General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/20/98


General Hospital Update Friday 3/20/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Jax and Brenda arrive at their destination, wearing their fancy clothes. It's a casino in the states that she's rented out (in Atlantic City, maybe?). His friend Thaao, invited there by Brenda, comes up and says hi. They all joke around about their prior meeting. Thaao wants to win his island back; he flirts with Brenda. Thaao talks about gambling with Jerry. They sit down to play baccarat. Jax introduces Countess Sheffington, another friend that Thaao brought to play. She seems like kind of a bimbo. Jax tells Brenda that the countess "plays for high stakes" so he can loan her some if she wants. She tells him confidently that she's going to win. They gamble and Brenda can't cover a really big bet against the countess. Jax offers to cover her bet but Brenda doesn't want him to. The countess asks if Brenda would bet Jax. Brenda smiles but says she doesn't own Jax. Jax says, "But I could be for a limited time". So the countess proposes that if she wins, she gets Jax for all of one night. But Brenda won't agree. She says that "one night with Jax" is worth much more than that. The countess throws in her ruby bracelet. Brenda agrees; Jax insists on dealing. Brenda wins and later, Jax and Brenda celebrate with a toast. Jax pulls a card out from behind his ear--he was ready to cheat if need be. Brenda plays with her new money.

Bobbie goes to her basement and calls out for Lucky. She knows he's staying down there so she asks him to come out. Eventually he does, asking if she told Luke. She says she didn't and he can stay. They agree not to discuss Luke but she thinks Luke should know where he is. She insists on telling Luke that the rape happened a long time ago and Laura lived through it. Lucky doesn't believe her attitude and reminds her that Luke lied to her, too. She asks when it would have been a good time to tell him about the tape so he points out that any time since the Cassadines came to town would have been good. He compares him to Stavros. Bobbie sticks up for Luke. She says he's "not perfect" and that he told Lucky the truth when he asked. Plus, she points out that Luke is suffering way more than he could imagine. She says that Luke was as sure as Lucky is now when he was that age that he would never rape a woman, but he found out differently and he's had to live with that part of himself for all this time and still be Luke the loving husband and dad. She hopes that in the future, Lucky can forgive him and understand that Luke gave him the best part of himself. Lucky can't ever forgive the rape and the fact that Luke got away with it. Bobbie still tells him he's welcome to stay there. He agrees to move up to the main house rather than stay in the basement.

Tony jiggles Michael lovingly at his cabin and then puts him in a crib while he talks to him about the future. Then he phones GH to get another doctor to take his rounds, claiming he's sick with a cold.

Carly sleeps fitfully at home on the couch, talking in her sleep as if she's having a bad dream. Jason wakes her up so she tells him she was dreaming about Michael disappearing. She worries that Jason hasn't been sleeping much, either. She quizzes Jason about his dreams of Michael, thinking that maybe he'ss sending them a message. Jason doesn't think that's the case. Carly observes that it must be hard to be Jason and not imagining things. They talk about how they are worried about the baby. Jason says that the kidnappers must have to take Michael somewhere, like to a doctor, but she says that it won't matter since they don't have a photo of him. She blames herself for that and worries that she's forgetting what he looks like. Jason tells her not to blame herself. He gets an idea and phones Taggert.

Jason meets with Taggert, who brings along Dara. Jason is suspicious of why she's there. Dara just wants to help, even though she doesn't like Jason being a gangster. Dara asks about photos so Jason says they only have a photo they took at the hospital. They have a sketch artist so Jason describes what Michael looks like. Carly smiles in appreciation of Jason's skills. It takes a long time. Then when the artist is finished, he shows it to Jason, but Jason can't tell (because of his brain damage). So he has Carly look at it. She adds a few details. They admire how much it looks like Michael and Jason explains to Carly why he can't see Michael in the picture. He gets a phone call from Benny. He tells Carly that Moreno "made his move" but he's not sure if it has anything to do with Michael or not.

Nikolas brings Robin some hot chocolate. She says she has an idea about Jason's kidnapped baby. He offers help but she politely turns him down. They chit-chat some more and she agrees to have lunch with him sometime. She rushes off. Nikolas opens up his letter from Laura once again. Luke comes up behind him. He glares at Nikolas, who looks wary. Nikolas says nasty things to Luke about Laura and how it's a good thing she doesn't know what's going on. They exchange insults. First Nikolas talks about how Laura will forgive Luke anything. Then he says that he understands why Luke hates him so much, because he thinks Nikolas is "a child of rape", which reminds him that he raped Laura. Luke laughs and says he's mistaken, then he threatens Nikolas' laugh in a vague way. Nikolas states, sadly, "Laura would forgive that, too", and walks away. Luke looks toward the bushes and it reminds him that Laura went there after she was raped.

Robin visits Tony's cabin. She knocks and after a long time, he opens it. She asks to come in so he lets her in. She looks around and comments that it looks different than it used to when Felicia and Frisco took her fishing. He explains he got it fixed up at some point. She asks him to "return Michael". She explains that she came there to him first and says that she thinks she can convince Jason not to go after him, Carly will do whatever Jason wants, and maybe the police will even leave him alone. She offers to convince Jason that he did it because he thought of Michael as his while Carly was pregnant. He tells her he didn't do it for "revenge" but to save his life. He reminds her about Jason's violent life. He also goes on to tell her about how Jason is not capable of real emotions because of his brain injuries. She protests and talks about how much Jason loves Michael. Tony says again how dangerous it is for Michael to be raised in that environment so she reminds him that she grew up in a similar way and she didn't mind because she knew her parents loved her. "You're one of the finest people that I've ever known," he states, "but I wouldn't wish your childhood on anyone." He points out how awful Carly is and that Jason is "completely amoral". Robin argues that Tony isn't very moral for kidnapping Michael but Tony claims he was just saving him. He speaks in detail about how he loved him and had to act to protect him. Robin says gently that she knows he has "the best of intentions" but she can't leave the baby there with him. He says, "I know" and looks full of painful regret. She looks confused. But he takes her to Michael. Robin talks to Michael about going home but Tony tells her that they're leaving to go to their real home. He tells Robin that he'll have to lock her in there for a few days, then he'll phone the police to get her out once he's safely away (which means Robin will be stuck there for a few weeks alltogether). She protests but Tony points out that she'll take care of Michael while he's at work. She reminds him how close they once were. He sorry but he doesn't have any choice. He's doing it for Michael, he maintains. Robin tries to appeal to his goodness but he locks her in. She pounds on it and yells. Tony tells her he's going to get rid of her car but he'll be back. Robin picks up Michael and talks to him. She regrets not telling Jason before she went there but she's confident he'll find them and rescue him.

Luke goes to his club, which is closing. He downs something straight out of a bottle. He turns aroudn suddenly to find Lucky standing there. Lucky throws him something and then walks out without saying a word. Luke, stunned Luke takes out a baseball bat and trashes the whole place in a fit of anger while "Rise" plays, alternating with weird psycho music. At the end, Luke sees himself in the mirror behind the bar, so he smashes that. Then he finally throws down the bat.