General Hospital Update Thursday 4/16/98


General Hospital Update Thursday 4/16/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Brenda brings Robin home, insisting on carrying her stuff.  Brenda admires Nikolas' flowers again.  Robin spaces out so Brenda tells her to sit.  She suggests Robin put court off.  Robin is not looking forward to testifying against Tony.  She confides to Brenda that she doesn't want to be responsible for Tony going to jail for a long time.  Brenda reminds her of what he did, but Robin defends him.  Brenda can't believe how forgiving Robin is, but she'll support whatever she does.  Jax phones to ask him to meet him at the Port Charles Grill, but Brenda tells him she's with Robin.  Robin tells her to go ahead, since Dara is picking her up soon.

Mac eats at the Port Charles Grill; Felicia meets him.  The waiter is incompetent so he brings Mac the wrong order.  He tells Felicia that Robin went home today.  Felicia understands Robin's reticence to testify and sticks up for Tony.  They bicker about it until Felicia says she would stand up for Tony if anyone asked.  Jax comes up and sits down without invitation.  He tells Mac that the police commish resigned, so he offers to talk to the mayor if Mac wants the job.  Mac is suspicious about the sudden resignation so Jax explains that the commish had marital problems so he's moving out of town.  At the mention of Jerry, Felicia worries, but Jax says that Jerry didn't try to kill him (with no other explanation).  Later, we see Felicia and Mac pick up their argument.  Mac is very annoyed that Felicia would testify for Tony.  She tells him that she's known Tony for years and he wouldn't do this, even if she doesn't excuse what he did.  Mac wants him locked up for a long time, but Felicia doesn't.  She remembers that if he hadn't taken BJ off life support, Maxie would be dead.  They agree to disagree.  Felicia leaves.

Justus and Keesha meet at the Port Charles Grill.  He asks where she was last night because he phoned.  She just says she was busy.  She starts into him about working for Jason but he's not at all defensive.  AJ drops by so Justus excuses himself.  Keesha chats and flirts with AJ.  The reason Justus couldn't find Keesha is because they were upstairs in the hotel overnight.  They agreed not to share their relationship with other people yet.  They keep making goo-goo eyes at each other.  He suggests a daytime tryst upstairs before the trial, so they rush up there.  On her way out, Keesha pays for her uneaten lunch.

Justus goes over and sits with Dara at the Grill.  He compliments her.  She looks forward to Tony's trial.  Justus has an offer for her, some "insurance" in case Tony's lawyer seems to be winning.  Reluctantly, Dara accepts a diskette he slips her.  He keeps flirting with her.  He tells her that a case "Monroe V. Utah" is on the diskette but she says she's already seen it.  He is impressed.  Justus leaves and Mac comes over.  They confer about the trial.  Mac is worried that Taggert's slopiness will mess up their case.  Dara says the only thing that might hurt is that when Jason broke Tony's hand, he and Taggert took awhile to take him to the hospital.  She tells Mac not to worry, though.

Dara drops by Robin's place, but she's not ready yet.  Robin tells her that she doesn't want to testify after all, and why.  Dara thinks Robin is just saying this because she just got out of the hospital, but Robin sets her straight.  Dara asks her just to tell the facts.  Robin doesn't agree; she knows how it will work on the witness stand.  Dara tells Robin that Tony's bigtime lawyer will do everything she can, including bring up all the good things that Tony has done, to get him off.  But Robin is not convinced.  So Dara says she can "be held in contempt" and maybe go to jail.  Robin is taken aback and wonders what other options there are.  Dara tells her she'll be in court and hopes that Robin will be there.

At Kelly's, Lucky talks with Liz about staying at her place.  He wonders why Sarah hasn't said anything about knowing he's staying there, but also points out that Sarah snapped at him today.  Liz says she's just in that mood because of her breakup with Nikolas.  Liz is nervous about starting work again, and wonders if she could wait on her rapist without knowing it.  When she makes a joke about herself, he gets very upset and angry, especially at the rapist.  He wishes he could strangle the rapist.  She looks at him, worried.  He gets some coffee and they sit at a table.  He remembers that he was there with Sarah while Liz was being attacked.  They both blame themselves for what happened.  He says maybe if they had gone to the dance together as planned, they "would have had a good time".  She looks at him as if in love.

Bobbie comes up and sits down with Lucky while Liz is working.  He tells her he's "back in school".  He asks how she is so she tells him about Tony's trial.  She asks him how Liz is, so he tells her.  Bobbie thinks that Liz should go to a "support group"; he tells her that she tried it but didn't like it.  Bobbie goes over to Liz and asks her to sit.  Liz says she's working but Bobbie takes her aside anyway, since her aunt owns the place.  Bobbie counsels her that how she's been feeling is "normal".  She urges Liz to talk to Gail Baldwin one-on-one.  Liz is against the idea but agrees to think on it.  Bobbie tells her that she went to Gail once long ago and she felt the same way about therapy, but Gail really helped her. Liz is reticent since Gail is a friend of Audrey's, but Bobbie tells her that Gail won't divulge anything.  Bobbie says she'll make an appointment for her, so Liz agrees.

Sarah walks into Kelly's and apologizes to Lucky for biting his head off.  She speaks bitterly about Nikolas.  Lucky refuses to say, "I told you so", though.  Liz takes Sarah's and Lucky's orders.  Sarah wants to pay for his lunch and then tells him she's sorry for ignoring him.  She seems to want to pursue a relationship with him.  He's a little shocked.  Mr. Murty comes by and wants to chat with Sarah, so Lucky excuses himself.  He tells Sarah that her "attitude" in class and her work haven't been great lately.  He asks her if there's something in her "personal life" that's causing her problems.  She politiely tells him it's none of his business.  He says he's worried about her since she's one of his best students.  He guesses that this has something to do with Nikolas leaving school, but she won't discuss it.  He tells her to meet him in his office every day after school until her grades go back up.  Sarah thinks it's a little weird.  As he's leaving, he tells Sarah, "Not another word!"  Liz hears this and realizes that's what her rapist said to her that night.

Taggert and Justus meet, on the same side for once.  Taggert figures that Tony doesn't have a chance but Justus points out that he shouldn't be so "cocky".  They spar, as usual.  Felicia goes to Tony's trial, where she runs into Bobbie.  Bobbie asks Felicia if they can sit together.  Felicia reveals that she's "been called by the defense as a character witness".  Felicia explains her reasons, mentioning Maxie.  Bobbie says that person "doesn't exist" any more, but Felicia says that's the point, Tony is not himself.  Bobbie bitterly tells her about how Tony acted the night of his arrest, and how he planned to take Lucas, too.  Felicia is shocked.  Bobbie goes to get "air".  Mac comes up and Felicia tells him she's not going to change her mind, despite what Bobbie said.  Sheila Houston, Tony's lawyer, walks up to tell Felicia where they can meet, so Mac warns her not to be taken in by the lawyer-shark.  Dara, AJ, and Keesha show up.  Mac is surprised that Robin isn't with Dara.  She doesn't have time to explain it to Mac.  Mac phones Jax to tell him that he'll take his job back after all.  After everyone else goes into the courtroom, Robin arrives.

Brenda meets Jax at the Grill.  He wants her help in convincing his parents to leave town.  She wonders why, so he explains the dynamics of his family. With Jerry being there, they all fight over one thing or another.  Brenda points out that the true reason that Jax doesn't want his parents there is because they want Jax to give in to Brenda.  However, she agrees to help get rid of them, but ONLY if he'll admit that's the reason he wants them to go.  She goes to the restroom to give him 5 minutes to prepare.