General Hospital Update Monday 4/6/98


General Hospital Update Monday 4/6/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

The crowd ducks for cover as the shot rings out.  Jason's men aim guns in the direction of where the shot came from.  Everyone thinks one of Jason's rivals gunning for him.  Brenda thinks Jax has been hit, but it was she who was hit.  The bullet seems to have grazed her arm.

Meanwhile, Mac fights with the gunman while Felicia crawls over the car to jump on him.  Mac and Felicia fight with him.  The crowd sees them struggling.  Finally, in the fight, Mac tosses the gunman over the side of the parking garage and he falls far to the concrete.  He and Felicia see Tess running down below so they go to chase after her.

Jax asks a dazed Alan to look at Brenda's arm, but Monica's the one who comes to the rescue.  Emily's leg is also injured, causing Jason to worry.  Carly tells him that it's not his fault but he still feels bad.  She is worried about what to say to the police.  Brenda recounts what she saw to Monica, Jax, and Ned.  Jax is grateful that Brenda saved his life.

The police find Mac leaning over the sniper's body.  Mac stands up slowly so they can see who he is and that he's unarmed.  He tells them that the guy there is the shooter.  He barks orders about sealing off the area, to prevent Tess from escaping.  Dara backs up his order (since he's not commissioner any more).  Felicia sees Tess across the crowd and goes after her.

AJ tells Jax and the others that the shooter is dead.  Ned suggests that Jax look at him to see if he can "identify him".  Jax wonders why he should know him, so Ned retorts, "Well, he did try to kill you".  Jax figures someone probably hired him.  Edward thinks it was Jason so he asks the cops to arrest him.  Taggert and Garcia come up so Monica says Edward doesn't know anything, he's just accusing Jason out of habit.  When Edward tells them about the problems with the unions, etc., Ned tries to control the situation as usual.  Justus threatens to sue the Quartermaines.  Taggert asks if anyone saw Jason actually pull a trigger or give any orders to someone else to do so, no one can say anything.  Emily avows that Jason was sitting there with them all during it.  Edward rants on and Garcia points out that if Jason was in charge of the unions striking, why would he bother to shoot anyone?  Edward maintains that he found out about AJ's plan to get an injunction against the unions' strike.  Justus tells them that Edward blames Jason for every little thing.  Taggert asks Jax if he knows who would try to kill him.  Jax implies it might be Jason.  Monica rags on the police for listening to these " paranoid power freaks".

V. takes Jax aside and tells him he should tell the police the truth, that it probably wasn't Jason's voice she heard giving the order to kill him.  Jax says he wants to find out before the police do.  Mitch comes up to tell Jax he phoned for an ambulance.  Venus reacts when she hears his voice but she doesn't say anything.  Jax gives Brenda his coat and tells her he's "going to find out who did this".  Then V. tells Jax that it was Mitch's voice she heard.  Jax tells her to calm down.  He wants to punish him some other way.  She urges him to go to the cops but he's adamant.  She reluctantly agrees.

Edward chews out Jason for causing the shooting.  Carly defends Jason by yelling back at Edward.  She puts him in his place.  He tries to talk down to her but that doesn't work, either.  Garcia asks her to "cool off".  Taggert asks Jason to step aside so they can chat.  Jason and Justus go to join him.  Carly goes over to Benny to tell him Jason is ready for him to strike.  Benny is unsure whether that's what Jason wants, but she assures him it is.  Taggert and Garcia ask Jason if it's true that he has a hand in disrupting the dock project by making the unions go on strike.  Jason denies it but they insist on making him go downtown.  Just as they're leaving, the unions start yelling "strike!".  Jason looks very surprised.  Ned and Edward are disappointed.  Alan, acting drunk, says they should stay, but he and Monica follow the other Q's out.

Tess sneaks around in the parking garage.  Felicia comes out of the elevator looking for her.  Tess jumps out and grabs her, putting a gun to her back.  Felicia is her hostage now.  Tess goes from car to car, looking for one that's not locked.  She finally finds one that's not only unlocked, but has the keys in a purse inside.  Jax comes out and asks Tess to give up Felicia.  He warns her that if she shoots, the cops will swarm there.  He asks her to give up the person that hired her.  He offers her money to take with her.  She gets in the car and starts to drive, but Mac sneaks up next to it and jumps on the top.  Tess fires out the window at Jax but misses.  Mac falls off the car.  Mac tells Jax to phone the cops and give them a description of the car and to get backup for him.  Jax agrees and Mac takes off.

Jason yells at Carly for calling the strike without checking with him.  He looks like a suspect for the shooting now.  He tells her in no uncertain terms that she should stay out of his business.  She looks upset and contrite.  She apologizes sincerely.  She swears she "will never do anything like that again".  He looks suspicious, like he can't trust her any more.  Carly and Jason return home. Things are still cold between them.  Carly greets Michael and tries to explain to Jason why she did it.  She was so annoyed with the Quartermaines, she just wanted to protect him.  She offers to go to the union and say she lied, but Jason says never mind.  She's learned that Edward is a big liar.  Jason's glad to hear that and tells Carly it's not her fault she fell for Edward's act.  When Carly beats herself up for it, Jason tells her not to try to manipulate him into feeling sorry for her so he'll forgive her.  She swears she not and begs him to forgive her.  She says, "From now on, if you say it, I'll believe it".

Edward thinks that public sympathy will be on their side, thanks to Brenda's injury.  Keesha is disgusted; Ned disagrees with Edward.  AJ says that since the dockworkers are on strike, the other union workers might side with them.  But he's hopeful that the cops will put Jason in jail for unduly influencing the unions.  Monica doesn't want that because she thinks that Carly will blame them if that happens and keep them all away from Michael.  In another room, Alan takes a drink while Emily tells him that she was proud of him for helping her and Brenda after the shooting.  She regrets "being mean" to him and says she would miss him if he were gone.
She talks about the family, including Jason.  She points out how Jason takes care of his family and the union workers.  Alan blows his top and says, "That's such a load of crap!"  As she stares at him, astonished, he continues to yell, saying that Emily must be as "corrupt" as Jason is, that Jason's not capable of loving anyone, and he tells her not to mention his name again.
Monica comes in and asks Alan what's wrong with him.  Emily keeps staring at him with an open mouth.  He seems to realize that he said something wrong as he rubs his head.  He tries to defend himself to Monica but she knows better.  Monica asks Emily what happened but she can barely speak, she's so shocked.  Monica asks her to leave the room so she can talk to Alan.  Emily walks out of the room but skirts by Alan uneasily.  Monica lays into Alan and threatens to leave him and take Emily with her if he ever talks to her again that way.  When he tries to talk, she says that Alan was "bullying" Emily and that he's probably lost all her trust.  Alan offers to apologize to her but Monica says that won't do it.  She yells at him to "get help!" and that she's noticed he's been "in a fog" lately.

AJ suggests they do what they can to get the police to put Jason in jail.  Ned protests so AJ starts to argue.  Keesha comes in and tries to break it up.  Alan and Monica walk in, still arguing.  The doorbell rings so Alan opens the door.  Reporters rush in to question them about the strike rs outside.  We can hear them yelling "Strike!".  The Q's are all quiet, for once, as if drained of energy.

Jax carries Brenda inside her house.  She's acting helpless so he'll tend to her, but he's fully aware of it.  She won't let him leave her and asks for help up the stairs, but he refuses.  She reminds him that she saved his life.  He apologizes for endangering her life, especially given her history with "violence".  She says it wasn't the violence that caused her pain before, it was "the lies".  Jax admires her strength and determination, but he says that "what you want and what you think you want are two completely different things".  Brenda tells him that's not true anymore and says she knows now that "love doesn't have to hurt".  They kiss quite a bit and end up lying on the couch.  Suddenly, Jax carries her upstairs.  After putting her to bed, he tells her he's "exhausted" and going home.  She says what about them but he makes light of it as he leaves.  She is frustrated but she laughs.

Tess takes Felicia to her place so she can pack and get money.  Tess says she will shoot Felicia after that.  Felicia says that Jax isn't dead and she's escaping, so "why risk a murder charge?"
Tess says she wants to kill her because she ruined her whole plan by having James fall in love with her.  Felicia tells her that James only fell for her because she "treated him like Mac".  Mac runs up to the door and listens.  Felicia talks to Tess about what she has with Mac and finishes by saying, "Deep down, I love Mac Scorpio with all my heart".  Tess puts on a blonde wig and goes to shoot Felicia.  Mac bursts in and socks Tess so she drops the gun.  Mac tells Felicia to phone the cops to tell them that they have the person behind Jax's shooting.  She reminds him that Jax asked them not to go to the cops, but Mac doesn't care what Jax wants.  They argue until Mac tells her that he heard what her true feelings are.  She can't believe he was listening but she softens up.  She thanks him for saving her.  They hug.