General Hospital Update Friday 4/3/98


General Hospital Update Friday 4/3/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Katherine asks Stefan to go with her to the dock renovation festivities, but he and Nikolas think it sounds too boring.    Just as Kath is leaving, Lucky and Helena arrive at the door.  Helena acts pleasantly so Stefan, playing the game, invites them to tea.  Kath is curious but she has to leave, so she does.  As Helena eats scones, she wonders if they're poisoned.  She acts Nikolas how his "studies" are.  Nikolas, not wanting to be civil to her, tells her that he's doing well enough in his education that he'll be able to take control of his inheritance and won't need her help. He asks Lucky if he can talk to him outside, so Lucky agrees.  Stefan points out to Helena, "He despises you" and tells her she should just go.  Helena says she has some important "information" for him.  She tells him about Luke and Lucky's enstrangement.  Stefan wonders if they're just plotting together but Helena says no.  Stefan points out that she's putting Nikolas in danger by getting close to Lucky.  She thinks he's really worried about Laura hating him if Lucky were hurt.  They argue some more.  Stefan tells Helena the only reason he let her come there is so Nikolas could get a thrill off rejecting her himself.  She thinks that Nikolas only hates her because of lies Stefan told him.

Nikolas warns Lucky that he's in danger.  Lucky wonders when he started caring, so Nikolas reminds him that he cares about Lesley Lu.  They argue about it.  Nikolas comes back in and tells Helena that Lucky is waiting for her outside.  Helena blames Stefan again for keeping them apart, but Nikolas tells her, "He'd let me see you if I wanted to.  But I don't".  He warns her not to hurt Lucky, either, or he'll have Stefan make her "suffer".  Her mouth drops open in surprise. She wonders to Stefan if Nikolas would feel this way if he knew Stefan had been to see Laura.  Stefan smiles and tells her he already knows.

Katherine visits Luke in his office.  Before she can speak, he observes her angry expression and says, "Let me guess.  Quick Draw McCassidine is using your butt for target practice again".  She fills him in on Helena and Lucky's visit.  They rehash why Lucky is with her.  Kath sticks up for Stefan, as usual.  She urges him to not use the situation for "revenge".  Luke tells her to mind her own business.  She asks him to help her stop what's going on with Helena.   Luke warns her not to go home tonight because Stefan will be P.O.'ed that she visited him.  She says she plans to tell Stefan, but he thinks that's a bad idea.  She storms out after warning him to get Lucky away from Helena.

Jason and Carly prepare for the festivities.  She worries about what jewelry to wear.  Jason asks Benny for a favor.  Later, Jason points out the pier to Michael through his penthouse window and tells him that's where he and Carly are going to be.  He talks about the gala disdainfully as Carly walks down the stairs.  Jason says they can't leave until Benny arrives.  Carly is working hard to impress Jason, but he doesn't care.  Benny returns with a jewelry box, which he gives to Carly.  It's a beautiful diamond necklace, with matching earrings, for her to wear.  Jason thanks Benny, who leaves.  Carly's stunned by how opulent it is.  Jason helps her put it on in front of the mirror.  They say goodnight to Michael and Leticia before they leave.

A reporter covers the gala affair.  The Quartermaines arrive in their finery, on a red carpet (sort of like the Oscars), and are interviewed by her.  Edward is confident that the union thing isn't important but Ned steps in and puts it more diplomatically.  Emily and Monica discuss that funny situation.  Jax and Brenda arrive; reporters yell questions but they ignore most of them.  They just talk to that same reporter the Q's talked to.  He doesn't answer her questions about his personal life, though.

Alan chats with AJ about the possible strike.  Alan tells AJ how proud he is of him.  Amy comes up, so Alan looks nervous.  He takes Amy aside for a minute.  He brings up what happened the other night.  She asks him if he's gotten help yet so he says it was just the stress of Michael's kidnapping.  He tells her he's not taking the medication anymore and credits her for making him see the light.  She is appeased, for now.  Monica walks up and asks what Amy wanted.  Alan lies that she was just gossiping as usual.

Venus tells Jax she thinks this would be a perfect place for a sniper to get him.  He is unconcerned but tells her if she's concerned, she should speak to Mac and Felicia.  She tries to phone them but there's no answer.

Ned and Emily chat about the festivities.  She's having a good time, she admits, being a sort of celebrity.  Lila is staying at home tonight, avoiding the hoopla.  Jason and Carly arrive.  He mostly ignores the reporters.  Carly is tickled at the way he handled them.  She fusses over him.  Brenda hopes to Jax that Robin is not watching them on TV.  Keesha and AJ coo over each other and notice Carly's jewelry.   AJ seems to have a more positive attitude toward Carly.

Ned tries to bargain with Jason one more time about the Unions.  Carly, bored, wanders off to say hi to Brenda.  She admires her dress and Brenda admires her jewelry, but it's all very catty.  They insult each other before parting company.  Jax comes up and warns Brenda that he's going to talk to Jason if she wants to make herself scarce.  She says, "As long as he stays away from Robin, he's nothing to me".  Jax wishes Jason were nothing to anyone now.

Felicia and Mac arrive at a parking structure in their limo.  They see the "Pier 52 dedication" ceremony.  Then they find out they can't get out of the limo.  Mac knocks on the glass between them and the chauffeur, but he just gets out of the car.  Tess arrives so Felicia realizes that they plan to kill Jax tonight and frame Mac for it.  Tess gets in the front and puts the window down.  Mac asks her what's going on as she points a gun at them and calls Mac "Mr. Scorpio".  Felicia pretends to be dumb and acts as if Tess is robbing them.  Tess tells Felicia that she knows she's not so dumb as she acts.  She tells them she figured out he was Mac when she saw that he didn't have the tattoo scar.  Mac knows that Tess doesn't really care that he's Mac, as long as he's "dead".  Tess cheerfully agrees.  She asks where James is.  Mac points out that her plan won't go so well if someone finds James and he blabs.  Tess threatens to shoot Felicia if they don't tell her where James is.  Mac points out that if she shoots them, the cops won't buy her scenario of him shooting Jax and then himself (because the time of death will be too early).  Tess says that's true, but she can shoot Felicia.  Felicia points out that if there's a "second body", that will also make the police wonder.  Mac tries to get Tess to give it up, but she's confident that it will work.  She leaves the car, telling them they only have 15 minutes left.  Felicia and Mac think of how they can escape.  Neither has a gun.  They see a cop outside so Felicia tries banging on the car window.  He ignores them; Mac says he's probably the real assassin.  Tess returns and tells them the "killer is here" and he'll be dealing with them from now on.  She bids Mac a sweet but sarcastic adieu.  Mac plans to overpower the killer and run but Felicia thinks it's a bad plan.  They argue, as usual.  Felicia pulls out a big (nail file?  letter opener?) so they can work on the car's locked door.  Mac thinks he can get the door open by kicking on it with his foot.  The sniper takes his position right outside the car door.

Ned speaks about the renovation on a microphone.  Dara and Justus greet each other.  They bicker about Jason and the strike.  Carly, seated with Jason, whispers to Jason and then leaves.  Emily asks Jason about Michael and Tony.  Jason says that Michael has some trouble sleeping but he's reassured when they go to him.  Also he says that he thinks Tony will have his trial soon.  Monica tries to make nice to Carly and asks her if she can "get to know" Michael.  Carly is defensive but says she'll "think about it".  Ned introduces Edward and Jax so they can sign the renovation documents.   The audience applauds, Edward signs.  V. looks around nervously.  Tess walks by.  Jax gets up to sign.  The sniper gets him in his sight, then moves over to Jason, then back to Jax.  Everyone applauds after Jax signs.  Brenda happens to look up and see the sniper on the roof, so she yells Jax's name, leaps up and knocks him down.  At the same time, Mac kicks the door open, hoping it will surprise the sniper and make him miss.  We hear a gunshot.