General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/7/98


General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/7/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Nikolas and Katherine walk on the dock;  he finds a discarded picket sign.  They're waiting for Stefan so they can take the boat back to the house.  She's concerned about the Spencer-Cassadine feud, but he's not.  He tells her that Helena says Stefan has "a secret passion" for Laura.  She's stunned but he dismisses the idea so he doesn't notice her reaction.  Stefan shows up late so Nikolas tells him that Katherine went to run some errands.  Stefan asks him why he was there, so Nikolas tells him that he planned an errand but he wasn't sure how to go about it.  He confides that he wants to break up with Sarah but he doesn't know how.  Stefan gives him good fatherly advice.  He says that even his marriage to Bobbie had its good points.  Stefan asks Nikolas if he plans to see Robin more now, but Katherine's return interrupts them.

Bobbie finds Luke sleeping on his desk and awakens him.  He is stiff and groggy, having slept there "all night".  She fusses over him.  She tells him that Laura phoned her because she couldn't reach him or Lucky at home.  But she tells him she didn't tell her anything about what's been going on.  She suggests he tell Laura to come home now.  Bobbie tries to find out why Laura's still gone but he doesn't tell her.  They argue about Luke not getting Tony to sign the paper she wanted.  Katherine drops by to visit Luke so Bobbie leaves.  She says she's not spying for him, but says that she's his friend.  She tells him that Lucky is with Helena for his own reasons, not the Cassidines'.  Katherine snoops about Laura but Luke sees that she's beating around the bush about Laura.  Katherine says, "As if you didn't already know that Laura's the only other woman that Stefan ever loved".  Luke looks surprised and thinks she's trying to pull something.  Katherine confides that Stefan told her that "he loved Laura".  The phone rings but Luke doesn't answer it.  He suggests to Kath that she leave, so she does.  He just sits there, ignoring the phone.  He pours himself some more to drink.  The phone rings some more.  He still ignores it.

Carly argues with Taggert at the police station because they've been harrassing Jason.  They caught them at the airport but Carly insists that he was dropping her off so she could fly to Florida for her mother's funeral.  She leaves in a huff.  Dara comes in and chews Taggert out for harrassing Jason again.  Carly alerts Justus; she wants to help so Justus advises her to go to Florida like she planned.  Jason asks her to visit Robin to see if she's okay because she had phoned earlier.  Carly agrees, even though we know she's not happy about it.  Justus argues with Dara and Taggert about the arrest--again!  Justus and Taggert argue about "Lady Justice" but they seem to really be arguing about Dara.  Garcia brings them back to the problem at hand.   They keep arguing.  Justus threatens Taggert, saying that he better stop arresting Jason every week or he will stop it himself.  He brings out restraining orders against Taggert.  If he signs one, Taggert is in big trouble.  Taggert calls his bluff so Justus signs a restraining order and hands it to Taggert.  This puts Jason and Taggert in the same cell.  Taggert thinks he can use the opportunity to get to Jason.  First he asks Jason to give up a "dirty" union official so he won't hassle all the union people, but that doesn't work.  Then he asks Jason how much he'd pay him to go to work for him.  Jason doesn't take him seriously, since he knows he can't trust Taggert.  Taggert tries to get him to make him an offer but Jason refuses.  Garcia comes in so Jason tells Garcia that he didn't search Taggert well enough when he put him in there.  Taggert takes out his tape recorder and smiles.  Garcia leads Jason out but won't let Taggert out.

Carly visits Robin on Jason's request.  Robin wanted to find out about what happened on the docks.  Carly gives her a surly answer.  Robin's in no shape to fight back.  Carly lights into her for not telling anyone about Tony, but then she immediately apologizes and thanks Robin for helping her son.  Robin asks her to give Jason a message, "that everything he said about me is true".  Robin regrets that she didn't tell Jason about Tony.  She confides to Carly that she was afraid of what Jason might do to Tony.  They share a close moment but it doesn't last long.  She and Carly argue over the way Robin treats Jason and how Robin worries about Jason getting hurt because of the secret of Michael's paternity.  Carly runs into Bobbie as she's leaving.  She tells Bobbie that she was "very emotional" the other night and asks Bobbie to forget anything she said (like calling her mom).  Bobbie agrees.  Carly goes back to Jason and tells him most of what Robin said.  Jason tells Justus that he's going to Florida to help Carly.  Justus and Dara exchange puzzled looks.  Carly and Jason leave.  Justus thanks Dara for helping him out.  He calls Taggert "a rogue cop".  Dara says that deep inside, there is "a decent man" but she leaves Justus with the idea that she may be talking about him, too.  Dara visits Taggert in jail.  They flirt.  He asks her to visit him for lunch but she turns him down.  Still, there are sparks between them.

Brenda comes into Jax's penthouse.  Jax grills Mitch and his lawyer at his penthouse.  Mac and Felicia are nearby with a bound Tess.   James is also in a chair.  V. puts name tags on Mac and James so people can tell them apart (LOL!).  Jax tells Brenda who everyone is.  He tells her he plans to let all the conspirators go.  Mac protests.  Jax asks James if he'd testify against Tess and Mitch "in exchange for immunity".  James agrees but he doesn't know Mitch, and he doesn't know anything about an assassination--only that Tess hired him to impersonate Mac.  Mac tells everyone what they all did to him, and he's "fed up".  Jax says they will reap more benefits if the bad guys don't go to jail.  Jax says Mitch is "very wealthy" and tried to kill him to get his half of the shipping industry.  Jax says Mitch will pay them off, and in exchange, they'll promise not to tell what he did.  Felicia says she doesn't think James should go to jail, partly because V. could get in trouble for keeping him a prisoner all this time.  Jax tells Mac that besides getting him lots of money, he can give him his "greatest wish of all time".  Mitch gets Tess to agree to go to jail for a few years in exchange for lots of money.  James will be sent off to work on a J&J Jacks oil rig and get plastic surgery so he won't look like Mac any more.  Finally, Mac agrees.  James tries to talk Felicia into remembering what they had together, so Mac wants to slug him.  But Felicia tells him that she prefers the real Mac.  V. ushers James out.  Brenda asks Mac what he's going to tell Robin.  He tells her he won't tell her anything because it could put her life in danger.  Jax offers to pull some strings and make Mac police commissioner.  Felicia thinks Mac will turn it down, but Mac says he didn't like being fired.  He agrees to go back only if he gets a guarantee that he can't be fired.  Jax says it's done, but Mac takes time to think about it.  Later, Mac tells Felicia he thinks that Jax might have set the whole assassination attempt up himself.  Felicia thinks he's cracked, but Mac tells her "there's more to this".  He wonders when they should tell people they're not engaged any more.   They get into an argument about it and she pretends to strangle him.

Brenda and Jax go to her place.  They joke around about what's happened.  She teases him about granting her wish, too.