General Hospital Update Thursday 3/26/98


General Hospital Update Thursday 3/26/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Katherine comes downstairs in Windemere and finds Stefan, and a pile of presents sitting on the table.  They kiss hello and tell each other how much they missed each other.  She is thrilled to get the presents.  She asks where he went; he says, "To North Carolina to see Laura Spencer".  Katherine flashes green and asks him why he would do that.  He says he did it for Nikolas.  He wanted to make sure she knew that Nikolas wasn't trying to wreck her family when he told Lucky about the rape.  But he confides that he didn't talk to her.  He was standing outside when Laura came out with Lesley Lu, their eyes met, and she went back inside.  So he decided to let the chips fall where they may.  Katherine unwraps her presents: a riding outfit and accessories.  He wants to teach her to ride; she is a bit frightened but agrees.  She goes upstairs to try on the outfit.

Nikolas runs into Lucky at the hospital.  Nikolas apologizes to Lucky for telling him the way he did about the rape.  Lucky says he "kinda" did him a favor.  Nikolas says they don't like each other, but it's because of each other, not their family's feud.  Lucky agrees and they part company.

AJ finds Carly sitting, moping, at GH.  She's "on edge" and explains that she's volunteering there to keep herself busy.  He asks how Jason is.  She's suspicious but says it's "hard" on Jason because he lost two people that mean the world to him and no one can help him.  AJ tries to be nice like the old days but she doesn't buy it.  He tells her, "I wouldn't have wished losing Michael on you".  She asks him why he's not busy at ELQ but he says he's helping out the police on the search.  She is a bit grateful and surprised.  He tells her about the other kidnapped baby,  so she praises his actions.  He says it made him think what she "must be going through".  He apologizes for threatening to take Michael away; she is dumbstruck.  To sound him out, she asks if he means would he never try that again.  AJ says after seeing that mother with her lost child, he realizes now that a mother and child shouldn't be separated.  She thanks him and he leaves.

Tony brings dinner to a bedridden Robin.  He still only has aspirin for her.  The baby cries.  Robin, looking very sickly, asks Tony to give himself for the sake of her and the baby.  Tony tries to make her feel better, but it doesn't work.  She has a coughing fit.  He apologizes and wonders if she has "pneumonia".  She says it's okay but he has to do something about it now.  She needs to go to GH.  He gets up and says, "You're right, I can't."  He paces, trying to figure out how he got to this point.  He recounts his steps and she looks at him in wonder, saying he sounds "crazy".  He says he'll go to the hospital to get her medicine so she will be healthy.  He rushes out, ignoring her pleas.  Tony goes into GH to get Robin's medication.  He bites Amy's head off and then disses Alan, who seems desperate to talk to him.  Alan looks even more befuddled then usual and takes some more pills.  ON the way home, Tony gets a flat tire and curses his luck.  Meanwhile, Robin tries to pry the locked door open, coughing continuously.  The baby cries, too.

Jax phones one of his guys to find out more information about Jason and who might want to hurt him.  He's also having Sonny's whereabouts checked.  Brenda overhears and tells Jax that Sonny wouldn't do that. Jax says maybe he has a reason to do it.  Brenda still disagrees; she thinks it's Moreno.  Jax tells her that Jason and Moreno are fighting in Albany.  Jason shows up on their doorstep, asking for Brenda.  Jason tells her that Moreno doesn't have Robin or Michael.  Jax thinks that whoever took them hasn't contacted them yet because he wants them very scared before he asks for ransom.  Jason worries that Robin has been off her medication.  Brenda offers her help; Jason questions her about the day Robin disappeared so Brenda answers.  She remembers that Robin made a cryptic comment about helping someone.  Jason thinks it might be Nikolas so he rushes out.  Brenda asks him to "please call" her if he finds anything out.  Jax feels guilty for making Robin come back to town.  Brenda says that even though she refers to Robin as her "little sister", she usually depends on Robin for advice and wisdom.  Jax remembers the first time they met and reminds Brenda that she's "strong".  Jax and Brenda hug.

Luke helps Bobbie with her groceries and asks to help pay for them since Lucky's staying there.  She agrees reluctantly, so he gives her some cash.  They joke around.  She offers to let him stay and wait for Lucky.  He tells her, he wants to push Lucky a bit so he'll yell at him, to "let some of this anger out".  He tells her that "Rise" was playing the night of the rape and so Lucky played it at the club the other night to "ambush" him.  Bobbie is disgusted at what Lucky did.  He asks her how she's doing in light of the kidnapping.  Lucky comes home and is not happy to see Luke hanging there.  When Lucky mouths off, Luke grabs Lucky and tells him not to be obnoxious to Bobbie.  She makes herself scarce.  Luke asks him to "come home", even if he hates him.  Lucky is not ready to work it out with him.  He makes a very hurtful remark so Luke wants to leave, but Lucky stops him.  He tells him about his meeting with Nikolas.  He wants to keep in touch with him in case he has more information about his family.  He brings up Laura again and wonders how she could forgive Luke.  Luke is defensive.  Lucky wonders also why Laura's not in town.  Luke says he hasn't told her about this.  Lucky suggests maybe Laura hasn't faced her rape yet and that Luke might be keeping her from doing that.  He calls him a "coward".  Bobbie, who started listening in, comes in and wants to put Lucky in his place, but Luke tells him off instead: "I haven't dragged your mother into this crap because it's not an issue between me and her.  It's an issue between me and you!"  Lucky threatens to go somewhere that Luke can't get to him.  Luke says that "there is no such place".  Luke stalks off so Lucky snarls at Bobbie for letting Luke come in.  Bobbie tells him there's no more Mr. Nice Guy.  She and Luke are parents so they make the rules about how they get treated.  She lays down the rules and tells Lucky to get over it and stop treating Luke "like dirt".  When Lucky reminds her that Luke broke the law, Bobbie insinuates that Lucky is a hypocrite since he usually admires the law-breaking Luke does.  Later, Lucky sneaks out of the house with his backpack.

Jason visits Windemere (comes in without knocking), looking for Nikolas.  He explains to Stefan what happened to Robin.  Stefan is not hopeful, as usual, and doesn't want Jason talking to him.  He tells Jason he won't let him talk to him, but Jason threatens to "pull him in off the streets".  Stefan insults him some more so Jason starts to leave, saying he'll "grab him".  Stefan gets close and tells him he'd better not, but Jason is unconcerned.  He tells Stefan he can kill him AFTER he's gotten the info from Nikolas.  Stefan goes to call his men to throw him out.  Katherine comes down in her riding outfit and says hi to Jason.  Jason asks her and she remembers that Nikolas went with Robin to the park that day.  Nikolas walks in before Stefan can say much.  He can tell immediately that something must be wrong with Robin.  He tells Jason that he knew because she hasn't returned his calls.  Jason fills him in.  Nikolas gives him the details about where they went and what they did.  Jason asks if anyone was around or if she saw anyone she knew.  Nikolas relates that Tony and Lucas were there, and that Tony left Lucas with them for 30-40 minutes while he ran an errand, and then tells him about the receipt  he dropped.  Jason thanks him whole-heartedly and leaves.

Luke throws everyone out of his club; he seems barely able to control his anger.  He gets another bottle to finish off and sits down with it and a gun, and some bullets.  He stars drinking.