General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/31/98


General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/31/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Tess goes to the office where Felicia and Mac broke in before to search for clues.  Felicia and V. have followed her.  V. listens at the door while Tess is on the phone.  Tess finds out that someone's "on his way".  V. and Felicia hide when Tess' visitor arrives.  He gives her a "name and number".  She tells him Jax and some "witnesses" will be at the ground-breaking ceremony for the waterfront project.  They talk about how Jax will get shot and Mac will be blamed (and shot as well).  Felicia and V. don't hear any of this.  V. gets dressed as a cleaning woman so she can snoop closer.  She starts cleaning the floor outside Tess' door.  Tess hears the noise and goes outside to check.  V. puts on a fake accent and hides her face.  Tess goes to get a mop so V. can finish quickly (she's using a rag instead).  V. panics because Felicia is hiding in the janitor's closet.  It's locked and V. claims she lost the key.  She leaves quickly and Tess goes back inside.  Tess' visitor tells her that she'll have to wait 3 weeks before she can leave the country after Jax's assassination.  He tells her that "the man in Corsica" won't be ready before then.  V. only hears "three weeks" so she thinks that means it will be that long until Tess moves on her plan.  She happily reports it to Felicia.

Bobbie and Mac are in Robin's room when she awakens.  She's very hungry.  Mac's a little stiff from sitting/sleeping there so long.  Robin remembers that she was supposed to pick up a birthday gift for Brenda.  Mac offers to do it for her. After a while he leaves.

Brenda goes to Jax's place.  He gives her a bouquet and wishes her a "happy birthday".  She's touched.  He wonders where she was when he called, early.  She says she was out planning a birthday party.  She wants him and Robin to celebrate with her--it will be in Robin's room.  Later, Brenda sneaks into Robin's room with a cart that has balloons and other fun stuff.  Robin is excited.  Brenda talks about her last birthday while she gets out decorations, a cake, etc.  That was when she moved out of Jax's place.  Robin is thrilled to hear that Jax asked Brenda out for Friday.  Bobbie comes in and asks for an explanation.

Ned finds Jax in the hospital and asks him where Brenda is.  Ned has a present for Brenda's birthday.  Jax is meeting his "business partners" tonight and wants to be sure that Jason's not planning any surprises for Friday.  Brenda walks up so Ned gives her flowers.  Brenda tells them to go Robin's room for the party.  She gets a vase from the nurse's station.

Jason calls to find out how Robin is but he has a hard time dealing with a receptionist and gets impatient.  Carly comes downstairs from putting Michael to sleep for a nap.  They talk about the baby and what he's been through.  Carly admits she was afraid they would find him in less-than-perfect condition.  She is still amazed at what Tony did but is glad that Jason always saw through him.  Jason tells Carly that he's going to see Robin at GH.  She carefully asks if that's "a good idea".  He gives her a strange look so she acts nice and asks Jason to thank her for taking care of Michael.  Jason says he's not visiting her because he doesn't want to give his enemies the idea that they're close.  Carly looks relieved.  Jason leaves.

Brenda apologizes to Jason (who has a goofier haircut than usual) at GH for blaming him for Robin's kidnapping.  She still maintains that being around him will endanger Robin, but he agrees.  He points out that he hasn't visited Robin for just that reason.

Monica chats with Bobbie about Robin and Michael, and then Tony.  Bobbie can't believe he's the same man she married.  They talk about how they're going to get closer to Michael, whether Jason wants it or not.  Jason asks Monica how Robin's doing, so she fills him in on all the good news.  She asks how Michael is.  He says Michael didn't sleep well last night but "he's doing better".  She offers to help.  He's not very receptive so she talks about how little contact she's had with her own grandson.  Bobbie comes up and asks after Michael, too. Jason reponds cryptically, "Everything's going to be the way it was" and walks away, leaving them to wonder what that means.  Monica suggests that Bobbie go through Carly.  Bobbie tells her about Carly hugging her and calling her "mama".  Bobbie says that Carly had "a strange look on her face" like she was in a dream.

Jason goes back to the penthouse and fills Carly in on his visit.  Carly makes a sarcastic remark about Bobbie but then says that Bobbie has kind of made up for things.  She tells him that she called Bobbie "mama" and hugged her.  Carly says that it was Bobbie who had the "strange look" but she interpreted it as "judging" her again.  Carly thanks Jason for listening to her problems.  Then she asks him whether Moreno might hit him back.  Jason says he probably won't for a long time.  Calry is relieved.  Michael cries so Jason picks him up.  Carly savors the moment.

AJ brings Keesha a single red rose.  She's thrilled.  He's in a good mood because of Michael and wanted to share it with her.  They joke around and flirt.  He asks her out to a romantic dinner.  He proposes they get a suite at the Port Charles Hotel.  They kiss.  Later, they kiss some more on the balcony of their hotel room.  There are romantic candles lit on a nearby table.  Keesha is a little nervous so he offers to wait some more.  She says they've waited too long as it is.  He promises it won't be like it was before, but he knows that he can only take one day at a time.  He says, "I'm not just a recovering alcoholic, I'm a recovering liar".  He says he'll "pledge" instead of promise to her this time.  They kiss again and head into the bedroom where they start to undress.

Jax, Ned, Brenda, and Robin celebrate Brenda's birthday.  Ned points out there's no candles on the cake so Brenda explains they can't have them in the hospital.  Ned gives her 10 shares of L&B stock for her birthday.  She hugs him.  Brenda tells Ned that Lois called and Brook Lynn said, "bye bye".  He is touched. Jax jokes with Ned cordially.  Ned gets some cake but then has to leave.  Robin tells Brenda that Mac's bringing her present.  Jax gives Brenda the ruby bracelet that she won in Atlantic City and then pawned.  Jax and Brenda exchange warm looks.  Robin makes up a story about a maharajah and a princess for them.  Jax leaves so Robin can rest; he gives Brenda a quick kiss first.  Robin and Brenda chat about Jax for a moment before Brenda leaves.

V. and Felicia find Mac at GH to tell him their news.  He's relieved that they have a 3 week break.  Meanwhile, Jax gets a visitor from his "business partner"--the man that was chatting with Tess about his assassination.