General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/1/98


General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/1/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Katherine tries to show Nikolas her purchase but he's more interested in hearing about Robin.  She tells him that Robin is doing fine now.  She's back on her HIV drugs, too.  Katherine relates a message in French for him from Robin.  Her message is "birthday cake" in French.  He prepares to visit Robin.  Katherine goes to put up a vase she bought on the mantel.  Stefan walks down the stairs and sees her standing on a chair in front of it.  He wants to tell her something but she's afraid he might not like her vase.  He picks up her scarf that she dropped, which reminds him of one Laura had long ago on the island.  Katherine gets him out of his reverie.  She tells him that she's got "contemporary" tastes, like the vase, and calls the items she took down from the mantel "ugly".  Stefan agrees and offers to "throw them off the cliff".  She laughs.  He goes to her and takes her down from the chair, and they start kissing.  He showers her with compliments and thanks her for the "sacrifices" she's made since moving there. She tells him she's "happy".  He asks her in a sort of desperate way to help get rid of all the "bad memories" there.

Audrey phones Luke back and apologizes for taking so long.  He was "checking on Elizabeth".  Audrey says she's doing better and Lucky has been great help for her.  She tells Luke that she hasn't seen Lucky for the last few days, however.  Audrey assures Luke and Laura that he did a great job "raising Lucky".  He thanks her.

Liz brings Lucky breakfast and they discuss where her other housemates are.  She is curious about his big plan and the danger involved.  He confesses he'll be working for Helena.  She is confused so he explains that he's trying to get information from her.  Elizabeth is not looking forward to her rape support group meeting but knows she has to face it.  He offers to be there for her after the meeting.  She leaves for it and he rushes out the window with his breakfast and backpack.  Sarah comes into Liz' room and catches him as he's halfway out.  Sarah starts yelling at him so he explains that he's leaving, not coming in.  She wants to know why he's left home, but before he can, Audrey calls for her.  Lucky begs her not to tell Audrey.  Audrey walks in and she and Sarah start talking about it being April Fool's Day.  Audrey remembers that 35 years ago she met Steve.  Audrey and Sarah walk out (Audrey is telling Sarah about this new book she's reading, "General Homicide").  Lucky makes it out the window safely.

Liz walks around the hospital near where her meeting is being held; she looks at the posters on the bulletin board about rape and sees the other girls and women going in.  Another woman tells her, "The first time's the hardest" and offers to go in with her.  She holds the door open and Liz walks in with a forlorn expression on her face.  At the group meeting, the women all talk their experiences.  Liz listens quietly but her face looks upset.  She flashes back to the rape.  Gail Baldwin hosts the support group.  She gives them advice on how to handle things.  The group takes a break. Gail sits next to Liz and says hi, saying she's an old friend of Audrey's.  She asks her if she met with Ellen first, but Liz says no, she hasn't had any counseling one-on-one.  Gail advises her to get some.  Liz isn't sure, she doesn't feel like she fits in. "I'm not like these people", she claims.

Bobbie visits Tony in prison to talk about Lucas.  She chews Tony out some more for what he did.  Lucas is not taking it well and thinks Tony tried to kill Robin.  She says Lucas will have "scars" now.  Tony tells her she's over-reacting and again defends what he did.  He calls Jason a "serial killer" and Carly a "sociopath".  Bobbie is not sympathetic and tells Tony he can never see Lucas again.  Justus comes in so Bobbie tells him to "make sure this pathetic excuse for a human being never gets out of his cage".  Justus asks Tony how his hand is, so Tony sarcastically says it's "still broken".

Dara notices Taggert hiding a file so she asks him if that's for her.  They are standing very close when justus walks in.  Dara shakes Taggert's hand and thanks him for his good work getting Michael back.  Justus tells Taggert to get Tony out of jail.

Bobbie visits Luke at home.  She looks at the picture of their family on the mantel.  When she asks if he's seen Lucky, Luke tells her about Helena.  He asks her about Tony.  She can't believe how much Tony's changed, and she's worried about Lucas.  Luke tells her to "trust your gut".  Bobbie also can't believe how Carly already suspected Tony and she had no idea.  She tells Luke that Tony believes he won't go to jail.  She worries what will happen with Lucas then.  Luke tells her she should get "a lawyer" but she wants Luke's help instead.  She asks Luke to talk Tony into giving up his parental rights to Lucas.  Luke is surprised but agrees.  Bobbie says she'll wait while he goes there.

Luke visits Tony in jail.  He tells Tony that what he did was "a bad idea".  Tony asks why he's really there.  Luke gives him a paper to sign, saying that he gives up Lucas.  Tony looks at it and gives Luke a message for Bobbie: "Lucas will always be my son.  I am a good father".  He admits he's "not perfect" and talks about the months he loved Carly's unborn baby, how he made it "promises".  Luke reminds him that Michael's not his.  Tony basically says it doesn't matter.  Luke understands but asks him to see it from Bobbie's POV.  Luke says that Michael is her grandson and Tony's actions "scared her".  He says maybe "one day" she'll change her mind, but he asks Tony to sign them for now.  Tony says sure, he will if Luke will go through the same thing first: go to jail for something stupid and "desperate" he did, and then let Laura take away Lucky.  Of course this is close to home for Luke right now.

Luke returns to his place and tells Bobbie that he couldn't get Tony to agree to sign the papers, and he didn't really want to ask him (Luke doesn't really approve of what she's asking).  He does say that Tony agreed not to see Lucas without talking to her first.

Lucky and Nikolas run into each other at GH and are civil.  Nikolas is putting up flyers, he tells Lucky.  Liz emerges from her therapy group and panics, thinking Nikolas knows about the rape.  Lucky assures her he couldn't.  He asks her how it went and she says it wasn't for her.  "Those people aren't getting well", she observes.