General Hospital Update Thursday 4/23/98


General Hospital Update Thursday 4/23/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

I happened to see this in my hotel room; hopefully I can bring you Wednesday's when I get
back (a friend is taping them for me).

Jason visits Luke, who's checking to see if Helena's talking (through his bug).  Luke
congratulates Jason on the strike being over.  They talk about Helena and Lucky.  Jason
offers his help so Luke asks him to have two guys tail Lucky; Jason agrees and asks if Helena
is as protective of Nikolas as Stefan is.  Luke says yes so Jason worries about Robin's safety.
Luke gets a call and has to go to tend to a work problem.  Luke returns and gripes to Jason.
Luke says Nikolas is a "shark" like the other Cassadines, just not as obvious as Helena.
Luke leaves him to go over the books. Mike drops by and chats.  He asks about the trial and
Robin's testimony.  Jason says he and Robin don't agree on this but he doesn't hold it against
her.  He threatens Tony obliquely again.  Mike wories that Jason will get in trouble but he
assures Mike that he wouldn't do anything to be parted from Michael.  Luke returns later
and Jason tells him the books are fine.  Luke goes back to listening.

Nikolas finds Robin sitting outside the courtroom after the trial has long ended for the day.
She asks him about Alexis being Tony's lawyer.  He tells her that she is estranged from their
family.  She's confused about what to think about her involvement with Tony.  He asks Robin
to dinner at Windemere.  She hesitates but he talks her into it.  They go to Windemere where
they are to eat alone (Stefan is out of town).  Katherine greets them and tells them the news of
Devlin's murder.  They are intrigued but don't know him.  He invites Katherine to dinner but
she has a business meeting.  Nikolas excuses himself and they chat about Tony's trial.  Robin
explains why she testified for Tony, but Katherine is sympathetic and urges her to follow her
heart.  They hug.  Nikolas returns and Katherine leaves.  They chat about Paris. He notes
admiringly that she's very honest and "direct".  Later, after dinner, she looks at his photo
album from his chidhood in Greece.  She admires the scenery.  He gets a call and allows
Helena to come to the house.  He yells at her.  She claims she's changed.  Nikolas accuses her
of waiting until Stefan left to attack.  She says she just wants to see him, but he tells her to get
out.  "You will never be able to make me stop loving you", she warns.  Robin is
understanding and points out that he's "direct", too.  They talk about his fencing and he
suggests they try it out.  She declines, thinking that bloodletting is a bad idea because of her
HIV.  He says it's safe because there's a safety tip on it, so he shows her how to use it.   They
stand very close but the moment is broken when Katherine returns.  She notices tension in the

Helena finds Alexis in the courthouse.  Alexis is concerned about Ned but Helena is
unsympathetic about her love life.  She pressures her to get Tony free.  Alexis briefs her on
her legal strategy and gives her the fax.  She suggests she take it to Dara to "negotiate".
Alexis looks at it and gets kind of upset.  She walks on the docks, thinking.  Luke comes up to
tease her while she sits on a bench.  He gives her a hard time about defending Tony.  She
claims it's perfectly natural for her to work for Tony since they had previous business
dealings, but he knows Helena is behind it.  He thinks she wants to use Tony to get
information about the Spencers.  She points out that Lucky is the one who got information for
Helena.  He warns her about Helena but she assures him it's too late.  She pays a visit to
Dara.  Dara blasts her for taking Tony's case, saying she's using him for her own ambitions.
Alexis counters tha Dara's ethics are questionable and shows her the fax.  Dara looks it over
and pales.  Alexis wants Dara to change her plans for Tony, basically blackmailing Dara into
doing what she wants.

Jax chats with the bartender at The Outback who is watching the news of Devlin's death on
TV.  Jax looks for V. but finds Brenda instead.  She's surprised that V. left his employ.  He
explains that she went back to police work but now it's left his office disorganized.  Brenda
tells him she's meeting with a producer who wants to hire her for a national car campaign.
She describes the commercials, saying they will take her traveling all around the world.  He
gets champagne to celebrate and suggests inviting Robin.  She says Robin's with Nikolas.
Jax says he'll be gone on a quick trip out of town for business.  He compliments her and then
leaves.  She meets with the producer, who flatters her.  She excuses herself and he phones
Jax to say that Jax was right, Brenda is great.  She returns and overhears the exchange; she
is livid.

Helena runs into Katherine on the docks.  Katherine knows Helena was at Windemere.
Helena tells her how it went but blames Stefan for Nikolas' attitude.  Katherine defends
Nikolas for having "a mind of his own" and calls Helena "a loathesome creature".  After she
walks away, Helena says that she'll regret saying that.  Helena goes back to her yacht and
opens her trunk while Luke listens on the bug.  She says one word: "Laura".