General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/14/98


General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/14/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Nikolas reads French fables to Robin in her hospital room.  They discuss it, and Nikolas' childhood a bit, and romance.  She's looking forward to "going home on Thursday".  Robin feels bad for Tony, which Nikolas can't believe.  A man drops by to hand her a subpeona for Tony's trial.  She's a witness for the D.A.  Nikolas reminds her that they stil have a date for lunch.  He suggests a picnic on the beach at Windemere.  She agrees and he takes off.

Jason gives his statement at the police station, with Justus, about what happened with Tony.  Dara thanks him for his help and Taggert insults Jason as usual.  Ned asks Taggert for a police car at the Quartermaine house to keep the strikers from dumping garbage on their property.  Taggert isn't very sympathetic but says he'll look into it.  Justus takes Dara aside and offers to help her with Tony's prosecution.  Dara doesn't think it's such a good idea, given that he's with Jason.  A tough-looking woman comes into the station to talk to Tony.  Justus says she's "trouble" so Dara gets a bit jealous.  Justus tells Dara that the woman is a high-powered lawyer who will get Tony off with "temporary insanity".  Dara thinks that it will be too difficult for them to work together, given the hostility between him and Taggert.  She also mentions that Taggert is "following" him.  Justus is outraged.  Dara says it might work if they meet covertly so Taggert doesn't know.  They agree to work it out.  Dara confirms that part of the reason she's agreeing is to spend more time with him.  He's tickled pink.

Ned still tries to talk Jason out of the strike.  Jason is willing to listen but Ned won't give him what he needs.  Then Ned chit-chats with him about Robin.  Jason tells Ned he's staying away from Robin so that she won't be "a target".  Ned wonders how Robin will feel about that.  Later, Jason goes by Robin's room.  He runs into Nikolas just as Nik is leaving.   Nikolas thanks Jason for when he saved his life after the shooting.  Jason asks him how Robin is.  He says she's leaving on Thursday but she's anxious to leave now.  He walks away and Robin comes out.  She's walking some to get exercise as per the doctor's instructions.  They talk about Michael.  She asks him if he wants to come in the room but he says he's busy.  Later, Jason stops by Robin's empty room and sees the flowers there.  He leaves a rose on her bed, I think (or it's one  of Nikolas', I'm not sure).

The woman, Sheila Houston, goes to Tony's cell and says she's his lawyer.  He doesn't know her so she says she's "been following" his case.  Tony doesn't have many options right now so he agrees to talk to her.  She says she's already talked to his last attorney (the one he fired) and she's had experience in this type of case.  Taggert, lurking nearby, says that she's infamous for helping the kind of people that end up in the tabloids.  Tony gets interested when he finds out she's well-known.  Sheila tells Tony that she wins these kinds of cases.  He asks if she believes in him, but she just says she can win, the other doesn't mean anything.  She wants to plead "temporary insanity" but he's vehemently against it.  They argue about it.  He fears losing his medical degree so she points out how long he'll go to jail if he loses his case.  He wants to stick to the defense that he "did the right thing" and says he's unconcerned about going to jail.  She reminds him that Jason probably has friends in prison.  She asks about people who might possibly be character witnesses for him, but there's no one.  She asks him to think about it and gives her number at the Port Charles Hotel.

Lucky searches Helena's digs when she leaves him alone, then runs back to the couch when she returns.  He pretends to examine an artifact so she tells him about it.  He asks her what she has planned.  She asks him about the kidnapping.  He demurs but says Tony "seemed like a pretty good guy" and was married to his aunt.  She wants more specific details about Tony so he asks why she's so interested.  Luke, listening in, thinks that's a "good question".  She doesn't really answer.  She asks if Bobbie will stick up for Tony.  Lucky says probably not.  Helena knows about Carly and Bobbie.  She asks if Luke will stand up for Tony.  Lucky says that everyone in town is angry at Tony, including probably Luke.  Lucky's only thinking about how Lucas must feel; he can relate.  Helena holds out a promise of more "truths" for Lucky if he serves her well.  She asks Lucky to steal something for her from Luke's safe.  Later we see Lucky going to Luke's safe.  He opens it and gets out some stuff, then he puts it back in and closes the safe.  He takes some other documents that he finds on the desk, however.

Helena visits Tony in jail.  She offers help so he laughs.  He knows the Cassadines but she claims she's nothing like Stefan.  She suggests he take her offer seriously, since he's desperate.  She leaves her number and leaves.  Later, Luke visits Tony to ask who his lawyer is.  Tony is cryptic.  Luke seems to somehow know that Helena's been there and advises Tony not to take her offer.  Tony is annoyed and tells him off.  Tony looks at the two numbers left for him and chooses one.

Luke goes back to his office and notices what's missing.  He doesn't look happy.  Lucky returns to Helena and gives her the "beer invoices" he took from Luke's.  Helena just wanted something, she didn't say what.  She tells Lucky to "be patient".  Luke hears their exchange.

Monica and Edward try to deal with the kitchen gadgets, yelling at each other.  Edward burns himself repeatedly.  Lila and Emily are helping but they aren't much use, either.  AJ and Keesha return with dry-cleaning and bags of food.  They laugh at the situation.  Keesha tells them they got food from a caterer.  Alan returns, but no one notices at first.  He shakes his head sadly at their bickering.  Monica asks how he is but he replies mechanically, "I'm fine".  He tells her that he didn't go where he said he was going.  He figured she was right, he's been working too hard so he's decided to cut back on everything and "just say no" (but not to drugs, those aren't mentioned of course).  He tells Emily he's "missed" her.  She doesn't say anything.  Edward rants about Cook and they discuss her a little.  Edward gets some frozen stuff out of the freezer so Monica warns him not to put foiled items in the microwave.  Emily comes in again so Monica asks if she talked with Alan.  Emily replies, "Not exactly" so Monica urges her to "open up" to him.  Alan also returns so they chat a little.  She talks about crazy things have been there.  He misses her smile, he says.  She is uncomfortable so she excuses herself.  Ned comes back and comments on the mess.  He tells Edward that he's having the cops watch the place.  He also tells him he saw Jason.  AJ and Keesha make goo-goo eyes at each other, as usual.  AJ suggests that Keesha make an effort to communicate with Justus, whom she misses.  She's not sure if it will work.  AJ says that if Michael were his, Tony might be dead rather than in jail, for what he did.  Monica asks Alan if he's going to Tony's trial.  Alan's not sure.  They're both concerned about how he'll get back to his relationship with Emily.  Alan takes another pill when no one's looking.  Ned talks to Edward about his talk with Jason.  He urges Edward to give in to some of Jason's concessions but Edward refuses.  Edward puts foil in the microwave so it sparks and makes a big noise.