General Hospital Update Thursday 4/9/98


General Hospital Update Thursday 4/9/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Bobbie and Lucas walk on the docks and wait for Georgie and Maxie.  He doesn't want to go to the zoo because it reminds him of Tony.  She tells him she'll find out today whether Tony will get out of jail soon or not.  He says the kids at school call him "a bad man" but she says he's a good man but sometimes they make mistakes.

Carly, Jason, and Michael go to Virginia's house in Florida.  Carly opens the shutters to let in sunshine, the way her mom liked it.  She reminisces when she finds coupons that Virginia was clipping and a picture of her when she was 8.  Carly wishes she hadn't taken Virginia for granted.  Jason suggests they take Michael to the beach after they clear out Virginia's things.  Carly is disappointed that there isn't much stuff there that she treasures.  She tells Jason about her father who took off when she was a baby.  She beats herself up some more for not treating Virginia better.  She even blames herself for her death.  Jason listens patiently, then he tells her that it wasn't her fault Virginia died.  Carly relates how she helped her when she had her first stroke, but she wishes she had spent more time with her, not just visited her briefly and sent her money.  She also regrets not showing her Michael.  Jason says that's the way "mothers and daughters" are.  Carly's afraid that she and Michael will have a bad relationship because of the way she is.  Jason tells her that if she wants not to fight with Michael, she won't, but Carly says the way he is, not her.  She praises his talents as a father and how he'll set such a great example.  Jason tries to remember "fighting with people he loved" so he can know if he would do that with Michael or not.  He talks about when he went to work for Sonny; he wants to treat Michael that way.  He worries how he'll react if Michael chooses something that might be "dangerous" for him.  Carly assures him that Michael will respect him and listen to him.  She thanks him for helping her out when she showed up on his doorstep, and he thanks her for bringing Michael into his life.  She notes that it's weird how you spend all your life collecting stuff and then when you die someone dumps it all in one day.  Jason suggests they "take a break" and says Carly can teach Michael all about Virginia when he gets older.

Mac and Felicia go to a bar in New Orleans.  She thinks about the great food but he just wants to find out who was really behind Jax's shooting.  He doesn't like Jax's plan to shut things up with Mitch.  He shows her a "fraternity ring" that he found on the dead shooter that only "assassins" wear.  An older guy, Mr. Jordan, comes over and says he recognizes Felicia, but she says no.  It looks like he's just hitting on her.  Mac and he take a disliking to each other so Felicia jumps up to break up a fight.  They both laugh and shake hands; it's all a joke for Felicia because they know each other.  Max fills in his friend about Jax's shooting.  Felicia shows him the ring and he confirms that he knew him as "Bentley".  He doesn't know who hired him for this, just that he was going up north for a job.  Felicia flirts with him to try to jog his memory while Mac grimaces.  Mr. Jordan laments that he doesn't have any other information.  Mac tries to break up their flirtation, which Jordan doesn't appreciate.  He invites Felicia to Mardi Gras (next February???) and says that Bentley was paid in "solid gold bouillon".  Mac says he knows who wanted Jax dead: Jerry.

Jane and John Jacks arrive at Jax's penthouse.  Ashley comes in from the other room and introduces herself.  Jane is a bit hostile and Ashley thinks they live in Austria, not Alaska.  Jane remembers that Ashley is the one who stranded Jerry, but Ashley laughs it off.  The Jacks parents ask how Jax is after the assassination attempt.  Brenda visits so they treat her like one of the family, much to Ashley's annoyance.  They are concerned about her because she got shot saving Jax's life.  Jax urges Brenda to show them her "wound" but it's just a little band-aid on her arm.  Ashley excuses herself and asks Jax to walk her downstairs.  Jane seethes about Ashley and John asks Brenda what's happening with her and Jax.  Brenda feels embarrassed about the way she treated Jax and wonders why they're being so nice to her.  They're not holding a grudge; they think she and Jax are perfect for each other.  Brenda feels that they should be "patient" with Jax so he can learn to trust her again.  Jax returns to tell them that he has a great idea, "a proposal".  He teases them and asks his parents to stay in town for awhile.  They say they have a present for Brenda so they go to get it.  Jax asks her why she's there, but he thinks she's there to collect on her "wish" that he granted her after the shooting.  She wishes to explain what happened, why they didn't go to bed.  They admit they "wanted" each other but she says she knows he's "scared".  He denies it and is about to tell Brenda that he'll "never" SOMEthing, when John and Jane return.  John gives Brenda some slippers.  Jane and Brenda go to make tea.  John tries to lecture Jax about Brenda.  Jax says he "can't trust her".  John asks him to give Brenda "another chance" and points out that he still loves her.  Jax won't listen.

Luke goes to the police station at Taggert's request.  He waits while Taggert brings Tony in to speak to Bobbie.  The judge turned Tony's bail down since they think he might flee.  Tony rails about the injustice of it all.  Bobbie tells Tony she doesn't want him to have any contact with Lucas.  She plans to seek legal means.  He says he'll get out and then he'll see his son.  Tony complains about Jason, as usual.  Bobbie is amazed that he thinks his actions about Michael are justified.  Tony says he's an upstanding member of the community but Bobbie points out he doesn't have many friends left to speak up for him.  Taggert grills Luke, who doesn't know anything about Jax's shooting.  He gives Luke a hard time for not "cooperating" and says that his place is one of the few that the union picketers will frequent.  Luke and Bobbie are finished so they leave.  They talk on the docks about Lucas and Tony.  Bobbie asks him about Lucky.  Luke says he's finding more out tomorrow, but he won't elaborate.  Lucas gets dropped off and tells them he had an "okay" time at the arcade.  Luke jokes with him but Lucas isn't in "a good mood".  Luke takes off.  Lucas asks Bobbie what happens if Tony wants to kidnap him, too.  She hugs him tightly and reassures him.  She tells him that Tony "would never do anything to hurt" him.  Besides, he's in jail.  Lucas wants to visit him but she says that's not possible right now.  They walk on the docks.

Alan goes through withdrawal in his motel room.  He has sweats, chills, and stomach pills.  He digs the empty pill bottles out of the trash, in vain.  Later, there is a knock on the door.  Emily appears at the door and says she wants to "take care of" him.  She dumps bottles and other drugs on the table.  He protests that he's "trying to quit".  She jokes about them taking drugs together and then holds out pills.  He takes them out of her hands and takes them; she takes some, too.  He cries out, "No!" and then awakens from his dream.  He mumbles to himself that he "can do this".