General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/21/98


General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/21/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

I didn't see Monday's show (I left my cable box on mute, argh!), but apparently Jerry asks Jax if he can buy his share of the docks project, Jax refuses and wonders why Jerry and John are nosing around his business; an unseen mystery man tells Jerry that his time is running out and threatens his and Jax's life; Tony argues with Sheila, who still wants to use an insanity defense, and fires her; Ned welcomes Alexis home in person and tells her about the trial; she has dreams about running off with Ned; Helena forces Alexis to agree to be Tony's new lawyer, but Alexis worries how Ned will react; Robin and Carly exchange harsh words, where Robin again chews her out for lying about who Michael's father is and Carly accuses her of being jealous since she can't have children of her own; Jason hears and later tells Carly that she'd better not talk to Robin that way again, suggesting he'd throw her out;  Bobbie is gentler with Robin but asks her to think about what Tony did; Bobbie also suggests to Carly that she spend some time with Lucas;  Brenda has a chat with Jane where she assures Jane that she'd rather be with Jax than Sonny if she had the choice;  Jason and Robin have a disagreement over Tony; he tries to understand her reasons for defending him but can't; she says that Tony needs help and blames Carly's treatment of him for what he did; she also says Jason is sort of kidnapping Michael himself by not telling AJ he's the father; Jason implies that Tony will get some other kind of punishment besides jail.

Tuesday's show:

Lucky visits Helena again at her yacht while Luke listens in.  She asks Lucky to sneak into Dara's office while she's in court to get something for her.  He agrees but worries about getting caught; he asks if she's setting him up.  She says that even though it would embarrass Luke, this is neither a setup nor a test.  She holds out a huge wad of bills and says he'll be rewarded and that it's important to her.  He leaves, saying he'll see her "at lunch".  Luke looks dismayed.

Bobbie greets Alan and Monica in court.   AJ is concerned about his testimony yesterday when the lawyers asked about the previous kidnapping attempt on Michael.  Alan assures him he did fine.  Carly thanks AJ for his time on the stand.   Felicia notes to Robin that they're not very popular with people in town now, after their testimony.  Mac asks Dara if she thinks how Robin's testimony hurt the case.  Dara is more worried that they'll bring up Tony's broken hand.  Mac is annoyed that he wasn't police commish yet so that kind of "sloppy police work" could happen.  Edward gleefully tells Ned that Tony is going to jail for sure; Ned is more doubtful.  Then he notices Alexis standing up front.  It is announced that Tony has changed lawyers, and Alexis stands next to Tony and says she's his new lawyer.  Edward yells that she's fired.  Alexis looks at Ned guiltily. He frowns angrily.  All the Quartermaines are shocked.  Alexis argues with Tony about his taking the stand.  He insists, so she calls him to the stand as her first witness.  Tony is sworn in.  Alexis asks Tony if he thought he was "insane" when he took Michael.  Dara objects but Alexis counters skillfully.  He replies, "No, absolutely not".  She asks him about the day Carly told him she was pregnant with his child and how he felt then.  He poignantly talks about how it--and BJ's death--affected him.  Bobbie is moved to tears.  Carly looks uncomfortable and sad.  She does object to Jason when Tony talks about how he took care of her.  Tony describes that he fell in love with his child when he was still in the womb.  When Mac inquires, Dara explains that she can't object because Tony looks so sympathetic, it wouldn't go over well with the judge.  Tony talks about Jason's dangerous life.  Alexis quizzes Tony about Jason's brain damage as well.  Robin frowns in disagreement at Tony's description of Jason's impairment.  Dara passes on questioning Tony for now.  Alexis calls Jason to testify.  Dara objects but Alexis says that since Jason was part of the events of Tony's arrest and he talked to the police, she can call him.  Justus tells Jason what not to say on the stand.  Meanwhile, Alan wants to take some more pills but can't in the courtroom.  Robin asks Mac what he thinks Alexis is up to, but he doesn't know.  He assures her that Dara knows.

Liz happens to walk by Dara's office as Lucky tries to break in.  She tries to get him to stop but he does anyway.  She tells him she's there to ask about her case.  He gets through the lock and goes in.  Garcia is about to walk into Dara's office but she stops him.  She says she wants to talk to him some more about her case.  She tells him about what she remembered the other night when she heard Murty say the same words as her kidnapper (she doesn't mention his name).  He leads her to another office.  Luke emerges from another door nearby.  Lucky steals what Helena wanted:  Dara's defense strategy.  Liz returns and she and Lucky leave.  Luke stands there, seemingly considering something.  Liz asks Lucky if she can see what he stole but he won't let her.  Still, he is glad to see Liz so happy for once.  She worries about what he's getting into and asks him why he's working with Helena. He explains that he's looking for information about his family.  She insists on waiting there on the docks for him.

Luke goes into the courtroom.  The judge rules that Alexis can question Jason, so he takes the stand.  Alexis asks him what he does "for a living".  He answers that he imports and exports things.  She asks if his work is "dangerous", but he says it's not.  She asks him about the shooting at Luke's club but Dara objects.  Alexis asks him about Rinaldo, his bodyguard, but again Dara objects.  She asks Jason why he named his baby "Michael" and Jason answers that he's named after Sonny.  Alexis points out that Sonny left his business to Jason and brings up Jason's arrest record.  Dara finds herself arguing that it hasn't been proven that Jason is anything but "a reputable businessman".  Justus slips Dara another note.  This one says, "Jason loves Michael.  Get him to show it!"  Mac sees him and wonders why Justus is "helping the prosecution".  He tells Justus he's "damaged goods".

Lucky brings the papers to Helena, who is impressed.  She reads the strategy and hands Lucky a bunch of money.  He takes it and asks why she wants to help Tony.  She dodges his questions and instructs him to keep his ears open at the courthouse.  Lucky goes back to Liz on the docks.  She asks again what was in the papers.  Instead of answering, he shows her the money and offers to buy dinner.  He does admit that he was a bit scared of getting caught.  Meanwhile, Helena peruses the papers Lucky stole.  She makes a phone call to get a fax number traced.

Alexis finishes her questioning so Dara asks Jason the price of "disposable diapers" and "formula".  Jason is ready with answers and also tells her about Leticia.  She asks him some more details about Michael.  Tony wonders what Dara's up to so Alexis explains that the judge will be interested in this stuff.  Jason talks about Michael and his physical problems at birth.  Dara also brings up that Tony objected to the surgery that saved Michael's life, so Alexis objects.  Dara counters that she's showing that Tony doesn't necessarily have the best interests of the child in mind.  Jason goes on to talk in a straight-forward but heartfelt way about caring for Michael.  The courtroom audience seems touched.  Alan, however, excuses himself.  Taggert gets up and peers through the door so he can watch Alan take more pills.  Monica follows him out and comforts him, thinking Alan was as touched as she was that their nice son is still there inside the new Jason.

Jason tells the courtroom about rescuing Robin and Michael from Tony.  She asks him why he didn't kill Tony, so he answers that he wouldn't risk going to jail when he had Michael at home.  The court is recessed until tomorrow.   Jason quips to Dara, "I didn't know you were such a fan".  She answers, "Don't push it".  Carly congratulates him on his testimony.  Ned corners Alexis to ask her who she is.  She promises to explain but he walks away.  Luke looks at her curiously and then also walks away.  Alexis looks upset.