General Hospital Update Friday 4/17/98


General Hospital Update Friday 4/17/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Ned leaves a message on Alexis' answering machine, and flowers for her arrival.  She walks in, just barely missing him on the phone.  Helena visits right after that, wondering who phoned Alexis.  Alexis lies that "he's no one important", but Helena notices the flowers.  However, she doesn't say anything.  Instead, she asks Alexis if she knows anything about Tony and Michael.  Alexis fills her in on Tony asking her to take his case in a custody trial.  Helena admires him but Alexis points out he could get "40 years", but at any rate he will probably lose his medical license.  Helena thanks her for getting a trunk for her from Greece, but she manages to threaten Alexis again in the process.  Helena asks her if she wants to see what's in the trunk, but Alexis says no, she's got things to do, like unpack.  Helena drops Lucky's name, causing Alexis to wonder how they know each other.  Helena says they're friends and tells her that if Lucky comes by for the trunk, to give it to him.

It is the second day of Tony's trial.  Edward confers with the rest of the Q's about their testimony against Tony.  He implies that they should all get their stories straight, meaning lie.  The others are sarcastic, as usual.  Edward wants them not to mention when they were involved in Tony's previous kidnapping attempt.  Robin arrives so they give her support, not realizing she's having second thoughts about Tony's going to jail.  Reginald brings the family some food; they are grateful, even Edward in a grudging way.  Emily explains to Robin how all the other workers are on strike in sympathy for the dockworkers, including their staff, and what a toll it's taken on their family (although she thinks it's kind of exciting).  Robin is nervous about testifying.

Keesha shows up to be with AJ; he's grateful.

Bobbie asks Dara if it's a good sign that there's no jury in Tony's trial.  Dara thinks it is.  Bobbie couldn't believe how Tony acted like he was in the right  in the previous day's opening remarks.  She's concerned about Felicia, too.

Carly and Jason have drinks in the Port Charles Grill, gleefully marveling at how bad the service is, thanks to their strike.  They talk about Tony's trial a bit.  Carly is confident that Tony will get put away, but Jason is more cynical about the legal system.  Carly starts to worry.  For some reason, Jason takes undue notice of Brenda when she walks in the room with Jax's parents.  Brenda asks them to stay away from Robin today since she's having the ordeal of the trial.  Carly makes an obnoxious remark and Jason wonders why Brenda thinks he would go near Robin.

Felicia and Jax toast Mac on his new/old job as commissioner with bad coffee from the Port Charles Grill.  Jax notes the presence of Jason and Carly and asks Mac to "stick around" and see Jerry.  Mac's not anxious to see Jerry again, so he leaves with Felicia.  Jerry arrives and chats with Jax.  Jerry admires Port Charles and they discuss the strike.  Brenda and their parents arrive to have breakfast in the badly-run restaurant.  Jerry is suspicious of why Brenda's so cozy with them.  Jerry tells Jax he knows all about Jason and his family members, from "studying" them.  Jerry wants to settle the strike with Jason but Jax won't even discuss it.  Jerry accuses Jax of being biased because he hates Jason so much.

John Jacks offers to help Brenda in her pursuit of Jax.  She denies that she has any particular plan and admires the way they stay close to their sons.  They realize she wants to use them to get to Jax, and they couldn't be more pleased.  John and Jane realize Brenda wants them to leave because Jax might resent their pushing Brenda on him, so they agree to leave town.  Brenda is grateful.  They tell Jax and Jerry that they're going back to Alaska.  Brenda says she has to leave because she promised Robin she's be there at the trial for her.  She hugs them goodbye and Jax walks Brenda and his mom out.  John asks Jerry when he's leaving.  He warns his son to be careful not to mess things up.  He knows that Jerry was responsible for shooting at Jax.  He knows that Jerry wanted to kill Jason.  Jerry admits it but says Jax doesn't know about that, or any of it.  "He has no clue why the docks project has to go through", Jerry says mysteriously.  John wonders what he'll do if Jax finds out.  Jerry says he'll "deal with" Jax is he gets in the way.  Jax, returning, overhears that last part and asks, "How?" and demands an answer.

Mac and Felicia arrive at the courthouse; they greet Robin.  Mac tells her that he'll be police commissioner again.  She is thrilled.  When he mentions Tony getting put away, Robin looks wary.  Felicia wants to tell Robin her opinion about Tony, and Robin wants to, too, but they get interrupted by Dara.  The trial is about to start.  Justus asks her if she's ready.  Carly comes up and tells Robin to "crucify him".  Robin asks Jason if they can have a moment together.  He is concerned about her.  She tells him she has mixed feelings so he says, "just tell the truth".

Tony is led in by the bailiff.  He is handcuffed and looks downcast.  Felicia looks at him sorrowfully.  Alan walks in late while Dara is questioning Felicia about Tony's behavior.  Felicia talks about how "heroic" he was when Maxie got BJ's heart.  Dara points out that even in such a "stressful time", Tony could act rationally.  Dara calls Robin to the stand and then asks to treat her "as a hostile witness".  Rumblings in the courtroom ensue.  Dara asks Robin about her time with Tony.  Robin sticks up for Tony, saying that he didn't put her or Michael in danger.  Dara tries to get Robin to admit that Tony knew he was doing something wrong, but Robin won't.  Instead, she starts defending why Tony thought he was doing the right thing.  Tony beams at her with a big smile, Carly is disgusted, and Jason looks pained.  Robin sees Jason's face and looks a bit guilty.  Tony's lawyer only asks Robin if Tony seemed "emotionally distraught", so Robin agrees.  Tony wonders why Sheila isn't asking Robin more.  Taggert leaves the courtroom, so Justus follows.  Justus asks Taggert to give Dara a note.  Taggert doesn't want to, but he has to because he wants Tony to go to jail.  Dara gets the note as she calls Bobbie to the stand.

Helena corrals Robin outside the courtroom but Brenda comes along and rescues her.  They go inside the courtroom.  Dara tries to get Bobbie to talk about Tony's mental health but she's not qualified.  Bobbie relates that Tony told her "he knew exactly what he was doing, and given the chance, he would do it again".  Also she tells them that Tony said he would have taken Lucas, too, and that Lucas is frightened of him.  Tony can't figure out why Sheila doesn't object to what Bobbie's saying, but she says it's okay, she's got a plan.  Dara asks Bobbie about the affects of untreated pneumonia, countering Robin's assertion that she wasn't in danger.  Bobbie also says that BJ's death didn't make Tony kidnap Michael and she objects to them using BJ that way.  Sheila asks Bobbie if Tony had ever shown himself before to act like this, to be the kind of person who would "kidnap babies".  "No," Bobbie is forced to admit.  Tony argues with Sheila, who asks him to be patient.  They have a recess.  Helena tries to talk to Tony, but he ignores her.  She phones Alexis on her cell phone and asks for her help in getting Tony out of his dilemma.

Felicia finds Robin and thanks her for what she said about Tony.  They hug.  Mac and Brenda come up; Robin is defensive but Mac tells her that she told the truth so that's okay.  They hug, too.  Edward wonders to AJ if Robin has "Patty Hearst syndrome".  (LOL!)  He also wonders if they should get Alexis involved in the trial.  Taggert offers Alan a Tums or Rolaids tablet, in a sarcastic manner.  Monica comforts Bobbie.  Carly thanks Bobbie for her testimony.  Emily asks Ned if he thinks Tony will "get off" because of Robin's testimony.  Ned doesn't think so.  Dara thanks Justus for his note, which told her how great she looked "in action".  He notes to Jason that Robin was a great help to Tony.  Carly confronts Robin nastily just before the end of the episode.