General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/8/98


General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/8/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Stefan and Katherine cuddle in bed.  She wonders which is better, "first love" or what they have.  He gets suspicious so she talks about Nikolas and Sarah.  He tells her how special she is.  She tells him she has a lot of meetings today but he convinces her to stay just a little while longer...Katherine tells him she thinks she made a mistake.  She hesitantly tells him about going to see Luke and her reasons for doing so.  Stefan is annoyed.  She explains how Luke was acting and how he blamed everything on the Cassadines, as usual.  Katherine tells Stefan that she told Luke that Stefan would never harm his family because he once loved Laura.  Stefan is stunned.  He paces, trying to keep his anger in check.  She continues to apologize and he asks how Luke took it.  She says she doesn't think Luke ever considered the idea before.  Stefan phones his security people to tell them to double their guard and watch for Luke, who'll be stopping by.  Later, Stefan takes a switchblade knife and tries to slash Laura's painting, but he can't.

Liz is vaccuuming at home when Sarah comes home.  She brings Liz's homework and says her teachers are "asking about" her.  Nikolas phones Sarah to ask if they can meet.  She asks to meet in their special place but he picks another spot instead.  Sarah goes to get ready.  Lucky comes in through the window.  He tells Liz he left early so that Audrey wouldn't find him.  He is concerned about her because Sarah noticed she seems "scared".  She shows him the brochures that Bobbie gave her after the rape, which she read last night.  They say that 80% of the victims know their attackers, so she wonders if she knows her rapist.  That made her scared.  Lucky advises her, "Take your life back".

Sarah and Nikolas meet on the docks.  Things are awkward, as usual.  She reminisces about the time they spent at Stefan's "country house" and takes his hand.  She asks if what's come between them is that she wouldn't sleep with him.  "I don't want to lose you", she says.  He says he thinks they "made the right decision".  She is shocked by his revelation and realizes he's dumping her.  He apologizes.  She asks what happened.  He doesn't really know, he says.  She chews him out for pushing her away when he got shot, and afterwards.  She also says she thinks that Robin is taking her place.  He denies it so she tells him to rethink his answer.  He swears he's being "honest", his "feelings changed" for her, and it has nothing to do with anyone else.  He just "feels friendship" and says he's never lied to her.  She says he lied when he said "forever".  There's nothing left to say so she leaves.  Nikolas sits on the wharf for a long time after that.

Ned comes home and rants and raves about the union picketers and reporters outside.  For a change, all the Quartermaines are united in blaming the problem on Edward.  Lila tries to get them to focus on how to work on their problems.  Edward is hungry because cook and the other staff have left so they won't cross a picket line.  Even most of the workers at the Port Charles Hotel are gone.  Reginald comes in with groceries for the Q clan (mostly frozen dinners) and tells them that he can't cross the picket line, either.  "You're on your own", he announces.  They offer to double his salary but Reginald won't agree.  He explains to them that even though the staff there doesn't have a union, they all come from families of factory workers, etc. so it's a sympathy strike.  Lila stands up for Reginald, despite Edward's threats.
Lila says it will be "an adventure.  Reginald replies, "Yeah, well, I wish several of you luck".  LOL!  Emily comes in and wonders where Reginald's going so they explain.  Reginald goes out to join the picket line at the end of the driveway.

The family looks over the coffee pot to figure out how to use it.  They seem hopeless about how stuff like that works.  Between AJ, Monica, and Alan, they seem to get it working.  Ned goes to the Port Charles to check out things there.  Lila and Edward leave to get "instant coffee" so Monica and AJ leaves.  Alan asks Emily to stay so he can apologize for yelling at her.  He is contrite and sincere but she doesn't know what to make of it.  She tells him how hard it is to be around him, because he's been so weird lately.  He gets ticked off and yells at her again.  She gets upset when he waves his arms around.  He is astonished because she thought he was going to hit her.  Monica returns and wonders what's happening.  Alan explains it but can't believe Em thought he was going to hit her.  Alan admits he's had a lot of "stress" and may need some help.  He feels really bad.  Monica hugs a disturbed Emily.  Later, Alan walks downstair with his suitcases. Monica wonders where he's going so Alan says he's going to "a retreat" to get himself together.  She asks where it is but he claims not to know, he's just going to drive up to where it is to find it.  He says she can page him if anything's urgent.  She asks him to call when he gets there, but he tells her "I'll call you if I need you".  He also says he might try to find his "spiritual side".  She is glad to hear he wants to solve his problems, since she's been so worried.   He hugs her and thanks her for her understanding, then he leaves.  She breathes a sigh of relief.  She tells Emily about it and that it's a positive sign.  Monica says that what happened between them scared her.  Emily thinks there's "something broken" in Alan "that can't be fixed".  Meanwhile, Alan sits in a seedy motel room with his suitcase and bottles of pills.  He flushes the pills down the toilet and lies down on the bed.

Officer Henderson tells Taggert that Jason keeps leaving him messages.  Garcia quizzes Taggert about what he talked to Jason about in jail.   Taggert won't tell him and he's not afraid of the Internal Affairs investigation that will occur.  He's waiting for Jason to screw up and compares him to Al Capone.  Dara comes up and points out that he's no Elliot Ness.  She tells Taggert that by arresting Jason so much, he's jeopardizing the chances of really getting Jason for good.  Taggert accuses her of throwing him in jail just to make an "impression" on Justus.  She replies sarcastically and then walks away from him.

Lucky and Liz come to the police station looking for Garcia, but they find Taggert instead.  Reluctantly, Liz tells Taggert who she is and wanted to know if there was anything found out.  Taggert says he'll check but if there was any news, Garcia would have contacted her.  She's not hopeful.  Taggert finds her file and says they didn't find anything, but they're still working on it.  It's likely that her rapist will strike again so she could be called in for a lineup.  He urges her not to "give up", the same way Lucky did.  Liz and Lucky leave.  Dara tells Taggert he was "nice".  He just wishes he could catch the rapist.  Lucky and Liz go back to her place.  He gets his backpack and takes off.  She thanks him for his help.