General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/22/98


General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/22/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

V. gives Jax a bunch of information to prepare him for his meeting, etc.  He reminds her it's Secretary's Day and tells her that he's arranged for a day at the spa.  She's surprised but pleased.  Jerry comes in so Jax introduces them.  She is surprised that they look so different.  Then she leaves.  Jax wants to go over their upcoming meeting, he tells Jerry.  He wants the strike over.  Jerry makes some smart remarks.   Ned, Edward, and AJ prepare for their meeting on their way to Jax's place.  Jax introduces them to Jerry when they arrive.  There is plenty of macho posturing all around.  Jerry and Ned seem to hit it off, and Jax looks concerned.  They all discuss the strike and Jason's demands.  Jax accuses Ned of favoring Jason because they're related, but Ned turns around and accuses Jax of hating Jason because he's a "ghost of Sonny".  AJ suggests they use "positive publicity" to get their popularity back in the community, but Ned disagrees that it will help.  He says only ending the strike will help.   Jax and Edward disagree, saying they can afford to keep holding out.  Ned says the dock project will die if they don't end the strike.  Jerry suggests they "work around Jason", meaning end the strike and then go ahead with the project.  Jax wonders suspiciously why Jerry is so eager to settle because it doesn't seem like his usual tactic.  Jerry suggests that he be the one to talk to Jason, since he doesn't have a personal connection to Jason like they all do.  They continue to bicker.  Edward tells Jax that he's suspicious that he and Jerry aren't agreeing.  Jax informs him that's par for the course.  AJ admits to Ned that he was wrong about hiring Alexis.  Ned says simply, "It happens".  Jax tells them that one of their big shipping buddies is threatening to pull out if the strike continues.  The Q's realize it's time to deal with Jason before other companies follow.  Even Jax if forced to agree.  Meanwhile, Jerry goes to the docks and makes a call on his cell phone to the mysterious guy he chatted with before.  He tells him that he knows how to "get this whole thing moving".

Justus fills Jason in on the progress (or rather, lack of it) because of the strike.  They talk about the possible results of Tony's trial.  Justus thinks Tony doesn't have a chance and the trial will be over in a few days.  Justus tells Jason that Mac figured out that he gave Dara some hints and he wasn't too pleased.  Justus leaves and Carly returns with some shopping she did.  She gleefully tells Jason that Bobbie wants to visit, along with Lucas.   She is very excited about their prospective visit.  Jason wonders why, given her history with Bobbie.  She tells Jason that she's hopeful that she and Bobbie can get along.

Bobbie walks on the docks with Lucas, who went on a boat ride and is happily playing with a whistle.  They talk about "change".  Bobbie assures him that Tony loves him and always will.  Bobbie tells Lucas that they're going to visit Carly and Michael.  Lucas is wary and a bit confused.  Bobbie tries to explain it the best she can but doesn't mention that Carly is her daughter.  Alexis walks by so Bobbie blasts her with a sarcastic remark for representing Tony.  Alexis doesn't respond, just looks hurt, and Bobbie walks on.  Alexis phones Ned, who says something mean and hangs up.

Bobbie and Lucas arrive at Jason's penthouse.  Jason has business so he leaves.  Carly greets Lucas and offers some snickerdoodles but Bobbie asks for fruit instead.  Carly suggests they go look at Michael.  Lucas is hesitant to be friends with Carly at first but seems interested in Michael.  He bluntly tells Carly that they were supposed to go to the zoo but they "had to come here first".  She suggest he and Bobbie go upstairs without her.  She asks Lucas why he isn't in school, and he replies, "Garbage".  Later,  Lucas makes a mobile with Carly.  They are not finished but Bobbie wants to leave for lunch.  Carly invites them to stay but Bobbie insists they've been there long enough.  Carly manipulates them into staying by asking Lucas to beg Bobbie to stay so they can finisht their mobile.  Bobbie is forced to agree so she goes to get sandwiches for them in the kitchen.  Lucas tells Carly how much he likes MIchael.   Lucas wishes that Michael were his little brother.  Carly reminds them of when she first got to town and they did so much stuff together, and how much fun they had.  He remembers and says they can do that again.  She says she thought Lucas was mad at her.  He says he was but Bobbie says "you can't stay mad at someone forever".  Carly is pleased to hear that.  Carly then tells Lucas that Bobbie is also her mom and she's his sister.  He is confused and doesn't know what to make of it.  Bobbie comes in and is shocked to hear it.  Carly apologizes.  Bobbie sits Lucas down and explains the whole thing (well, all the parts he needs to hear).  Lucas is happy to find out that Michael is his nephew and that he's an uncle, so he rushes upstairs to see him again.  Bobbie chews Carly out for going back on their agreement.  Carly claims it just slipped out, she wasn't planning to.  Bobbie tells her she was being very selfish and not thinking of Lucas or anyone.  Carly pouts.  Bobbie throws  a bunch of complicated questions at her that Lucas might come up with.  She says it's time to go so Carly goes up to get him.  The bodyguard announces a visitor for Carly so Jerry walks in.  Bobbie recognizes him from the other day but when Carly comes downstairs, she says she doesn't know him.  The bodyguard goes to throw him out because he lied that he knew Carly.  Jerry tells her who he is and says he's there to talk to Jason.  Carly gets rid of the bodyguard so Jerry thanks Carly and compliments both her and Bobbie's looks.  He guesses that they're related and particularly flirts with Bobbie, who won't tell him her name.  He tells Carly in a charming way that his brother and the Quartermaines want to meet with Jason about the strike.  Carly promises to give Jason the message and he compliments her some more.  He flirts with Bobbie some more and she tells him she's "Miss Spencer".  He leaves.  Bobbie calls him a "snake".  Carly is amazed, noting how charming he was.  Lucas runs downstairs and says Michael's awake now.  He chats with Carly about Michael and being an uncle.  Carly tells Bobbie that "today was like a dream" to her.  Bobbie warns her not to push Lucas, he has to decide to pursue their relationship.  Lucas asks if he can see Michael again soon.  Bobbie suggests he come next time with Grandma Monica, so Carly can't say anything.  Lucas and Bobbie leave.

Felicia comes in to say hi to V. while she's getting her massage and has a facial mask on.  She invites Mac in to talk to V., saying they've been looking for her.  V. dismisses the masseuse and gets dressed.  She tells them her plans there for the day.  Felicia is impressed but Mac is bored.  Mac asks V. to come back to her work as a cop.  She is reluctant because it would mean leaving Jax.  Mac tells her she'd be part of a special task force that would report only to him.

When Ned goes to his car, he finds Alexis sitting in it, waiting for him.  He reluctantly agrees to sit and listen to her tale.  She tells him she had no choice but to defend Tony, she was "forced".  He wishes she had told him ahead of time.  She says she didn't want to risk his life.  Her voice breaks as she says, "You don't know my family".  He doesn't buy it, saying they had a deal to warn the other if something would hurt them.  She leaves, knowing he's through with her and won't listen any more.  He drives off, an angry look on his face.

At the courthouse, Justus gives Jason the good news that their biggest shipping guy is pulling out from the Quartermaines.  Jason says it must mean someone new is involved; he wonders who it is.  V. tells Mac and Felicia that the strike is over.  Then she tells Jax about Mac's job offer.  She says she's "torn".  He won't pressure her to stay, saying she should do what makes her "happy".  She says she wants to go, then.  He tells her to go ahead and go, she doesn't need to give him notice.  He wishes her well.  Ned and Edward hold a press conference to tell everyone that the strike is over.  Jax tells Jerry he knows that he had something to do with Wentworth Shipping pulling out and he didn't want his help.  Jerry smiles smugly while Jason watches them carefully.