General Hospital Update Friday 3/27/98


General Hospital Update Friday 3/27/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Luke takes his gun and aims it at some glasses and fires.  He shoots around until some woman runs in, cursing at him for almost shooting her. He tells her the place is closed.  She says she is "supposed to be meeting somebody here" so Luke knows she's a hooker.  He makes philosophical remarks about her business, then he offers her a shot.  She accepts.  She asks him if he's crazy.  He says he isn't and introduces himself.  She knows him from when he was mayor.  She remembers that his wife died...two of them.  He says, yeah, but "she's the same wife and she's much better now".  They laugh.  She introduces herself as "Tammy".  She tries to get him to pay her $300 for losing her john.  He makes more jokes but says all his money is in the club.  He suggests he replace her john so she tells him to get rid of the gun.  He does so she asks what he wants.  He just wants her to tell him the truth.  "Are you that drunk?" she asks sympathetically.  He says people he knows don't tell him the truth or he can't distinguish it, anyway.  He gives her $100 and asks her to be his "judge".  She tries to guess what his problems are but she's not close.  He talks about life in a cynical way, saying he knew life wouldn't "fit him" well.  Laura made him "forget" all that but he should have known it wouldn't have lasted.  Tammy says she makes the same mistake, but "you don't know until you try".  Luke counters, "I knew" and "she should have known" (I guess meaning that they started their relationship with a rape).  Tammy asks where his wife is.  Luke says she didn't exactly leave him, "it's complicated".  Tammy points out that he disrespects Laura by doubting that she loves him or should stay with him.  Luke tells Tammy that, "before she loved me, I hurt her".  But he says, she "blamed herself" and they fell in love and disregarded the past. He let her because he was so grateful to have her.  "I hurt her because I was weak and I couldn't control myself and I was a coward and I wish she would hate me for it" he confesses, so instead he hates himself.  He tells her he thought it was all "buried" but then Lucky found out.  He speaks wistfully of when Lucky "idolized" him.  She tells him he should just love his wife back and not start worrying about why she loves him.  She goes to leave so Luke insists on walking with her.

Lucky drops by Liz's house.  He says he was staying at Bobbie's but not anymore.  She doesn't want to have to beg him to stay again.  She thinks he's mad at her for visiting Luke.  He's astonished because he doesn't know anything about it.  She explains why she went.  He's annoyed that she wants him to just forgive Luke.  He says, "If the man who raped you has a son, is that what you'd be telling him?"  Liz says angrily that she doesn't care about Luke, she just doesn't want Lucky to leave.  Lucky gently asks her to listen and believe him.  He can't stay in town because Luke is everywhere.  Everyone will just think he's "a brat", etc. so he'd just rather go somewhere else.  Liz suggests that she could go, too.  Lucky gives her reasons why she should stay, like Audrey.  He tells her he went to a meeting for "rape survivors" but didn't get past the door.  She says she needs him there to support her through it, even though she knows it's selfish.  He agrees again not to leave.  She suggests again that he stay in her room but he doesn't think that's a good idea.  He gets an idea and leaves.  But she does convince him to leave his backpack with her.

Bobbie visits Carly and is surprised that Jason's not there.  She wanted to ask him for help with Lucky.  Carly is annoyed that she would bother Jason right now.  Bobbie is shocked to hear about Robin and starts questioning her.  Taggert also comes by to take the tap off Jason's phone.  They are surprised that they are "giving up".  Carly yells at him but he points out that the kidnappers would have called by now if they wanted a ransom.  He assures them that they're not giving up on the baby and Robin.  Carly and Bobbie suggest that they leave the tap on to figure out who might be after Jason but Taggert says Justus made sure that the only information they can use from the wiretap is about the ransom.  He apologizes and leaves.  Carly is more upset.  Bobbie tries to lift Carly's spirits by saying that if a call does come in, they can probably get the phone company to tell where it came from.  Carly worries that the sketch of Michael isn't right or that she's forgetting what he looks like.  Bobbie assure her that it's right and insists that she's not forgetting him.  Carly beats herself up for not taking pictures of him or paying enough attention to him.  They bond some more as Bobbie talks about how she memorized Carly's face as a baby.  She gets Carly to remember little details about Michael that she didn't realize she knew.  Carly thanks her warmly.

Jason goes to Tony's cabin and walks in quietly.  He looks around and then goes back.  He yells Robin's name but she's too weak to do more than say his name.  He kicks the door down and goes right to her.  She says, "I'm okay now" and points out Michael.  He goes to Michael and picks him up.  He immediately says the Lord's prayer and thanks God, crying.  He gives Robin some more aspirin.  She tells him she has pneumonia.  He wants to get Michael in his carriage, she tries to get up by herself.  Just then, they hear Tony return.  Jason walks out and glares at Tony.  He tells Tony that they're leaving and Robin "needs a doctor".  Tony says jauntily, "You got the girl last time, you get the girl this time" and pulls a rifle out.  He points it at Jason, saying he's taking Michael.  Robin starts to get up from bed.  Tony tells him he needs one day to escape with the baby, then he'll call the police and tell them where he and Robin are.  Tony rants and raves but Jason just stands there, refusing to cooperate but staying calm.  Jason talks to him rationally as he slowly moves toward him, asking him if he'll kill him and then Robin if he doesn't do what he says.  Tony lunges at him but Jason easily sidesteps, grabs the gun and uses it to slam the butt down, crushing Tony's hand.  Tony's eyes bug out.  As he's about to do it again, Robin yells at Jason to "stop".  Robin pleads with him to stop for Michael's sake.  She goes to the door but falls, so Jason rushes toward her and holds her.  He tells her he'll take her to the hospital.  Jason's men come and help them and tie Tony up.  Jason tells them to stay with Tony until the cops get there.  He says rhetorically to Tony, "What do you think your chances are of living one minute longer than she does" and then he walks out carrying Robin.  He phones Taggert from his car and tells him the details, saying Robin'll tell him whatever Tony doesn't.  Robin says, "I knew you'd come".  Then he phones Carly to give her the news.

Carly hugs Bobbie and calls her "mama".  They have a great mother-daughter moment.

 Lucky finds Helena on the docks.  He thanks her for lunch.  He says he'd heard the same stories she told about their families but from a different point of view.  He wants to hear more, he says, and asks if maybe she might have some use for him.  Luke appears on the docks and listens from nearby.  Luke offers to help her "open some doors" in town (that might not otherwise welcome a Cassadine), in return for more stories and "double minimum wage".  They shake hands on their deal but she asks him to explain what "minimum wage" means.