General Hospital Update Thursday 4/24/98


General Hospital Update Thursday 4/24/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

In the courtroom, Carly wonders if she should be at Tony's hearing; she hopes he gets the maximum sentence.  Jason assures her "he'll pay".  She asks Bobbie how Lucas is doing and they chat about how long Tony will get.  Felicia troes to make nice but Bobbie won't forgive her.  Carly tears into Felicia.   Jason greets Robin but they still disagree about Tony.  Edward wants to fire Alexis for taking Tony's case while she was on the Q payroll.  Ned gives her the cold shoulder but she begs him to forgive her.  Mac asks Dara about her meeting with Alexis and the judge but she won't give.  Robin and Felicia wonder if anyone will forgive them if Tony gets a "light sentence".  Justus worries about the pressure on Dara.  Monica agrees with Bobbie that Tony should be put away.  She wants to go see Michael and isn't happy when she hears that Bobbie visited with Lucas.   Bobbie tries to explain and apologize.

An angry Brenda confronts Jax about lying to her about setting up her job.   She gives him back her holding fee which she's converted into Brazilian rain forest.  He denies it.  Jerry interrupts them.  Jax and Brenda argue, then figure out it was Jerry that got Brenda the job.  He can't figure out why they're upset.  Brenda gets mad at both of them and leaves in a huff, but then she returns and says she'll take the job.  She vows not to give up on pursuing Jax.  Jerry gets a phone call and talks to someone, saying, "our business is finished" and that he doesn't owe them any money.  Brenda hears him say, "The deal was Scorpio is framed for murder and that didn't happen".

Taggert tries to get info from Alexis about her meeting with Dara and the judge but she won't budge.  Luke sits behind Helena so he can taunt her about interfering with Tony's case.  The judge reads the verdict, saying that the DA has agreed to the lesser charge of "second degree custodial interference".  Tony is guilty of that, not kidnapping.  Everyone is outraged.  Helena leaves before the sentencing.  Taggert snidely asks Monica where Alan is.  Bobbie tells LUke she thinks Helena has something to do with Tony's verdict.  Luke leaves.  Jason tells Carly he might have to leave before the sentencing to "make some arrangements".  Alexis asks the judge to give Tony "community service",  not jail.  Dara agrees, to everyone's shock and dismay.  So the judge gives him one year of community service.  Jason leaves.  Carly is in tears.  Mac asks Dara what happened.  Tony hugs Robin and Felicia.  Carly goes after Tony but Taggert holds her back.  Then she grabs Taggert's gun and fires at Tony.

Liz tells Lucky how her appointment with Gail went.  She tells him she got angry for the first time and vows to find her rapist and make him pay.  They wonder how they can find him, using the few clues they have.  She worries about his friendship with Helena.  Lucky suggests they check soaps in different stores to see if maybe the one she remembers is a special one.  Later, Liz is upset and phones Gail to say she's having trouble making it through the day.  She runs into Mr. Murty, who notices she's upset and asks her to sit down.  He lends her his handkerchief and she smells that soap.  He notices she's "shaking" and asks her to "unburden" herself.

Helena returns to find Lucky searching her room on the yacht.  She finds Luke's bug and it looks like she thinks Lucky planted it.  Luke, listening, can tell his bug has gone dead and fears for Lucky.