General Hospital Monday April 6th Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/6/99 by Suzanne Lanoue

Luke comes into his club and sees Helena looking at the naked portrait of herself on the wall, so he makes a lot of great wisecracks. She tells Luke to tell his "little friend" that she wants to see her "at once". Luke pretends that he thinks she means Lesley Lu, but she picks up a phone, dials Alexis' office and gives it to Luke. She tells him to ask for her, but he hangs up and tells Helena he won't get involved in her family squabbles. She blames Luke for Alexis' hiding from her and lying to her. She threatens Alexis' life and tells Luke to get Alexis for her. Luke is happy to see Alexis get "nervous". Helena uses her silky voice by saying that Luke must be very upset at losing Laura but he can always "depend on" her. Luke says he's content with his life the way it is and still won't get involved. Helena again mentions Laura and Stefan's tristes. Sonny arrives so Luke introduces them. Helena calls him the "criminal element" but Luke laughs that she is far worse. He says, "Sonny... imports coffee; Mrs. Cassadine produces corpses". Sonny, charming as ever, says he knew her from her portrait. Luke tells him that she was planning to kill Alexis, Sonny's attorney. She sort of denies it. Luke asks him how his meeting with Alexis "this morning" went and Sonny, cluing in to the lie, says it went fine, but Helena knows they're lying because she's having Alexis' office watched. She leaves then, and Sonny asks him if Alexis is "in trouble". Luke says it seems Alexis is out of the US so he hopes she's got protection.

Alexis and Jax visit the clinic and gives the nurse signed papers (introducing herself as "Lucy Spencer") to get Nikolas' medical records. The nurse is confused at first because she thinks Jax is the 18-year-old. Alexis explains that he is a companion and that Nikolas is a student in the US and asked her to pick up his records. The nurse says no way. Alexis insists the nurse phone the clinic director so she can go over her head. Jax steps out, saying he needs an espresso, so Alexis looks at him in shock. He walks out but then seems to have an important place to go. The director comes out and explains to Alexis that she can get the records, but they have to be transported from other storage facilities. Alexis doesn't appreciate the runaround and says she wants the records NOW. Meanwhile, Jax breaks into the back offices of the place and looks around, avoiding the people who work there. He puts on a lab coat so he can blend in and gets into a box with Nickolas' files. He starts to read a folder but two tough-looking guys come in. He tries to tell them a cover story (in fluent German, neat!) but they don't believe him and tell him to give them the files.

Laura has breakfast with Stefan at the Port Charles Hotel and worries about a large sum of money that she wants to get from the hospital board for her outreach program. She asks Stefan for his advice. He suggests she use her computer to make an impressive presentation. She thinks it's a good idea and he says she should get Lucky or Nickolas to help her with it.
She asks if he'll be at the next board meeting and mentions that it's no secret that they're dating. He says that now that he doesn't have the family fortune, he will step down from his GH position. She asks him out right if he made the financial crisis at GH so he could step in and rescue it. He says that it wouldn't be possible, but that the problem "could be hastened". She wonders how he could spend so much money on rescuing it and points out that GH is now financially sound and he's found out that he's good at his job. He admits he's "competent" but that he doesn't have the passion for GH the way the rest of the people there do. "Altruism is not in my nature", he states. She doesn't believe him and says that if he quits, he'll just be bored at home by himself (and his servants). She also mentions that she'd like having him there every day to visit with. He is charmed by her words and agrees to stay. They are leaving when Helena comes in and starts making snide, crude remarks, but they ignore her and keep walking out. One of Helena's good-looking young thugs arrives and tells her "it's being taken care of".

Alan comes in and says hi to AJ, who is upset because Michael still ignores him. Alan tries to console him that Michael is still adjusting, but AJ doesn't buy it. He says that Michael only enjoys two things, being outside with Leticia and being with Jason. He wants the second to end so that Michael will pay more attention to him. Alan is sympathetic and feels guilty for ignoring AJ himself for so long. They discuss how Alan was such a bad father because Alan hopes that AJ doesn't repeat his mistakes. AJ doesn't know how he feels...Alan asks him to think about what he's saying because it sounds like he's blaming Michael for his own feelings. AJ hopes not and asks what he can do. Alan asks him if he's willing to let Michael spend time with Jason, despite his own feelings now. AJ doesn't think Jason would agree to help him, but Alan says he can probably make a good deal with Jason the way he does at ELQ.

Sonny keeps berating Jason for his close call with Taggert. Carly visits and starts nagging Jason for not visiting and not telling her about his injury. Sonny starts picking on Carly, who gripes back but stops herself and tells them she knows who burned down the warehouse--AJ. Sonny shows her a picture of the guy that AJ was talking to, and she identifies him. Sonny wants her to testify to it in court, but she refuses. He knows that Carly only cares about the Quartermaine money. He calls Carly a "traitor" and a "leech" and storms out. Carly is touched that Jason kept their plan a secret from Sonny. Jason wonders what the big deal is but she says it's just that Jason is the only person she could ever trust. He's glad but says the reason he didn't tell Sonny is that he would think Carly's plan is "so lame" and doubt Jason's sanity. He has a better idea and points out that AJ burned his warehouse down, not Moreno, so he's the criminal. But Carly doesn't want all of her past brought out in court, and says that AJ will just get out of jail and fight for custody again. Johnny announces that AJ is there to visit. Carly hides. AJ tells Jason that he wants Jason to be Michael's uncle. He explains that he'll make a deal with Jason. He wants Michael to be happy and he knows Jason is the only one that makes Michael happy. Jason gets impatient. AJ asks him to help him with Michael and in return AJ will give Jason "reasonable visitation" for the rest of Michael's life, as Michael's uncle. Both Carly and Jason look confused. Jason says he's not interested. AJ talks about how "competitive" Jason has always been and says that Jason just wants Michael to keep calling him "da-da". But he keeps pouring on the kindness and charm, trying to convince Jason it's best for Michael. Jason questions him about what kind of visitation but AJ is vague and says that can be worked out. Naturally Jason is skeptical so AJ reminds him that Jason lied to him for a year yet he's always been honest. Jason tells him to leave, since he knows AJ has been lying about the warehouse. AJ leaves in disgust. Carly comes out, angry, but Jason looks upset. Carly babbles on and he tries to ignore her. She hugs him before she leaves.

AJ returns home and tells Alan the bad news, but he thanks Alan for his "support". He tells Alan he tried to be nice, but now "anything goes".

Faison phones looks at a diamond and tells someone over the phone to find Sonny for him. Sonny wants to put a bodyguard on Laura and Lesley Lu but Luke thinks it's best that they just stay away from her. One of Sonny's guys (Benny?) phones him to tell him he got a call from a guy who's "interested in import services" (but not coffee). Sonny takes down the number and Luke wonders why, since he says he's not in that kind of business any more. Luke asks, "How long you gonna do this dance, Sonny?" Sonny is hurt that Luke thinks he's not being honest. They discuss it and Luke points out how it doesn't seem Sonny's out of "the game". Sonny calls back the number and Faison answers, saying his name is Leopold. He tells Sonny he has a special product he needs moved--diamonds. Sonny says he only works in coffee nowadays, so Faison hangs up, thanking him. Luke is amazed.


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