General Hospital Update Monday 4/13/98


General Hospital Update Monday 4/13/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

We see that the picture Luke sees is not of Laura, but of Helena.  He makes light of the portrait to Stefan.  Stefan calmly chats with him about art.  Luke suspiciously wonders why Stefan keeps it down in the basement.  Luke makes snide and vaguely lewd remarks about the painting.  Stefan merely smiles.  He tells Luke that he knew he would show up after what Katherine told him.  He claims that Katherine misinterpreted his feelings, he only "pitied" Laura, although he convinced himself it was love for a time.  He says he only feels "disdain" now.  Luke doesn't seem to believe it but really doesn't care.  He says he's there because of Helena's relationship with Lucky.  Stefan asks what this has to do with him.  Luke warns that, as far as Helena's concerned, whatever happens to Lucky will happen to Nikolas, and vice-versa.  Stefan tells him to leave, so he does, after flinging some more insults.

Alan makes sure that the pusher will keep their transaction, then he asks him for the drug hydrocodone.  The pusher wants to sell him 20, but Alan says he only wants 2 (but he pays $100 for the 20).  As he's leaving, Alan changes his mind and asks for all 20.  The pusher offers 50 but Alan declines.  He gives Alan his "pager number".  Alan downs a handful of the pills with water and cries over his weakness.  (Come ON, Alan, just go to Betty Ford for goodness' sakes!)  Alan sits around and watches the blinking neon sign outside his room, and takes more pills until he finally passes out in bed.   Meanwhile, the pusher meets with Taggert outside the room.  He fills Taggert in on what Alan bought.  Taggert tells him that if Alan calls again, to let him and only him know.  The pusher agrees because Taggert says he won't call his parole officer.  Taggert knocks but there's no answer so he goes into the motel room with a key.  He sees Alan passed out but he can't wake him.  He smiles as he picks up the pill bottle and examines it.  He says, "You're headed for Hell, Dr. Quartermaine, and I'm dyin' to take you".

Jason awakens abruptly and tells Carly to stop kissing him.  She tells him she wants to "be with him".  He says they're just "friends" and he doesn't want to ruin their friendship.  She apologizes and he tells her in no uncertain terms that he won't have sex with her.  He knows that she starts lying to people she has sex with.  She tries to change his mind.  She points out that he won't sleep with her "because of Robin".  They hear Michael crying through the monitor so Jason goes to him.  When he returns, she asks flat out if he's "still in love with Robin".  He says he is, but this has nothing to do with her.  He thinks that if they have sex, they'll fight, and that's not good for Michael.   She keeps nagging him.  He tells her he likes having her there and how he feels about her.  "You're my friend", he says simply.  He doesn't want things to change.  She apologizes for pressuring him and then goes back to her own bed.  Later, Carly knocks on his door but he's gone.  She holds his pillow close.

Jerry greets Jax and asks why he's not "happy to see" him.  Jax, pissed, chews him out for not being in Africa where he's supposed to be negotiating.  Jerry says he's there to pay a debt, and he socks Jax for stealing Ashley from him.  He reminds Jax that they agreed not to take each other's women.  Jax says she followed him, and he punches Jerry back.  They start tusseling like two little boys.  Later, they sit around laughing and nursing their wounds, friends again.  Jax fills Jerry in on what's happened with Ashley.  Jerry asks about Brenda so Jax punches him and yells at him.  Seems Jerry was supposed to keep Mitch from assassinating him or hurting anyone, but Jax tells him that Brenda got hit.  Jerry claims it was a mistake.  Jax says, "You went after Jason Morgan without my permission!"  They drink some shots.  Jerry explains how he got suspicious when he found out that Mitch had made up an agreement saying that if one partner in the shipping business died, the other got his interests.  He found out that he was hiring a sniper so Jerry got it so he was supposed to "miss" Jax and hit Jason accidentally-on-purpose.  But Jason wasn't supposed to die, just be out of the way so the dock project went through.  Jax is still incensed that Brenda could have died, so Jerry notes that Jax is "a goner" on Brenda.  Jax vehemently denies being in love with Brenda.  Jerry drops it but keeps smirking at Jax as they continue drinking.  Jax gets a little drunk and tells Jerry about Brenda.  Loving her was like "being consumed by fire" and relates how she slept with Sonny while they were together.  Jerry can't believe Jax took it.  Jax says he waited around anyway to prove that he was "a better man".  She didn't choose him like he thought she might, she chose Sonny, he says.  But now she wants him back.  Jerry thinks Jax did the right thing in telling Brenda there's no second chance.  Jax asks Jerry to beat him up if he looks like he's falling for her again.  Jerry agrees.  They toast "to life without Brenda" but but it doesn't sound like Jax's heart is in it.

Nikolas brings a huge bouquet of flowers to Robin, who's pleased.  He jokes that he would have visited sooner but there were way too many people there before.  She thanks him for giving Jason the necessary information to find her and rescue her and Michael.  He confesses that he was very "worried".  She fills him in on her condition.  He talks about when he was shot and they commiserate.  He asks why she helped him regain his speaking capability.  She said Emily was part of it, and Jason was the other.  She felt bad since it was Jason's fault he got shot.  He says he can't remember getting shot that night, but he does remember Jason helping him out by cutting his throat.  He confides that the experience was "one of the best things that ever happened to" him.  He learned how to communicate with "body language" but also learn to read others'.  He learned "words aren't as important as what you feel in here".  She says there's no scar so he holds her hand to his throat to feel the tiny scar he has left.  They are both really glad the other is "alive".  He gives her a gift, a book of French fairy tales.  Brenda bursts in and interrupts them.  She is apologetic but Nikolas offers to leave.  After a couple of moments, they both agree to leave and make plans for dinner, jokingly, for Robin's benefit.  Nikolas does take off after that.  Brenda asks Robin if they're "seeing each other", but Robin denies it.  Brenda doesn't believe it but she changes the subject.  She tells Robin that she's got his parents on her side.  She thinks that this will be the last thing to make Jax fall.  She tells Robin about dinner and how they were all like a family.  She knows Jax enjoyed it, too, even though he wouldn't say.  Brenda talks about why she loves Jax.  Robin advises her to take it slow; she doesn't think Jax is such a pushover.  She gets tired so Brenda leaves.  Later, Jason comes by to visit her while she sleeps.

Nikolas returns home to find Stefan waiting up for him, wondering where he was.  Nikolas told him he visited Robin at GH.  Stefan tells him Luke was there and why.  He advises Nikolas to be on his "guard".  Meanwhile, Luke looks at a picture of Laura and asks, "So, he never acted on it and you never knew.  Right?" But he looks grim and bitter.