General Hospital Update Friday 4/10/98


General Hospital Update Friday 4/10/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Luke sits in the park near where Liz and Laura were raped.  Lucky and Liz walk up and interrupt his reverie.  Luke tells Lucky that Laura keeps phoning.  He asks Lucky why he keeps doing his best to get at him, if he really doesn't care.  Lucky doesn't have an answer but tells him to tell Laura the truth about what happened.  He knows that Luke won't take his advice, though.  Luke has had enough and leaves.  Liz comforts Lucky.  He says it's tough to see Luke because he still looks like the guy he thought so highly of "all these years".  Liz says they should stake out the theater (to look for her rapist) because she thinks he may have followed her after her movie.  As they walk around, Liz describes every step she made that night before the attack, to see if she can remember anything important.  She shows him where she sat when she was attacked from behind.  She relates that she didn't see or hear anyone else in the area.  We see that night in black-and-white flashback.  Lucky asks where the rapist grabbed Liz. She seems annoyed when she has to tell him that he put his hand over her mouth, and gets upset having to relive it again.  Lucky holds her close and tells her it's okay.  Later, Lucky points out that she's remembered some more details, so Liz thinks what they're doing is good, even though it's painful.  She goes back to the bench and Lucky asks her some questions while she recalls details.  She remembers that the rapist took his hands away briefly and he whispered something to prevent her from screaming.  That was when her mind went bye-bye, she says.  Suddenly she remembers that he was "taller than" Lucky.  He asks her to remember what he said, but she can't.  She gets mad at herself for not screaming when the rapist took his hands away.  Lucky tells her to make sure she knows it's not her fault.  She gets the idea and says in a confident voice, "This isn't my fault!"  Liz thanks him for his help.  She asks Lucky exactly where he found her so he points to it.  Their teacher Mr. Murty walks up and tells her that she's been missed at school.  Lucky asks him if he lives nearby.  Murty says he does, but he often goes through the park as "a shortcut".

Luke sneaks into Windemere and finds the painting of Laura.  He shakes his head in wonder.  Stefan comes up behind him and observes that it's an "interesting likeness".

Jason finds Virginia's headstone in the cemetary where he and Carly are walking.  They talk about how they can make it less plain.  Jason says the cost "doesn't matter".  Carly puts flowers on her grave and talks about her.  Jason, when he paid to have Virginia buried, purposely chose a cemetary near the ocean, because Carly said that's what she liked.  Jason tells Carly his beliefs about the afterlife.  He leaves Carly alone to talk to Virginia.  Carly pours her regrets out to Virginia and tells her she loves her.  She vows to hold on to the life she has now with Jason and Michael.  Jason returns and says they should leave soon.  She tells him what a "good father" he is.  She says that love makes a family, not "biology", and he's Michael's real father the way Virginia was a real mother to her (even though she couldn't see it).  He puts his arm around her as they walk away.  Next we see them in the penthouse.  They talk about the strike again.  Jason again tells her that she should stay out of his business (but nicer this time), otherwise it makes things dangerous.  She defends her actions by saying she did it because she was so angry at Edward.  He replies, "Do whatever you want.  Just don't speak for me".  She agrees and he apologizes for yelling at her about it before.  Jason picks up Michael and prepares to change him.  Carly goes to get his formula ready.  Michael takes him upstairs, talking to him.  Carly smiles in satisfaction.  Later, Carly opens the door to Jason's room and walks in while he's sleeping.  She is wearing a sexy nightgown and robe.  She takes off the robe and climbs into bed with him.  She starts kissing him and he responds.

John and Jane Jacks tell Brenda a great story about when Jax got lost as a child.  They mention that Jerry is a "lost cause" and encourage Jax to settle down with Brenda.  They talk about dinner.  They all go downstairs; Jax just misses a phone message from Mac, warning him that he's "still in danger".  When they return, Jax hasn't checked his phone messages.  Mac and Felicia visit.  Jane and John thank them for saving Jax.  Jane invites Brenda down to their room for another gift.  She, Brenda, and John leave the other three alone.  Jax is annoyed that Mac is still working on the case.  Mac tells him that Jerry is the one who hired Mitch to kill him.  Jax doesn't believe it so Mac gives him the details.  Mac asks where Jerry is; Jax doesn't know so Felicia suggests he "find out".  Jax says he's "grateful" if Mac is right (although he doesn't think he is), but he asks them not to tell anyone, especially his parents.  Mac and Felicia leave.  Jax looks upset.  Jax relieves his tension by playing his pinball machine.  Brenda returns with orchids and they remember their first meeting.  Brenda tells him that she invited his parents over to her house tomorrow.  Jax jokes that he doesn't know if he can take more pressure from his parents to get together with her.  Seriously, he tells her that it's not going to work.  Brenda tells him it's okay, she loves him and can "wait".  She says goodnight so he walks her out.  She warns him that he's "falling", but he denies it.  Jax returns to his penthouse to find Jerry playing his pinball game.  Jerry smirks at him.

Alan continues to go through detox in his motel room.  He shivers and grimaces a lot.  He drops a glass, which breaks, then sits on his floor to pick up the pieces.  He cuts himself a little but then only seems concerned with licking the last residue of powder out of his pill bottles (that were in the trash, yuk!).  He crawls back to bed and reaches for the phone.  Later, he is dressed in a suit and looking more presentable when there's a knock.  A guy comes in and observes that Alan looks pretty bad.  Alan holds out a big bill, his hand shaky.  He says he "lost" his medicine and wonders whether he knows somewhere to get more.  Later, Alan is splashing water on his face when he gets his delivery.  The man tells him he can help him out, as long as he "can pay for it".