General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/25/98


General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/25/98 by Suzanne Lanoue
Liz looks at a picture of Steve and Audrey.  Sarah comes in and wonders why she's not dressed for the trip to the planetarium.  Liz says she's not going.  Being in the dark and looking up at the stars reminds her of the rape.  Sarah understands.  She suggests that Liz go to a "women's support group" at GH but Liz refuses.  Audrey comes downstairs and hears.  She yells at Sarah for making Liz "dwell on" the rape.  They both look at her perplexedly.   Sarah asks her why she doesn't want Liz to talk to someone about it; Audrey is emphatic that Liz doesn't want to.  Sarah apologizes to Liz, who goes upstairs.  Sarah prods Audrey about the weird way she's been acting.  Audrey gets indignant but she presses.  She thinks Audrey's attitude is hurting her sister.  Audrey snaps that Sarah can't "understand".  Sarah hesitantly asks her if something like this happened to her.  She knows by Audrey's silence that it did.  Audrey says it was "over 30 years ago".  Sarah asks her to share it with Liz, but Audrey says she doesn't think it will help.  Audrey is upset and crying a bit.  Sarah tells Audrey that Liz thinks she's ashamed of her, since she doesn't know about her rape.  Audrey is surprised.  Sarah leaves for the trip to the planetarium.  Liz comes back down and wonders why Audrey is crying.  Audrey takes her hand and tells her the story.  When she came back from Vietnam, she married a man she didn't love named Tom Baldwin, to try to get over Steve.  Tom had a bad temper and she couldn't make him happy no matter what she tried.  "One night", he raped her and beat her.  Audrey blamed herself because Tom messed with her mind.  She apologizes to Liz for making it seemed like she blamed her for the rape.  They hug.  Audrey tells her she got pregnant from the rape and left town to have the baby. She was so scared that when she came home, she lied to everyone that the baby had died, while she had someone else take care of him.  She tells Liz that it's important to note that both she and the baby survived.  Liz thanks her for her candor.  Audrey says she understands why Liz wants to keep it all in, but she wonders if maybe the new way of dealing with things is better.  Audrey says she will support her no matter what she decides to do about it.  They hug and hold each other, Audrey kind of rocking her.

At breakfast, Edward tells Ned he's not going to pay taxes until his grandson is returned.  Edward wonders what the thugs are doing there so Emily reminds him.  He rants.  Emily sends one of the goons to the kitchen to get more food.  Monica, Alan, and AJ come in for breakfast.  Reginald brings the phone in because there's some good news about Michael.  It seems like a good lead so AJ goes to check it out.  He tells the other Q's that the police can't seem to find Jason.  Ned is skeptical that this lead will pan out.  AJ gives Ned a hard time and then leaves.  Ned tells Edward that something is up as far as Jason and the baby; that's why he doesn't think this lead to a daycare center is anything important.  Monica is nervous and upset. Ned tells Alan he should support Monica but Alan doesn't seem to care.  Ned chews him out for being in his "own little world".  Alan takes more pills and then goes over to comfort her.  She vents her feelings to him.  She wishes she could have held the baby more.  She wishes Alan had gotten up to comfort her in the middle of the night when she knew he wasn't sleeping and he knew she was upset.  He gets annoyed and leaves her side.

Mac goes to the police to tell Garcia that Robin's missing; he and Felicia explain that they were out of town and then Jax promised he'd give Jason 24 hours (but he stopped at 12).  Mac presses him for details about Michael's kidnapping but Garcia confesses they have nothing. Taggert comes in and relates that Jason gave the slip to the cops tailing him last night and no one has seen him since.  They worry that Moreno might have gotten to Jason.  Ex-commish Mac asks for a desk, a file, etc. so he can do his detective work.  He orders some cops to do some other work for him.  Felicia tells Mac that Tess is watching the bar while they're gone.  She knows that "Jimmy" has to still be Mac and act worried since Robin's missing.  Felicia helps Mac out with the investigation.  Dara comes in and asks about the case.  Taggert fills her in and asks her if there's any word from Justus.  Dara is defensive.  She offers her help to Mac and affirms that he can head the investigation.  She also takes over Taggert's desk while he goes to see the Quartermaines.  The police put out a flyer with Robin's picture.  Felicia calls someone in Paris who promises to check a list of Robin's friends there.  Garcia is glad to be working with Mac again and Felicia praises Mac for how good he is at this job.  Felicia offers to go get breakfast but Mac only wants aspirin.  Dara asks Felicia how he's doing.  Felicia confides that he's okay as long as he concentrates on the work.  Dara says it's good that they "have each other now".  Felicia goes into Mac's temporary office and sits with him.  They hold hands and he looks at her glumly but gratefully.  She comforts him.

Taggert visits the Q's.  He notices the thugs so Emily tells him they're guards for her and Lila.  Taggert tells them that he still can't find Jason so he thinks he's gone after whomever took Michael...and Robin. They all react to the news of Robin's kidnapping.  They question Taggert, who gives them details.  Alan is particularly upset that Robin doesn't have her medication with her.  Ned asks Emily to go tell Lila the news; Monica concurs and also tells Emily to keep her spirits up.  Edward and Monica leave after a few moments to soothe Emily and Lila.  Alan and Ned asks Taggert for the real truth.  Taggert smells Alan's coffee and makes a remark about the amount of alcohol in it.  Ned and Alan tell him off.  Alan loses it for a minute.  Later, He keeps hputting booze in his coffee.  Monica comes back and then Ned.  AJ returns so Ned needles him for not being successful on his mission.  AJ says it wasn't Michael, but it was another kidnapped child and he got back to his mother.  AJ says the experience gave him "hope".  AJ and Ned get into another argument about how Jason is handling the situation.  Ned yells, "Why don't you keep your big mouth shut!" so AJ, who's had enough, lunges at him and they wrestle around until they pull them off each other.  They hope Jason is not risking Michael's life by going to war with Moreno.

Katherine comes home early from a business trip.  Nikolas informs her that Stefan's "out of town".  Nikolas tells her he is going into school to clean out his stuff.  He runs into Sarah at school in the lunchroom.  She's doing calculus because she missed her bus to the planetarium.  They talk about him being back, how weird it is.  She holds his hand and tells him she missed him.  He doesn't react much and the bell rings so she has to go.  They part awkwardly.  He goes home and tells Katherine he saw Sarah but couldn't talk to her much.  She asks how Sarah feels about him not returning to school.  He says that he feels bad, like he let Sarah down.  He talks about his disappointment in love but Katherine says that's how love is sometimes, he learned a valuable life experience, blah, blah.  Then she goes to make a business call.

Taggert and Garcia confer at the police station.  Taggert gets a tip; Mac and Felicia wait to find out what it is.  Taggert tells them that "Morgan hit Moreno" in Albany, no word on Michael or Robin.