General Hospital Thursday March 19th Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 3/19/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

I missed Wednesday's episode, but apparently Luke confronted
Nickolas and Stefan about telling Lucky about the rape and
then got into a physical fight with Stefan.  Lucky came
by and stopped it but then told Luke off again.  Jax, Felicia, and
V. filled Jax in that he is Tess' target and used Jimmy to
prove their point.  Alan talks to someone on the phone about his
drug addiction, forgetting that the police are listening in.
Robin yells at Mac and Felicia for acting so weird lately.

Felicia's grandmother phones Felicia to tell her that Maxie and Georgie are returning because the hacienda flooded.  Mac and Felicia wonder what to do.  She thinks they should tell the girls the truth but he disagrees.  Jax and V. arrive; Mac asks if Jax came up with an enemies list.  Jax says he tried but it was too long.  V. tells Mac that she's looking onto that dummy corporation.  Jax is confident that Mac can handle the rest and nonchalantly asks him to seat him (for some reason, Jax looks like a brunette today!).  V. tells Jax that she cleared his calendar because he's been working too hard lately.  He's annoyed at her but Brenda comes by and takes the blame/credit.  Brenda says she had V. reschedule all his meetings, except one.  Jax wonders what she means but Brenda won't reveal her surprise.  V. leaves them alone and Jax tries to guess what she has in mind, but he can't.  Brenda drags him out to a cab.  Next we see them on a jet.  Jax chides her for spending her money but she says it belongs to he president of "Genie Motors", her new bosses.  Jax is impressed with her bargaining skills.  She asks if he thinks that the way she's been wooing him makes him think she's losing it again but he assures her he doesn't think that.  She tells him how she feels again.  The pilot tells them that they have a nice selection of CD's they can play and makes a joke.  Jax asks to see the cockpit but the pilot knows he's just trying to figure out Brenda's surprise.  Brenda excuses herself and puts on a sexy dress.  Then she surprises him with his own tux for him to put on.

Mac and Felicia are discussing who might be trying to kill Jax when V. comes up and tells them to pretend to be in love because Tess just arrived.  Regretfully, they start kissing.  Tess comes up and starts chatting with them about the upcoming wedding.  Maxie and Georgie come in, straight from the airport.  Georgie overhears them chatting about the marriage and she's so excited.  She thinks it's "great".  Felicia has to explain to Maxie why she didn't tell them earlier but Maxie doesn't really care, she just wants to run off and tell everyone.  Tess watches them closely.

Robin and Nickolas have a picnic in the park instead of going to the fancy place he suggested.  It's a bit chilly but she convinces him to sit down and eat.  He takes out some styrofoam containers, naming what gourmet delights are in them.  He toasts her with some lobster bisque, thanking her again for all her help.  She tells him again to forget it, they're friends now.  He apologizes for Stefan's offer of money.  Robin wonders why Stefan did it so Nickolas says he's "over-protective".

Carly sits at home and watches Edward's ad again (we just hear the announcer at the end giving the phone number).  Jason comes in looking exhausted.  She asks him about his trip to San Juan but he says the guy there didn't know anything about it.  She is disappointed and tells him that there is no word there on the homefront, either.  He says it must have been someone who just wanted a baby, since it's neither the Quartermaines or any of his enemies.  She refuses to believe that.   She talks about how she used to feel when she saw the pictures of missing kids on milk containers.  She worries that some head case is pretending Michael is his son now.  Jason says he realizes now that they have to work with the police to find him.  She is surprised that he will risk his own safety to help the baby (because Taggert might use this against him somehow).  She repeats her belief that he's Jason's father.  Jason phones Taggert.  Later,  Carly fusses over Jason so he asks what's up.  She says she didn't like being alone while he was gone.  Taggert arrives and quizzes Jason about Puerto Rico.  Jason says he was hoping someone he went to see there might know about Michael, but he didn't.  Taggert makes a sarcastic remark that he's surprised Jason was honest with him for once.  Jason says he's been trying to find Michael on his own but it hasn't worked so he asks, "Whatever you need, tell me, if it'll help find Michael, I'll do it."  Taggert is astonished but then says he doesn't believe it.  Carly yells at Taggert that he should him.  Taggert doesn't really care, he says they don't need his help.  Carly asks what they've been doing so Taggert tells them they've been trying to match Michael's handprint from his birth certificate with children in the area.  Taggert suggests they phone the commissioner if they have any more questions.  Carly says she has to go volunteer at the hospital to help with the handprint thing, then she rushes out.  Taggert taunts Jason about "begging" him for help but then he says that he wants to question some of Jason's men that were around the day of the kidnapping.  Taggert says, "Cooperation is good" and promises to let Jason know if anything happens, then he leaves.

Mike arrives and asks Jason where he's been.  Jason notices his hand is bandaged but brushes that aside (see the details in "Port Charles"!).  They talk about what Jason's been doing to look for Michael.  Mike is the latest one to try to reassure Jason that the kidnapping wasn't his fault, and the latest one to fail.  Jason wonders what he'll do if he never sees the baby again, but Mike tells him not to think about it.  As usual, Mike compares his own past (running out on Sonny and his mom) to what Jason's going through.  Mike leaves, telling Jason he's going to church to pray for Michael.

Tony is sitting in the park when he gets a phone call from Bobbie.  She asks him to bring Lucas back early because the police are getting all kids' handprints and they need him at the hospital.  He pretends it's a good idea but he looks worried.  She asks to speak to Lucas but he says he's busy with a game with some girls he met.  Lucas runs over and talks excitedly about them but notices Tony looks upset so he asks if everything's okay.  Tony denies it and says they have to go.  Lucas is disappointed but Tony says there's an emergency at the hospital.  Lucas whines and pouts but Tony makes him go.  Lucas accuses Tony of not caring about him so Tony tells him how much he cares.  Lucas seems to accept it.

On their way out of the park, Lucas sees Nickolas and runs over to him.  They chat like old friends.  Tony asks them to keep an eye on Lucas since Lucas doesn't want to leave, so they agree.  Tony thanks them and rushes out.  Lucas wants to play an old game they used to play at Windemere.  Robin watches them, laughing.  When Lucas goes away for a second, Robin and Nickolas talks about what a great kid he is, since he has diabetes and seems to handle it well.  Robin comments that it must be hard having a life-threatening disease at that age and Nickolas says, "It must be difficult at any age, don't you think?"  She looks shy, then says he must know that she's HIV positive.  But she says it kind of relucantly.  At first he seems to pretend that he doesn't know, then he admits he does.  He remembers seeing her at the Nurse's Ball when she spoke about it and how impressed he was.  He still wishes he could somehow help her out in return but she says there's nothing anyone can do.  He's kind of curious about her HIV but reluctant to ask questions.  She tells him a little bit about it but says, "I try not to let it affect my life".  He is in awe.  Tony returns to get Lucas.   When Tony asks him where his hat is, he pulls it out of Tony's pocket.  A piece of paper drops on the ground at the same time.  Robin picks it up but they're already gone.  She sticks it in her pocket, figuring it's not important.  Nickolas goes to get some hot chocolate for them.  Robin opens the paper and reads it.  It's a receipt for baby stuff.

At the hospital, Carly stares at the nursery forlornly.  She runs into a nurse she knows who sympathizes with her about her baby.  Carly offers to help so the nurse hands her a baby and asks her to hold her and then take her back to the nursery.  Carly talks to the baby about her own missing boy while she rocks her.  Then she sings her a little song.  Bobbie comes by and says, in an accusing tone, "Where did you get that baby?"  Carly rolls her eyes but explain why she's there.  Bobbie apologizes for snapping and praises Carly's efforts.  Carly says that holding the baby has made her feel better about her own baby, thinking that maybe someone else is comforting hers.  Bobbie asks how Jason is so Carly tells her that he's working with the police now.  Things are a little tense but Bobbie ends up paying Carly a compliment about being "strong".  Carly gives Bobbie the baby so she can take her back to the nursery and offers to help more but Bobbie says they're pretty much done with the handprinting.  Carly offers her help in the future so Bobbie says sincerely, "I'll keep that in mind".  It's a nice, rare, moment between them.

Later, Jason hugs Michael's teddy bear and leans back.  Carly returns and tells him how great it was holding the baby.  She hopes that one day the person who has her baby will realize the baby's not theirs and they have to return him.  They cling to the hopes.  Meanwhile, Tony brings supplies to his cabin.  The baby is in a grocery bag!  He's crying so Tony rocks him a bit.  He looks nervous, though.