General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/24/98


General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/24/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Mac anf Felicia are about to sneak into an office. They have been staking the place out. Felicia worries that someone might have gotten in there. After they argue, Mac picks the lock. Someone phoned Tess from this address, Mac reveals. Felicia gives him a hard time about his lockpicking skills so he gives her his "tool" but she says she has her own. It opens immediately. They look through a bunch of files and papers in the office. They see a guard about to come in so Felicia gets under the desk. Mac reluctantly joins her there even though it means getting VERY cozy. The guard looks around and then goes out again. Felicia shows Mac what she found in a filing cabinet. They are about Jax. Mac admires the fact that "Jax dated Claudia Schiffer" and makes a joke about it. Felicia is appalled at the rotten things Jax did, and Mac finds out that Jax tried to get him arrested. Felicia admires a photo of Jerry Jacks (that we don't see) but Mac says he's ugly. Then he makes fun of Felicia's "terrible taste in men". They find a list of phone calls. Some are made to the Outback, but one was to the Quartermaine mansion. They get the papers they want and wonder who in the Q house would want to have Jax killed.

Jax and Venus go to Brenda's house. He is annoyed because she left even though he asked her not to. They go in but no one's there. Jax worries that if Brenda went to Jason with the news that Robin's missing, there will be a big gang war. He asks V. to look for clues there and then leaves. Tony, looking for Robin's medication, goes to Brenda's house and peeps in, then opens the door and goes in. V. calls out so he hides in a closet. She comes down, looks around, and goes back to her search. He sneaks out again, quieter this time.

Carly phones home to leave a message that she's at GH. She tells Bobbie that there's "still no news" from Taggert. Bobbie suggests to Carly that she go home and get some rest. Carly instead rails at Bobbie for being more concerned about Tony's birthday party than her grandson. Bobbie explains that she wants to protect Lucas and give him something "safe" and normal to do. Carly gets more upset and takes what Bobbie said the wrong way. Bobbie tells her that sniping at everyone isn't going to bring Michael back. Carly storms off. Later, Bobbie takes Carly aside and tries to make things better. She assures Carly that she doesn't blame her for Michael's kidnapping and says they're "on the same side". Carly apologizes. Tony comes up and there's this humorous exchange.

Tony: She bothering you again? Bobbie: No, not at all. Tony: Well, give her time. Carly walks away in anger. Tony apologizes to Bobbie and tells her he'd rather not have a birthday party. Bobbie says it's important to Lucas.

Brenda explains to Jason about why she thinks Robin's missing. He gets really worried when he finds out that Robin didn't take her pills. He phones Benny and finds out that Robin and Brenda's guards aren't there any more. Brenda is steamed and blames Jason. They argue about who kidnapped Michael and Robin. Brenda keeps saying that she knew it was going to happen, etc. until finally Jason yells at her to knock it off. "We have to work together", Jason proposes. Jason talks to his men and Brenda watches, then they start arguing again. Jason tries to get her to leave so she yells, "Let go of me". Just then, Jax is arriving to help her out so he rushes in to her defense. Jax wants to get involved in the search for Robin but Jason says he's not sure who took them. Brenda tells Jax that she heard the name "Moreno" so they are determined to go find out for themselves. Jason warns them not to get involved but asks for "24 hours" to get Robin back. Jax doesn't want to give him that much but Brenda convinces him it's a good idea. Jax says he doesn't know what Mac will do so Jason asks him to ask Mac to wait, also. Jax and Brenda leave. Jason lets his anger out by throwing his papers and stuff off his table. Later, Jason goes out to do business with Moreno but tells Carly not to leave the penthouse. He's afraid that the kidnapper might come after her, too. After he leaves, Carly remembers talking to Michael about how great Jason is.

Emily does her homework at home. The phone keeps ringing, annoying her. Ned walks in, back from his trip. She tells him not to get the phone because it's being picked up by operators to get information about the kidnapping. She tells him how everyone is so on edge. She's tired of the arguing. Alan walks in the room just as Emily is telling Ned that he's "the only one who understands" how she feels. He quickly walks out again, shocked. Later, Edward and Monica discuss the various silly calls they've gotten. Edward says that when Michael comes back, he's going to live there. Monica is disgusted at Edward's ideas. Ned tells Edward he thinks offering the 5 million dollars was a bad idea. AJ gets involved, as usual, to argue with Ned. Emily rolls her eyes and looks like she has a headache. AJ accuses Ned of caring only about money, since he rushed off to another country for business in the middle of the kidnapping. They all rush to Ned's defense. AJ boasts to Ned that he solved a problem in ELQ Jakarta while Ned was away. Ned asks what he did so AJ says he sent Alexis there. Ned pretends to be outraged. Emily interrupts them for arguing about business at a time like this so they all look chagrined.

A security guard lets Tony into Alan's office. Tony looks up Robin's files (presumably to find out what medication she's taking) but is surprised by Alan. Tony lies that he's checking another patient's file. Alan asks why he didn't page him so Tony claims that he didn't want to bother him since he had so much to deal with because of the kidnapping. Tony notices that Alan's out of sorts so asks if he's "okay", but Alan replies, "no". Alan talks about how the Q's are not dealing with it well. Tony tells him that the baby was taken because of Carly and Jason, but Alan says it doesn't matter because they'll never see him. Tony suggests that maybe the person who took Michael cares abou thim, but Alan yells that anyone who would do such a thing couldn't possible care about anyone. Tony pretends to be the good friend and leaves, but outside, he looks upset, like he's feeling guilty. Alan downs some more pills.

Jax and Brenda go back to her house and Venus tells them that there are no clues. Venus wonders if Robin didn't just have an accident and can't phone. She goes to use her phone to call the local hospital ER's. The phone rings and there is no voice so Brenda thinks it must be the kidnapper. She starts offering "anything" for Robin's return. It's Tony on the other end, listening, unsure of what to say. He quickly hangs up. Bobbie comes up and asks him if he's ready for his "birthday party". Brenda says she "knows" it was the kidnapper but Jax tells her it might just be a "heavy breather". Brenda is nearly hysterical with worry so Jax comforts her in his arms.

Ned chats with Emily. He says he got to stop in New York and see Lois and Brook Lynn. Alan returns and they all start arguing again. Reginald tells them that someone's there to see Emily and Lila. They are some of Jason's bodyguards. They tell Emily that Jason instructed them to come there and watch her and Lila. Edward protests but they mostly ignore him. Emily thinks it's "cool". Monica tells Edward to leave them alone. The Quartermaines all argue about it while Emily takes the bodyguards upstairs to meet Lila. It's a very funny scene.

Bobbie has the birthday party at the brownstone. Mac, Felicia, and the kids are all there, too. Felicia begs Tony not to go. Lucas asks Tony if he can go to San Francisco next year for his birthday. Tony, unwilling to lie to Lucas about it, tells him that's a long way off, so we'll just see what happens. Maxie notes that by that time, Felicia and Mac will be married and they'll all be living together. They look uncomfortable. Jax and Brenda rush in to tell them that "Robin's been kidnapped". Before anyone can say much, Bobbie brings in the cake and Tony blows out the candles. Mac and Felicia look stunned.

Meanwhile, Robin, looking and sounding sicker, keeps telling Michael that Jason will be there to rescue them any day now.