General Hospital Monday April 5th Update


General Hospital Update Monday 4/5/99 by Suzanne Lanoue

Well, I'm back...I hope I can understand what's going on by now! :)

Taggert, with the DEA, yells at all the mob guys to hit the ground; meanwhile Jason is cornered so he jumps out a nearby window. Glass shatters and goes everywhere. Taggert shoots at him and yells to freeze as Jason runs off.

At Jake's, Sonny says hi to the girl that looks kinda like Brenda...she thanks him for helping her out and apologizes for running away in fright. They introduce each other. Her name is Hannah Scott. (Has Sonny put on weight or is it just a bad haircut? She kinda looks like Vanessa Marcil's understudy, she's not nearly as pretty but then I don't like big overbites) Sonny orders a stiff drink; she asks if he wants to order food but he charmingly tells her that the food there stinks. Then some guy hassles her at the bar so Sonny tells him to leave. The guy wisely listens to him. Sonny asks her if she's okay; she nods and he goes back to his table. Jake goes to his table and tells him that the guy he threw out was her "best waiter". Sonny tells her to phone Luke's and order two new waiters to replace him. Jake smiles and tells Hannah to take her break now and sit with Sonny. Hannah agrees but then tells him to "go to Hell". He is dumbfounded but she tells him that it was really hard for her to get the job; she yells at him for risking her job. He apologizes but she is having none of it. She assures him she can take care of herself and doesn't need to be rescued. As she gets up, she runs smack into Jason. Jason sits and wonders why Luke's waiters are there...then he fills Sonny in on what happened. Sonny is annoyed that Jason risked his life. Jason tells him he doesn't think that Taggert saw him but he just got a little "grazed". Sonny wants him to see a doctor but Jason says tomorrow is soon enough. Sonny jokes that he shouldn't bleed on the Q's furniture. Sonny gets his check and leaves a huge tip, telling her to keep the change. She won't take it. Later, Taggert catches Sonny outside his door and taunts him about whether he and Jason have been busy...Sonny retorts that he was at Jake's and Jason was at his home at the Q's. Taggert tells him that he "busted another shipment of Moreno's". Sonny chews him out for harrassing him some more, but Taggert says Moreno will figure out who's tipping off the cops and off him.

Carly shakes her heard while she watchesAJ pays off a guy who burned down the warehouse. AJ tells him that's the last payment. AJ hears a sound that Carly makes but she freezes so he goes back to his business. The guy assures AJ that no one will ever connect him with the fire, then he leaves.

At Kelly's, Tammy pours coffee for Bobbie, who is going over Luke's records, annoyed at his bad bookkeeping. Carly comes in and says hi briefly before sitting down and ordering. Tammy tells her that AJ never came by. Carly says she should have waited for him and asks her not to mention it to AJ, since he worries about her being on the dock at night. She agrees. Carly phones to find Jason but gets the machine. AJ comes in and hears her leave a message for Jason that she is coming over tomorrow to tell him something "major". AJ asks her what's up. Carly makes up a story about her design class, which bores AJ to tears. AJ laughs at her for getting so excited over little things. Carly flirts with him and Tammy brings them the specials Carly ordered. AJ jokes about the fish and chips Carly ordered for them. She asks him about his meeting; AJ lies, continuing the charade about seeing his lawyer. AJ says she was right that they should get along so that the judge will give them both custody of Michael.

Tammy asks Bobbie why it's so busy; she can't handle it by herself and she sent Liz home, so Bobbie insists on helping out. Jerry comes in so Bobbie greets him as the waitress. They flirt. Bobbie worries about Carly and AJ being chummy. She makes observations about Carly's actions and motivations. Jerry knows that Bobbie is recalling how she used to act at Carly's age. They kiss passionately over the counter, despite Tammy's joking around about it. Jerry agrees to help out, too, so he can get Bobbie out of there and all to himself.

An excited Emily says hi to Lucky at his place; he tells her that they already sent out for the pizza. They reminisce about past times together. She says she'll miss him when they move away. He says it will be hard for them, too. Lucky asks Emily what she remembers from Arizona...Emily admits that she thinks of Port Charles as her home. Lucky agrees that it is for him, too, and talks a bit about other places he's lived. They talk about how different it will be once he leaves. Emily tells him what she's noticed about him and Emily being in love. He tells her she'll fall in love some day, but she doesn't think so because they'd have to "measure up" to him. They hug. Nickolas and Liz bring back pizza so they all eat. They talk about the portrait of Lucky that Liz made? Nikolas talks about the portraits made of him when he was a kid. They all joke around. Emily asks Nikolas if he ever got mad at Stefan for lying to him about being his uncle. Nikolas says he did but he understood after a while why he did it. Emily says she's curious because of Michael's similar situation. She wonders if it would have been better if Michael "never found out" because she worries how it will affect him. They ask Emily about "joint custody" but she replies that the Q's aren't rational enough to do that. Liz and Lucky give her sympathetic advice. Nikolas gives Emily a ride home. Liz and Lucky kiss.

Jason chats with Michael on his lap, telling him he has to go to the doctor. AJ and Carly come in. AJ is outraged that Jason has interrupted Michael's sleep schedule. Jason refuses to fight with AJ in front of the kid. Carly also tries to calm AJ, but AJ is too irritated. (Sheesh, it's bad when Carly is the one being rational!) Carly says good night to Michael and suggests AJ does, too. AJ is uncomfortable, especially since Michael is still on Jason's lap. They go so Jason tells Michael that it's okay, even though AJ was angry. Jason says he'd take him out of the house if he though it wasn't okay. Later, Carly is seen arguing with Jason as AJ walks in. She tells Jason that he can't convince her to "switch sides". AJ tells Jason off for threatening her and says they'll call his lawyer. Jason walks out so AJ asks what Jason said. Carly replies vaguely that Jason scares her, so AJ acts protective.


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