General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/23/98


General Hospital Update Monday 3/23/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Jax brings Brenda home; both are still congratulating themselves on their big win. They joke around and flirt. Brenda tells him that their romantic evening isn't done, even though Jax notes that the sun has long risen. Brenda is disappointed because Robin was supposed to be there to await delivery of a catered breakfast she ordered. She wonders where Robin might be. Jax cooks breakfast for Brenda, who is impressed. They joke around and Brenda admires the contessa's bracelet. She says she has to sell it., so he tells her she should stop spending so much on him. Keesha phones, wondering where Robin is. She tells Brenda that she was supposed to meet her for breakfast but she never showed up. Brenda wants to phone Mac but Jax says he and Felicia are out of town doing investigating for him. She's really worried and thinks it must have "something to do with Jason". Brenda gets all worked up about it but Jax tries to calm her down. He rushes out to look for Robin, promising to phone. Brenda doesn't obey his orders to stay there, she grabs her coat and also rushes out.

Robin, who sounds like she has the start of a bad cold, waits in Tony's cabin with the baby. She coughs a lot and wanders around aimlessly. The baby cries so Robin comforts him. Tony returns and offers her breakfast. She says she's scared because of his big change in personality. He assures her he's fine but otherwise doesn't comment much. He tells her where food and stuff is. She tells him she needs her medication. Later she lies down and coughs a lot more. Tony brings her a bottle of aspirin for her flu but Robin knocks it out of his hand angrily. She tells him she needs her AIDs medicine and she can't miss them. He says it won't hurt her to miss a few weeks but she says that's not true, if she misses even one day she could "develop a resistance" to her medication. He apologizes but doesn't really respond to what she's saying so she goes on to more details about her AIDS. She pleads with him, reminding him how he didn't want to let Stone die. He seems to come out of his fog briefly and apologizes sincerely. He tells her "Michael's life is at stake" and says he'll try to get her medication. He takes off again and she goes back to her bed. Later, she sings a lullaby to the baby.

Jason meets with Justus about the Moreno situation while Carly comes downstairs. Jason tells him he's glad that Moreno is trying to take 1/5 of his mob business because it might mean he has Michael. Justus goes to try to find more information. Carly is annoyed that they're talking about "negotiations" when her baby is missing. Justus leaves with Jason's instructions and Carly apologizes for snapping at them. Jason assures her that Moreno won't hurt Michael and he'll get him back. Carly asks Jason if he'll kill Moreno, but Jason says they need to trade something for Moreno, that's all. Jason comments on the quiet. He never noticed it before the baby. Later, Jason is doing some work when Brenda bursts in to demand where Robin is and says "she's missing" in an accusing way.

Luke sleeps on his couch but has nightmares about the rape. Bobbie comes in and wakes him up. She coldly notes the empty bottle next to him and asks if he feels better, but he doesn't. She says that despite herself, she seems to care about him. She tells him about Lucky staying with her. He's glad and thinks maybe he should visit him but Bobbie nixes the idea. He talks forlornly about the guilt and blame he's going through (he's still a little drunk and very hungover). Bobbie is not in a friendly mood. He asks her what she thinks so she tells him. She says she used to look up to him but he betrayed her. Now she doesn't think so highly of him but she still loves him and he's still her brother. She accuses him of making big decisions about what information to give people, like her and Laura and Lucky. She also says Laura led him on when she was married to Scott. He thanks her and she leaves.

Liz runs into Lucky, who's sitting on the docks. They both are blue. He's still upset about his parents' betrayal. He thought his parents were so "cool" but now he knows he won't forgive Luke. Liz points out that Laura forgave the rape and it was between his parents, so maybe it's nothing to do with him. She talks about how terrible it is to hate his dad and that he has something "special" with him. She encourages Lucky to work it out with Luke. He compares the rape again to Liz's rape but she says it's not the same thing. "Your mother would have never married her if it were" and tells Lucky to listen to Luke's side.

Liz goes to see Luke. She wants to help Lucky because he was so helpful to her. She confesses that she's afraid of him even though her head knows she shouldn't be. He says he understands and tells her that he wouldn't hurt her. She says, "I think Lucky needs you". She tells him how Lucky's feeling and acting. He acts like he doesn't care but of course he does, that's why he's in such pain. Luke thanks her and says she has "courage and grace". She notices Laura's picture and says, "That's funny. We don't look alike at all". Luke wonders what she thought that so Liz explains she just thought that for some reason. She asks Luke hesitantly if there was some way she looked before the rape that made that rapist want to go after her. He tells her no way and that rape is about the rapist and his need to control someone with his rage, obsession, or whatever, not about the woman. She thanks him and leaves. He looks very sad.

Lucky runs into Helena on the docks. She tries her usual smarmy charm on him and asks how Luke is. He says, "I wouldn't know" and that Luke didn't send him. She flatters him. He says he was waiting for her. She is intrigued. He asks why she stole the stuffed animal from Lulu in Switzerland. She doesn't answer directly. He says he thinks it was a threat but she denies it. She says it's just this game she and Luke play. She asks if Luke didn't tell him about their games. He complains that Nikolas knows what's going on and he doesn't, it's not fair. She invites him on to her yacht for a meal. He asks how how he knows it's not "poisoned". She replies, "You don't. But a Spencer would rise to the challenge". So they go. Later, Luke hears Helena laughing as he sits on the docks.

Carly goes to GH and runs into Bobbie. She expresses her frustration to her mother and offers her help again. Bobbie thanks her for volunteering. Bobbie asks if there's any news so Carly replies, "There's none that I understand, but Jason seems really hopeful". Bobbie encourages her to have hope, too. Tony comes up and also asks if there's anything new. Carly starts to tell him off when Bobbie interrupts. She tells Tony not to be late for his birthday party tonight, Lucas is looking forward to it, etc. Carly looks at her strangely and rolls her eyes as they continue talking. Finally Carly interrupts and yells at Bobbie for letting him barge in on their "conversation" and blasts her for not caring about her "kidnapped grandson". Bobbie tries to soothe her hurt feelings but Carly flounces off.