General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/15/98


General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/15/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Bobbie is walking by the Port Charles Hotel when clothes fall down from the fire escape.  Jerry follows them and she guesses that he's avoiding the picket lines.  He says that he was trying to avoid a friend's "husband" and implies that he was the police commissioner's wife.  She acts haughty and walks away.

Jerry finds Brenda about to go into Jax's room and starts flirting with her.  She knows exactly who he is, of course, from the accent and how he's talking about Jax.  She knocks and Jax opens the door to find Jerry with his arm around Brenda.  They all joke around, exchanging insults.  John and Jane come out and welcome their other son.  They give him a hard time about not keeping in touch more.  Brenda excuses herself into the kitchen with Jane.  Jerry tells Jax that he took care of the problem he had with the commissioner.  Jax is pleased that his plan is going well, but Jerry points out that Jax still has strike problems.  Jax says everything is "under control" but Jerry thinks maybe they should negotiate with Jason.  Later, the Jacks family discusses the union business over dinner.  Jerry is surprised that Brenda knows about Jax's business, so he makes a rude remark.  The other Jacks' apologize to Brenda for his boorish behavior.  Jerry still maintains that Jax is in for big trouble with Jason.  He makes an offhand comment about shooting Jason, causing Jax to glare at him and Brenda to look suspicious.  John and Jane wish Jerry wouldn't joke like that.  Jerry teases Jax again that he's "hooked" by Brenda.  John and Jane invite Brenda to visit them in Alaska over the summer.  They take Jax to look at some photos.  Jerry charmingly tells Brenda that she has "no chance" with her and Jax's request that he shoot him if he sees him falling for her.  Brenda deadpans that if she can't "wear him down", she'll shoot Jax herself.  Later, Jax finds Brenda gazing out the window.  She tells him what she and Jerry were discussing.  Jerry returns and asks Brenda out for dinner tomorrow, but she tells them that she'll be with their parents tomorrow for dinner.

Katherine comes home babbling about work.  Stefan stands there rather stone-faced.  She chides him for not visiting her bed lately.  He claims he's "been busy" so she accuses him of holding it against her for visiting Luke.  She icily suggests that they take "a break" so he says threats won't work.  Hurt, she asks him what she did to deserve this and says maybe she's not the type of woman Stefan wants.  He admits he's "been cold" because her "impulse" to visit Luke was so misguided.  She claims she was just trying to protect him and Nikolas, so he asks her to let them do it themselves.  She agrees to "try" but says she doesn't really understand the Cassadines.  They kiss and makeup.  She makes plans for them to meet later.  She asks him if Luke did visit like he protected, and he says he did.

Luke receives a large package delivery.  The note is from Stefan, saying, "You admired this so much during your visit, I thought I would save you the trouble of stealing it".  They open it and Luke recoils in disgust from the  almost-naked picture of Helena.  Luke has his work man hang the painting up above the fireplace.  Nikolas arrives just then.  They exchange some insults.  Nikolas apologizes to him for telling Lucky about the rape, and that he didn't know he's end up with Helena.  Luke dismisses him so Nikolas starts to leave.  Then Luke points out the painting to him.  Nikolas stares at it, open-mouthed, causing Luke to laugh.  Luke asks, "So what do you think?  I just mounted her".  Nikolas asks him where he got it, so Luke shows him the note.  Nikolas doesn't believe it but still yells at Luke for the shameful display.  Luke asks Nikolas if he didn't know his grandmother was a slut before she married Mikkos.  Nikolas, steamed, tells Luke that what he really wants is Stefan's new painting of Laura.  He storms out, leaving Luke to be the one with the mouth hanging open.  Later, one of Luke's patrons questions him about the painting so Luke gives a sarcastic answer.  Bobbie visits so he gives her a drink.  Tomorrow is Tony's trial so she really needs one.  She still can't believe what's been happening.  She tells Luke what she told Dara and how she'll be testifying.  Luke thinks Tony just "flipped" but Bobbie won't let him off that easy.  "Grief is not an excuse for bad judgement", she says.  Luke wonders if she really wants Tony to go to jail for 40 years, and she shocks him by saying that she does.  Luke tells her about Helena visiting Tony.  Surprised, she asks what Helena wants with Tony.  Luke figures she wants to use him against them, like Lucky.  He wonders if Bobbie could talk to Tony about it, but she refuses hotly.  She doesn't think Helena can help Tony stay out of jail, anyway.  She notices the painting as she gets up to leave, but doesn't recognize her.  Luke says she's "the nubile Helena Cassadine".  Bobbie smiles widely.

Nikolas goes home and yells at Stefan for giving the painting to Luke.  Stefan is pleased that Luke got his gift, and smiles when Nikolas tells him where Luke put the painting.  He apologizes to him for shocking him but asks why he was there.  Nikolas says he meant to thank Luke for saving his life, but somehow it didn't work out.  Stefan isn't so happy when Nikolas mentions that they have a new portrait of Laura.  Nikolas questions him about his sudden change of mood.  Stefan asks him what he would think if Laura returned.  Nikolas says it would be okay but he wonders how she'll react to the news of Lucky learning about the rape.  Stefan says it's Luke she'll be mad at.  Stefan asks him to think about it.  Katherine returns and Nikolas leaves the room.  She tells Stefan that she has big plans for them, but he tells her that he "has to leave town" early tomorrow.  She asks him to stay but he says it's urgent and promises to make it up to her.  Things are a little awkward between them still.  Later, Nikolas tells Stefan that he definitely thinks Laura should return.  Stefan asks him not to tell Katherine about the plans because she'll tell Luke.

Ned talks to the hotel manager about business during the strike.  Things are not going well.  V. enters and thinks they're "closed" because no one is around.  Ned invites her to dinner and she accepts, even though she doesn't know him well.  He explains that their new waiters need more experience serving people.  He also tells her that he is concerned about Jax and how he's negotiating with Jason.  V. doesn't believe him.  Ned says that he thinks Jax would rather have the whole place fall apart then be beaten by Jason.  She wonders why he's speaking to her about it.  Ned acts his most charming and claims that he really is worried about Jax's future.  He  asks her about Jax's plans but she says even she doesn't know most of the time.  Ned observes that she has a crush on Jax, but she denies it stridently.  He implies that Jax strings her along, using her feelings for him.  He suggests that Venus is really deeper than she appears and that she might lead a secret life.

Helena phones Alexis in her hotel room in Jacarta to let her know that she's been watching her every move.  She advises her to take the long route coming home.  Alexis asks why, so Helena tells her to stop in Greece for her.  Alexis is upset that Helena wants more from her.  Helena threatens her into submission again and asks her to bring her something from the family's island.  Alexis phones Ned while he's still sitting with V.  She reluctantly tells him she'll be a day late; she lies that she's stopping in Hawaii for a rest.  They chat a bit and then Ned returns to twisting V.'s arm.  She tells Ned she appreciates the effort but it didn't work.