants to ask Audrey if it's okay to go to NYC with Lucky. Em and Liz talk about how their guardians try to talk them out of having sex. Liz explains to Em why she might be ready now and their passion from the previous day. Luke walks up and says hi to them. Liz says she wanted to ask him and Bobbie if she can close Kelly's early on Thursday so that she can have a dinner for Emily, Lucky and Nickolas. He kindly gives his permission. Emily is amazed at how different Luke is now when Nickolas' name is mentioned. Audrey comes out so Liz asks her important question.

Later, Liz shows Lucky the shopping she did for their trip. He is overjoyed that she got permission to go.

Luke says hi to Bobbie and wants the tax records for Kelly's. She knows he hates doing the taxes but he says he wants to hire someone: Sonny's accountant, Benny. He jokes that Benny can give them "two sets". Bobbie says no so he gives in to her idea of using her accountant. She sees through his manipulation; he just wanted her to take care of the taxes in the first place. He reminisces about Ruby and tells Bobbie he loves her.

AJ chats with Tony about his subpeona to testimony. Tony's annoyed, even though AJ is apologetic and sincere. Later, Tony meets with Alan at Kelly's and asks him about the custody battle. He fills Alan in on his predictament and asks Alan to get AJ off his back. Alan gives Tony the same advice that Felicia did, but Tony doesn't think he can be fair and factual on the stand when it comes to his hated enemy, Jason. Alan is grateful for everything Tony's done for him, so he agrees to talk AJ into it.

Carly visits Sonny at his penthouse. She wants to set him straight about what's going on with Jason. She tells him about the plan she came up with. He listens quietly and warns her not to come to him "behind Jason's back" again. Carly says that since Jason cares so much about Sonny, she thought she'd try to be nice, but it's fine with her if they hate each other. Sonny tells her what he thinks of her and they start arguing with each other. He threatens her and she says she's not afraid of him. She tries to attack him and he holds her off. Before he can retaliate, Jason walks in and warns Sonny off. Sonny pushes her away and yells, "It's time to cut this tramp loose!" The three of them start arguing. Jason tells Sonny not to insult Michael's mom in front of him, and he tells her to leave Sonny alone. Then he tells her to get out. Before she leaves, she maintains that she loves Michael and everything she's doing is for the three of them. Sonny begs Jason to tell him that he doesn't believe a thing Carly has to say. They discuss it--Sonny keeps insulting Carly and Jason won't agree but asks Sonny to back off. He promises Sonny that he'll keep Carly away from him. Jason says he's going to Jake's to play pool, but he's surprised when Sonny wants to join him, since he hates the place. They joke around about beating each other at pool. At Jake's, Sonny tells Jason about the phone call he got the other day (from Faison, although he doesn't know that), and they discuss Moreno. Jason wants to hurt him some more but Sonny says he shouldn't risk anything else. Sonny plans to let the criminal and business world know that they are definitely in the coffee business now. Jake comes by to say hi and offer to pay for their drinks. She's grateful that Sonny helped her out the other day. She tells him, however, that she had to fire Hannah because she caught her stealing from the cash register. They ask where they can find her, but she doesn't know. Jason offers to find Hannah for Sonny. Sonny shrugs.

AJ and Carly go out to dinner at the Port Charles Grill. She compliments him, laying it on thick, as they have dinner. He tells her about his meeting with Tony. This reminds her of her past relationship with Tony. AJ hopes that someday she'll feel like she fits in with his family.

Helena talks to a mysterious man while he waters his plants. She says that as usual, his price is too high, but she'll pay it.