General Hospital Update Monday 3/30/98


General Hospital Update Monday 3/30/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Helena observes that Lucky and Luke have a "strained" relationship so she's taking advantage of that by taking Lucky up on his offer.  She warns him not to "cross" her, which ticks him off, so she apologizes.  Then she flatters him and asks him to start work tomorrow.  Luke, listening nearby, looks worried.  Later, Luke visits a sleeping Helena and holds a knife up to her throat.  She awakens and he asks her why he shouldn't kill her right there.  Helena smirks that Lucky must be "very angry" with Luke.  Luke asks what job she has in mind for Lucky.  She's not sure yet.  He warns that she better not hurt Lucky, or he'll kill "the remainder of your horrific spawn", including Nikolas.  She says that if he killed her, Lucky might think he's trying to hide something else.  Luke says Lucky would never fully "trust a Cassadine".  They reach an understanding and he leaves.

Bobbie and Carly hug in relief that Michael is found.  Carly cries and then seems to realize who she's hugging.  She tells Bobbie that she has to meet Jason at GH because he took Robin there.  Justus drops by to give them a ride.  He avoids Carly's questions about who was responsible for the kidnapping.

Jason brings Robin in to the ER.  Intern Joe Scanlon takes over.  Jason watches as they help her.  Later, he visits her in the room.  She has a bunch of tubes sticking into her.  She awakens and asks him about Michael.  Robin says Michael was "calm", as if he knew what was going to happen.  Brenda and Jax rush in to make sure she's okay.  Robin says she's not in any danger, she wasn't off her "protocol" long enough.  She coughs.  Joe comes in and tells them there are too many people there.  Brenda thinks Jason should leave and Robin concurs (for different reasons) after thanking Jason.  Robin asks them about their big date so Jax fills her in.  Joe confers with Alan about Robin's treatment.  Alan takes some more pills.  Mac and Felicia rush in to see Robin.  Mac is relieved to find out that it's not AIDs making her look so sick, but he's shocked to find out her fever is 103 degrees.  Robin assures him she's fine.  Mac asks who kidnapped her.  Robin says it's not connected to Jason, it was Tony.  Felicia is stunned.  Robin fills them in and regrets not telling Mac about her suspicions.  He apologizes for the way he's been acting lately.  Mac is pretty angry at Tony but Robin sort of sticks up for him because she knows he's not in his right mind.  Felicia agrees that must be the case.  Robin and Jax, who have been hanging around, excuse themselves.

Jason and his bodyguard take the baby out to the waiting room.  Jason talks to him.  He apologizes for taking so long to rescue him.  He vows always to "protect" Michael.  The Q's arrive, so the bodyguards and Jason keep them from getting too close to him.  He tells them about Robin.  Edward argues about seeing the baby.  Jason says he's fine and he'll take him up to the doctor to have him checked out as soon as Carly arrives.  The Q's keep Edward away. Monica suggests that Emily look at Michael and report back, so Jason agrees.  Emily talks to him and feels his forehead.  Edward still worries so Jason holds Michael up for their viewing.  They all wave and talk to him.  Monica cries in relief.  Carly rushes in and takes the baby from Michael.  She talks to him and rocks him while the Q's watch nervously.  Carly's thrilled when Michael smiles at her.  She apologizes to him for leaving her alone and tells him how much she loves him.  She thanks Jason for rescuing him.  They take the baby upstairs to see the doctor.
Edward grouses to Bobbie and Monica about not being allowed near the baby.  Carly asks Jason who took Michael.  They turn and see Tony, with his injured hand, walk in with Taggert.  Carly runs up to him, screaming, and starts hitting on Tony until Jason pulls her off.  She threatens Tony's life.  Bobbie, confused, tells Tony that Carly's just "distraught".  Taggert urges Tony to tell them all what he's been up to--"kidnapping".  Taggert tells them that Tony's "under arrest".  The Q's and Bobbie are all very shocked, naturally.  Bobbie says Tony would never do that but Taggert assures her that he did.  Tony admits he did it and explains why.  Their shock turns to outrage.  Tony says he's the only who loves the baby, then he insults Carly and Jason.  "People like Jason and Carly shouldn't be allowed to have children".  Carly tells him off.  Edward puts his two cents in so Carly chews them all out.  Jason stops her and says they have to go.  Emily wonders why Tony took Robin, too, so Jason explains what happened.  Ned offers Emily a ride home and, always being the negotiator, tells Carly he's glad Michael "is safe".  Carly thanks him.  Emily says she'll visit later and hugs Carly, telling her she's glad Michael's back, too.  Justus tells Jason that he has to go to the station to make a statement.  Jason begs off for tonight.  Nickolas runs up, having heard the news.  Jason thanks him and tells him that Robin will be "okay".  "I owe you", Jason tells him.

Lucky knocks on Liz's window, startling her.  She lets him in and asks him how his mission went.  He says it went fine.  She worries about him anyway.  He says he'll stay there after all, after making sure it's really okay with her.  She says she only feels safe when he's around; she knows she'll sleep better now.  She gives him a blanket.  Later, Lucky watches her sleep.

Jax goes to get Brenda some coffee.  Nikolas comes by and introduces himself to Brenda.  He thanks her for visiting him in the hospital.  She's a bit "embarrassed" that he could hear what she said.  She also thanks him for helping to find Robin.  He asks her to tell Robin he was concerned for her so she agrees.  Jax asks Mac not to tell Robin what's been going on with Tess until they find out who's trying to kill him.  Mac agrees, reluctantly.  Jax wants to go eat but Brenda wants to wait until Robin wakes up again.  Jax reminds her that it's her birthday tomorrow but she begs off any celebration.  He asks her to celebrate the "dock renovation" deal with her on Friday.  She says they'll see how Robin is by then.  They wheel Robin by on a gurney; she's drifting off but says hi to everyone.

Alan, who wasn't around when the other Q's heard the shocking news from Tony, comes in and confronts Tony about it.  Tony again maintains he was doing the right thing.  Even Taggert says that Tony is worse than Jason, "At least he never kidnapped a baby".  AJ blasts Tony for endangering Tony, but he has no reply for that one.  Alan is amazed that Tony could do such a thing.  Tony apologizes for causing them pain but says that Michael wasn't in any danger.  Monica says she might even agree with Carly and asks Tony who died and made him God.  Tony pleads with Bobbie for her understanding, reminding her what lengths she went to when she thought they might take Lucas away.  Bobbie can't call him a motherf_cker on television, so instead she she slaps him, hard.  He looks desolate.  She is totally disgusted and says she'll never forgive him.  He tries to say that Carly's not a fit mother but she reminds him he has another child that will be hurt by his actions.  Justus says Tony's going away for a long time (I hope not!).  Taggert tells them about Tony pointing a gun at Jason.  Tony claims he wouldn't have shot him.  Alan and Monica can't believe he would try to kill their kid.  They leave, taking Bobbie with them.  (I almost feel sorry for Tony)  Taggert suggests what it would be like if Jason got sent to prison, too, and he and Tony were locked up together.

Jason and Carly talk to Michael back at the penthouse.  They act like a cozy little family.  Jason says, "No one will ever take you from me and Carly again".