General Hospital Tuesday April 7th Update


General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/7/99 by Suzanne Lanoue
(I missed the last 20 minutes so I didn't get all the details...)

Lucky and Liz pack up their stuff. Liz is still having "second thoughts" about the big change in their lives, but she finally signs her application. Lucky reassures her. He suggests they go visit the school to check it out. She gets excited. Lucky wants to celebrate so she suggests they do it in NYC and also when they get back. As they prepare to go to Eli's for takeout, she worries about money for NY, but he says he'll take care of it. They share dinner and talk about their future in NY more. She tries not to get her hopes up, since she still hasn't been accepted into art school yet. Later, they kiss very passionately but decide not to go beyond that for now.

Katherine shows Nickolas around her business and asks him again to move into her fancy new office. He tells her that he has to refuse because he doesn't deserve it. She lists all of his stellar achievements, but he says that she's only offering because they're sleeping together. She keeps at him, trying to convince him how good he will be at his PR job. She lets him sit in his comfy new chair and office, to think about it. She tells him that there is still a position in the mail room if he wants it...He tells her that he doesn't know if he can keep his personal and professional life separate. They end up horizontal on his new desk.

Jax offers Helena's thugs a big wad of cash but one takes out a gun and points it at him. He knows who Jax is, too. Jax keeps trying to bluff his way out but Alexis comes in and rescues him. Jax introduces her and she throws her Cassadine weight around. They aren't convinced so Alexis knocks the gun out of the one guys hands and Jax gets the jump on the other, and they get the gun. Jax has the one that's still conscious turn around and he hits him with the gun, then they escape with Nickolas' file. Alexis thinks there's nothing worthwhile in the file. Meanwhile, Helena is annoyed when she learns what they got away with. She hopes they don't figure out what's really in the file.

Tony visits Felicia. He notices that Felicia is listening to music from the 40's; she explains that it helps her with writing Lila's memoirs. He congratulates her on the project. Tony asks her advice. The court wants to hear his opinion on Jason's mental fitness in the custody case between Jason and AJ. But he knows if he tells what he believes (that Jason is mentally incompetent), Bobbie won't forgive him and he may lose Lucas forever. Felicia asks him some questions. Tony says if it weren't for Bobbie he'd testify in a second, since he blames Jason for the fact that he can't operate any more. AJ will subpeona him either way. Felicia says that as long as Tony limits his opinion to medical facts, Bobbie can't blame him. Tony thanks her for the good suggestion.

Jerry visits Bobbie at work. When he asks where they should go for dinner. She says Felicia has invited them out. He is not thrilled at having dinner with Mac, but he agrees for Bobbie's sake. Bobbie is a little suspicious that he gave in so easily.

Mac is steamed when Felicia tells him who's coming to dinner, but he can't say no to his wife. Bobbie and Jerry arrive, so the two men glare at each other. Jerry hands them wine that he brought and the two women try to make nice between them. The men end up arguing while Felicia and Bobbie try to keep things steady.

Monica and Alan chat amiabily, even flirting. They are both glad he's back, and he's glad to be there for AJ. They discuss the custody fight between their sons and Alan's past feelings toward AJ. Monica disagrees that Jason should be out of Michael's life. They decide not to talk about it any more, for now, and hug on the couch instead.