General Hospital Update Thursday 4/2/98


General Hospital Update Thursday 4/2/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Mike meets Luke on the docks; Mike mentions that later, they will be having a lot of "festivities" to celebrate the beginning of the Quartermaine's dock renovations.  Luke doesn't care.  He fills Mike in on what's been going on with Lucky (not mentioning the rape).  Mike is shocked that Lucky's working with Helena but he offers his help.  Luke points out Helena's yacht and tells Mike he plans to go there.  He asks Mike to stall Helena as she takes her usual stroll along the docks.  Later, Mike "runs into" Helena and then pretends she's the spitting image of someone he used to know.  He reminds her of their "past" but she says she doesn't know him.  He is undeterred.  She is flattered.  He asks for her number and for her forgiveness for running out on her.  He says he can make her happy in one night, so she is intrigued.  Lucky comes up and sees them chatting, so Helena gets suspicious.  Mike makes a hasty exit.  Helena asks Lucky who he was, so he tells her.  Helena wonders what Mike was up to.  Lucky says, "Mike loves money, and beautiful women".  Helena smiles in satisfaction and suggests they go to her yacht so she can tell him more stories.

Meanwhile, Luke goes to the yacht and snoops around.  A servant sets up a table, so Luke hides, but he's trapped.  Finally the guy finishes and leaves, so Luke can come out.  He plants a bug under the tale and is leaving when he hears another noise.   He hides again.  Lucky and Helena come in but Luke manages to get out anyway.  Helena notices that something in the room is not right, but it's just the dinner setting.  Mike meets Luke on the docks again and tells him what happened.  Luke thanks him and starts listening to Lucky and Helena's conversation with his bug.  Helena tells Lucky he passed a test tonight by being honest about who Mike was.  But she manages to do it in a way that threatens him, too.

Venus describes the evening's planned festivities to Jax.  He is impressed with her "attention to detail".   There will be lots of security because of Jason and the possible threat to his life.  She says she's leaving to give him time to get ready.  He points out that there's a whole hour left but she knows him well so she predicts how long it will take for every minor thing he will do, including spending time with Brenda.  He resents her implication about him and Brenda acting in a romantic way and reminds her that they're "just friends".  She tells him that she doesn't believe it so he insists on convincing her of the fact.  She says there's nothing he could say, she's been watching them for the last year.  He says that's all over now, since Brenda violated his trust by choosing Sonny.  She tells him to listen to his heart, not his head.  She also asks why he hasn't called Ashley, why he's wearing Brenda's favorite cologne, and why he keeps hanging around her, as they go out the door.

Ned drops by Brenda's house with stock tips.  He's not happy about her risking her limited funds on the market so she tells him about the gambling that she did with Jax.  He still thinks she should be conservative about it.  She tells him she needs money to take care of herself and to woo Jax.  She tells him to stay and help her pick out her dress so she can convince him that Jax is the right man for her.  He sighs in disappointment.  As she chooses a dress, he tells her to stay away from Jax.  When she says she loves Jax, he reminds her that she also loved Sonny.  She haughtily tells him that she's grown up since then.  They bicker and he says, "He'll leave you, no matter what you do to make him stay".  He seems to be talking about himself and Lois instead.  He goes on about how "ruthless" Jax is, but she says that's not the way Jax is in his personal life.  Ned even thinks that Jax planned the whole thing, for Brenda to chase after him.  She tells him he's "wrong".  They hug.  He tells her that he doesn't mind, whatever makes her happy.  He leaves.  She sits down and seems to get an idea.

Tess walks into Mac's office to find he and Felicia necking.  She tells them she has great news.  She picked out a great "engagement gift" for them: she wants to pay for them to have a surprise "night on the town" tonight.  They planned to stay home but she convinces them; she even has a babysitter for Felicia's girls.  She won't tell them any details since it's all a "surprise".  She brings in some nice formal wear for them to wear.  They seem to be thrilled but look suspicious.  Mac's is a gorgeous white tux but Felicia's dress is this ugly flowery thing.  Tess also hands them corsages.  Felicia pretends to be happy.  Mac suggests she go home and change.   She does, reluctantly.  Mac questions Tess about what's happening that night.  She says just do it and don't ask questions.  He is forced to agree.  She goes outside, then phones her guy to tell him what "James" will be wearing.  She doesn't care if Felicia is shot, as well as Jax.

When V. hears about their plans, she thinks something's weird and tells Felicia they should cancel their plans.  Felicia thinks she's worrying needlessly.  V. has been chatting with James, who is pathetic, especially when he talks about Felicia and his past girlfriends.  She relates how James has a scar on his shoulder from a tattoo removal.  Mac, who has been on the phone, joins them.  He agrees that Tess is probably setting them up, but he doesn't know how.  V. leaves.  Tess comes in and admires  Felicia's dress.  Felicia leaves and Tess walks in on Mac, whose shirt is off.  She stops and stares at his shoulder where the tattoo scar should be.  Felicia and Mac get ready.  Felicia stomps on her ugly corsage so she won't have to wear it.  They leave for their evening.  Tess phones "Mitch" to say there's a problem, James is really Mac.  But it's okay, she says, both he and Jax will be dead soon.

Carly picks out some makeup for herself in a store, with the help of a salesgirl.  Edward comes up behind her and gives her some tips.  He is there shopping.  He asks her how Michael is.  He wants a "favor", he tells her.  He's heard that Jason's going to "disrupt" the plans tonight by calling a strike, so he asks her to intervene with Jason.  She says that Jason wouldn't listen to her anyway.  He keeps working on her so she says that she owes Jason and wouldn't do anything against him.  He thinks that Jason won't be able to provide for her and her child, since he's in an unpredictable line of work.  Carly doesn't agree.  Edward says the Q's would provide very well for both of them, if she cooperated for them.  She feigns compliance and asks what she would have to do.  He asks again about tonight's festivities and then leaves.  She looks thoughtful.  After the salesgirl makes Carly's eyes look nice, Carly buys the whole expensive set of makeup.

Edward, Ned, and their security guy "Mitch" walk on the docks in their tuxes.  Mitch worries when he sees dockworkers carrying picket signs, but Edward isn't worried.   He thinks talking to Carly worked.  He tells Ned that he's confident about tonight's gathering.